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  1. Was it intentional to give people multiple instances of the armor? Because I now have 3 of them, while I kind of expected it to be unique, like the other "P"romo items, so I'm not sure that's what was supposed to happen.
  2. Looks much better now. Die is there, and so is the Pathfinder Chronicler. I have to admit I am no longer sure what the other card was supposed to be, so I can't say for sure whether it's there... Anyway, many, many thanks, and happy holidays to you.
  3. On Dec 20 I bought the "Rolling all the way" bundle, but never received ANY of the content - neither of the cards nor the die skin. Maybe I got some chests, I am not sure; I don't remember if I had any left before I bought it, but after I did, I had 10, so I very definitely did not get the 15 the bundle was supposed to contain, if any at all. I tried posting in this forum, I tried sending a mail to support@obisidian.net, but I received no reaction whatsoever. No indication that anyone is even aware of my problem, let alone cares enough to bother to fix it. This is rather aggravating. I
  4. But the description for her Stormfire power says that it adds the Cold and Fire traits to the check. Now, I haven't tried it (not enough gold to buy her yet) but by my understanding that should mean that it deals with trolls just fine. That said, it would be better if it would let you choose between Cold or Fire so you have a way for dealing with fire-resistant critters. But that would be pretty much equivalent to her having Acid Blast right from the start (instead of having to earn a Role first and spend a power feat for it), so I guess due mainly to balance reasons it has to be both.
  5. Damn! Am I glad that I decided to start a new game from scratch (trying to optimize some of my character/deck builds a little more) before heading into Scenario 6... Guess I'll just go back to playing Fallout 4 in my spare time until we've gotten another patch or three...
  6. Whenever that challenge pops up, I usually take Amiri out for a berserker-rage fueled rampage of death and destruction...
  7. I have the same problem - bought the bundle but got nothing; I already sent a mail to the support address yesterday but received no response whatsoever - not even a simple acknowledgement to let me know that my request was actually received. Right now, I have no idea if anybody is even aware of my problem, or whether it will ever be taken care of. Considering this is something I paid real money for, this is pretty poor customer service.
  8. My favorite has to be the change to Harsk. D8 instead of D6 for Wisdom is especially nice once you pick up Nature's Gift and start using divine spells, and the tradeoff of having only a to a D10 in Constitution is a small price to pay - CON checks happen rarely enough for that big D12 to seem quite a bit wasted there. And giving up one weapon (4 is still plenty) for another ally is a definite win in my opinion, too.
  9. It happens automatically. For example, if you are making a melee combat check and the top card of the blessings deck is a Blessing of Gorum, discarding a BotG should give you two dice instead of the usual one.
  10. I bought the bundle too, but got nothing. Neither of the cards, nor the die skin, and no trace of the 15 treasure chests either. Feeling pretty miffed right now. User-ID: Thyraxus #3959
  11. With cure, she can cycle her deck pretty fast until her weapon comes up. Although, holding on to it after that then locks another of her hand cards (the first is the animal companion) so doing that only is really worth it after some hand size bumps. Not using a weapon doesn't really free up a power feat, since before being able to choose a role for more options, you get 3 of those and have only 4 slots to place them into: 2 of those are +1s to Animal Trick (so, basically must-haves), and the last then has to go into either Weapon or Light Armor Proficiency (I wish hand size was an option!)
  12. All in all, this is pretty much exactly how I play Lini (one of my favorite characters too, due to her versatility). One comment regarding her choice of weapon: you might want to clarify why going ranged might seem like an attractive option at first, due to her DEX die at d6 looking at least a little better than her d4 in STR, but is in fact a really bad idea, at least as soon as you start investing skill feats into boosting her (spell-less) combat ability. Because she only ever has at most a single weapon in her deck, she will end up not having one on hand for combat a lot of the time - s
  13. That's not entirely true. What if, when you encounter that really awesome item you really, really want to have, the only item that you happen to be holding in your hand is another awesome item you really, really don't want to lose?
  14. And now Seoni got a Wand of Enervation as the reward for achieving level 38 (supposed to be an "Arcane Spell") - Can we perhaps keep this bug in the game? I'm starting to love it!
  15. This bug isn't all bad. I got a Sihedron Medallion and an Impaler of Thorns (both Loot type cards which normally don't appear in Quest Mode at all, AFAIK) out of it...
  16. Well, if the game were to skip the dice rolling animation (including displaying the result and additional effects, like the "die result promotion" on weapons like the scythes) and proceed directly to resolving the results of the check upon pressing the "auto-success button", that would make such checks slightly faster. That said, there are some checks that would have to be exempt from being auto-resolved even if you have plenty of die and bonuses due to secondary effects that are not related to the total sum, but to rolls of the individual dice - the mention of the scythe reminded me of th
  17. Actually, the standard interpretation of the rules seems to be that declining (the attempt to acquire) a boon is to be taken equivalent to failing to acquire it. So all the rules where it says something like "When you fail to acquire a boon..." still apply. Glassworks is a notable exception where it specifically mentions "failing a check to acquire a boon", which means that if you don't even attempt to acquire, you technically don't make a check and therefore can't fail it, but opinions on whether that is the proper interpretation are divided, to say the least.
  18. And it keeps going on: Amiri, level 14 - supposed to get a Light Armor and receives: a Magic Half Plate, which is about as heavy as it gets Kyra, level 14 - supposed to get a Divine Spell and receives: Invisibility - a purely arcane spell But it gets even weirder: Lini, level 24 - supposed to get an Animal Ally and receives: a Rat Swarm (a monster card)! I couldn't add it to my deck though (it was just gone after progressing to the deck rebuilding step). I even made a screenshot of that, because I couldn't believe my eyes (but I can't figure out how to attach it to this message
  19. I know this isn't really about "Character Builds & Strategies"; I guess it would be more at home in the "General Discussion" subforum, but that one is explicitly meant to be spoiler-free, yet this topic might have at least some spoiler potential so I decided to put it here... I have noticed that there are sometimes funny or otherwise interesting interactions between the characters in your party in the "cutscenes" of Story Mode. Even allies you happen to have in your decks sometimes chip in, affecting the conversations in some way. A prime example would be the bickering between Vale
  20. There is something wrong with the boon rewards for gaining levels in quest mode Some examples I noticed while playing in the current game version ( yesterday: When Lini reached level 14, according to the advancement chart, she was supposed to get a "Divine Spell". What I got: "Sleep" - which has the Magic, Arcane, Attack, Mental and Basic traits. Nothing Divine about it at all. At level 17, she was supposed to get an "Animal Ally". But she got a Soldier. Nope, definitely not an animal. But at least those were the right type of boon. When Merisiel reached 17, she was sup
  21. That is completely non-intuitive. Even the Golden Rule mentioned in the forum post doesn't really apply here, in my opinion. It says: "If cards conflict with one another...". But I don't see a conflict here at all. Whenever Lini plays an ally with the animal trait, she may to choose to do this by recharging it instead of discarding it. So if she does the former, a discard doesn't even actually happen. The Farmhouse rule only cares about discards, and therefore should not even trigger in the first place. It's pretty clear to me, without any contradiction.
  22. I finally completed Legendary, but I had to retry 6 or 7 times, because I kept getting nice wildcards like "When you acquire an ally, end your turn" which pretty much makes this scenario unwinnable no matter what you do.
  23. The "At this Location" text for the Farmhouse says: "When an ally would be discarded, it is buried instead." But Lini's "Wild Empathy" power says "When you play an ally with the Animal trait, you may recharge it instead of discarding." However, when playing an animal ally at the Farmhouse, it ends up being buried, without a chance to recharge it - but you should have the choice to "recharge or discard" before the Farmhouse rule applies. Until you make your choice whether to discard or to recharge, what happens to the card isn't even determined yet, so the "when an ally would be discarded"
  24. Another nice item worth mentioning is the Healing Poultice. It's essentially a Potion of Healing that gets buried instead of banished, so it's back for the next scenario without you having to bother hunting around for a replacement. If you have one of those in your deck as your "emergency healing in a pinch" option, it leaves you free to replace Father Zantus with another discard-to-explore ally. It's legendary (gold border) though, so good luck with those treasure chests...
  25. Seelah's Crusade ability in this scenario is actually kind of detrimental unless you already know exactly which card is going to come up next (perhaps through a spyglass or tag-teaming with Harsk) because you don't want to send an ally to the bottom by accident, ready to be the next snack for Magga . And at the speed you have to rip through the decks to keep up with Magga, I don't think you'll be able to set up that kind of situation very often.
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