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  1. A Belt of Physical Might (+2 to Str, Dex or Con) is a nice option, if you're up to AD 6. Or before that, I like to give her a set of Masterwork Tools to help her deal with Dex-based barriers that she otherwise has trouble with due to only having a d4 Dex die.
  2. My favorite so far was the "girl band", i.e. all of the 6 female characters together: Seelah, Seoni, Lini, Amiri, Kyra and Merisiel. They're a pretty strong party and fairly well balanced.
  3. One important factor is properly pacing your explorations: Too few and you run out of time, too many and you're spreading yourself too thin, expending too many resources and then end up facing a bad guy or a check to close a location you can't beat because you spent all cards to get there. For example, don't discard your only blessing you have left in your hand for an extra explore, because that exploration might just mean you run into the villain which you then can't defeat because you would have needed that blessing you just discarded. Take a typical 4 player game: you have 6 locations,
  4. After she gets a role card, that's true. But getting there is kind of hard, because before that she is rather weak. Her worst limitation is that she only has a hand limit of 5 with no options to expand it until she gains a role. And considering that one of those cards usually is "locked" with one of her animal allies, it's actually more like a 4 card hand that characters like Valeros and Amiri start out with, but they can boost it even with their base class. Playing Lini without a role feels pretty claustrophobic...
  5. I didn't manage to capture the result, only the die lineup beforehand, but the result of that was 133 (lucky roll I guess, considerably above average). PS: how do you inline images directly on this forum?
  6. You are mistaken, the self-buff power is not chained to the '+1's to the base inspiration power, it can be taken independently once it's unlocked by earning your role. It's a bit of a slog to get to that point first, but once you do, you can immediately pick it up and go to town with it.
  7. What I never figured out is what's up with that card count in the upper right corner of the Card Vault. I'm at 1280/1315, for example - is there an upper limit to the total number of cards you can have in the vault? And what happens when you reach it?
  8. You don't always have to use beast form to use a weapon effectively. In fact, I rarely do bother. The whole point is that the weapon is just an option, primarily for dealing with lesser threats without having to use a spell that you then would have to somehow cycle back into your hand before you can use it again, which can be a waste just to get rid of some pesky critter that somehow survived from the earlier scenarios. With proper preparation, late-game Lini can easily dispatch a 15-20 combat check monster without Beast Form or spells, and save the big guns for the tough fights. And even
  9. You have to write a mail to support@obisidian.net - you might get help here, too, but that's more or less inofficial (just the devs prowling these forums and being generally nice and awesome people); that mail address is the official way to contact support, as far as I gathered. Edit: ninja'd - two replies in the time it took me to type mine :D
  10. Regarding weapons: I picked up a Keen Rapier +3 and that is a nice option for her too (also has that "4 counts as 5" ability, and as far as I can see, of all weapons with this property it is the one with the highest constant bonus at +3, which is always a good thing to have). I did notice, however, that if you read the card text exactly, the implementation of this "die promotion" in the game may actually not always be correct. Do notice, for example, that the text of the Keen Rapier +3 says "If any d4 rolled on this check is a 4, treat it as 5." whereas the text for the Keen Scythe +2 is "
  11. Fisher-Yates may be "classic" algorithm, but that doesn't mean you don't have to be careful when implementing it. For example, a little, easy to make (and easy to miss when looking over the code) off-by-one error when picking the index for the card to be swapped in each iteration can completely skew the results (reference for the interested here).
  12. One thing that I didn't notice about Seelah's alternate version just by looking at her stats, it tooki until I actually started playing her to realize: Switching her spellcasting stat from WIS to CHA gives her a bigger die, true, but she has only room for 2 '+1' pips in the latter as opposed to 3 in the former. So the maximum for her Divine checks are d10+4 for her alt versus d8+5 for her base version, which is pretty much eqivalent. That means, in the long run she actually won't be a better caster overall (but then, you really wouldn't expect a paladin to be a spell slinging machine anywa
  13. A few days ago I spotted the "Buried Treasure" special offer in the store and bought it. No problem there. Now, I thought this was something like a one-per-customer kind of thing, so it should disappear (at least for a while), however it currently still is visible to me in the store - but when I try buying it again (it really is a nice deal) the buy button does absolutely nothing. So, there seems to be a bug here, I just don't know which it is: Either, I'm not actually eligible for this special offer anymore, so the fact that I can't buy is is correct - then the bug is that I can stil
  14. The app crashes (with one of those "the app has stopped" dialogs from Android) whenever the current Daily Challenge ends and a new one should become active. Not a very severe bug (restarting the app lets you resume wherever you left off) and only occurs once a day at most, but (at least for me) 100% reproducible and somewhat annoying when it happens. Affected version: latest as of writing this ( Affected OS/device: Android 7.1.1 on Nexus 6P
  15. One aspect you didn't mention about Lem's alternate: he loses an ally to gain an armor, which is a big minus for him. Regarding the "0 items" on original Seelah: I always interpreted that as the representation of the of "vow of poverty" that Paladins can take in the Pathfinder RPG.
  16. I did something like that and found that the Cure spell ended up getting stuck in the hand. So had to mix it up with some blessings of Abadar to deal with barriers and have something to heal back I don't understand what you mean with "Cure getting stuck" and what that has to do with blessings. Having only Iomedae blessings for Seelah is awesome - even though she won't get the double dice on many checks that other types would give her, the fact that you never have to discard them for their bonus is invaluable (and that includes exploring), and her Inspiration die (with some +1s if you
  17. The reason is that Erylium has a plain Arcane check to defeat as an alternative to the regular combat check, and the game keep defaulting to the former (which you can't use Seoni's power on, because it's not a combat check). For the ghosts it may be the same thing. You have to open the skill selection dropdown and manually select a combat check - then you'll be able to use Arcane Blast.
  18. Absolutely possible even without cheating: my Seelah has 5 Blessings, 2 Favors and 1 Unity of Iomedae... what is this "discarding" you speak of?
  19. Waaaait a minute.... has anyone ever seen StormbringerGT and Santa at the same time?!
  20. What? No mention of the Spell Ward Shield (AD 5 treasure)? Reveal to soak up 2 points of damage of ANY type. That's like 2 Rings of Protection, with the added bonus of being able to recharge it out of your hand, unlike the RoP. It definitely goes on my "nice" list for armor. Also worth mentioning, IMO: Adamantine Plate Armor - if you're proficient in heavy armor (and if you aren't you wouldn't bother hauling this thing around anyway), it's a discard to absorb all damage (of any type!) instead of the usual bury, so it can potentially be used multiple times per adventure. A pity you have to wai
  21. Yeah, that's really weird. For the record: I can't see the spell I'm my vault either (I tried attaching a screenshot but that didn't seem to work). But with my faith sufficiently restored, I guess I can just wait until the team is back from enjoying their holidays to sort this out.
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