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  1. I already tried all the things suggested here, but I have notoriously bad luck in games involving chance. Seriously, just ask my tabletop RPG group, my ability to roll critical failures on checks that really matter (and roll high only on checks that are mostly irrelevant) is legendary. My last attempt of HCTF with Lem and Seoni (I figured, they're both diplomacy monsters and have plenty of blessings and allies for getting lots of explorations, so they're the most likely to succeed) looked like this: in the first 4 rounds, Magga ate 6-5-6-4 cards from various location decks, and I kept runn
  2. Note that the Venomous Heavy Crossbow +2 does require Weapon Proficiency, unlike all the other weapons on your list of recommendations
  3. How the hell are you supposed to win this scenario on heroic/legendary if the villain eats up to half a location deck per turn, other than trying over and over (and over and over and over ancoverancoverancoverancoverancoverancoverancoverancoverancoverancoverAAAAAARGGGGGH) until you just're just plain dumb lucky enough to have most of the allies near the tops of the location decks and the villain not rolling a 5 or 6 every turn? I hate this scenario already on normal difficulty. On the higher difficulties, it's pure insanity.
  4. Apparently, a comma in the "During This Scenario" text for the Foul Misgivings scenario (normal difficulty) succeeded at a stealth check to sneak one word position further right than it should be (see attached screenshot). This typo is still present in the latest version (1.1.5) which I just updated to.
  5. Actually, unless your characters die, you do get whatever XP you earned for defeating banes at the end of a scenario - if you lose by running out of time. But you get nothing if you use the "forfeit" option from the menu. The latter distinction is rather important. If you run into a situation where you know (or think) you can't win anymore, but have already defeated a bunch of banes for some juicy XP, you have to forfeit "manually", by actually playing all the remaining turns, just doing nothing. Kind of annoying, really.
  6. If that's the case, then everyone I ever played the board game version with interpreted that part of the rules wrong, as in to mean that you add 1 random blessing, 1 random ally and one Boa to each location individually and specifically, not that you lump them all together, shuffle them up and add 3 random cards from that lump to each location. That would be a really surprising break to the pattern of "exactly one henchman (or villain) per location" that applies to every other scenario in the game.
  7. I have, on multiple occasions, encountered duplicate cards. And it's not just randomness, it happens in cases where it should be absolutely impossible to run into two instances of the same card. Primary example: I have, on multiple occasions, encountered two Nightbelly Boas in the same location of the "Here Comes the Flood" scenario - something which should never happen, because there should only ever be exactly one of them per location according to the rules of the scenario. And yes, I definitely defeated them, so the second Boa wasn't just the first having been shuffled back in after a f
  8. But those extra levels have no effect on the way the game plays, at all. All you get is to watch a number increase*. Consider this: you play 3 scenarios, get to watch a number tick up, play 3 more, and watch it go up again. Or, you play 6 scenarios in a row and watch it tick up only once, without that extra tick in between. It's essentially exactly the same thing! Mechanically, the extra tick in between means nothing. Nothing at all. That second set of 3 scenarios would play exactly the same, with or without that levelup in between. It doesn't matter. The only difference is that that l
  9. But in tabletop RPGs a new level gives you usually something new, something solid, a permanent way to improve your character. A handful of skill points, a new ability, something that matters, that actually affects the way the game plays, however little - sometimes by giving you entirely new options, often by just making it easier to use the ones you already have, allowing you to take on new challenges. In this game, the "random boon" levels give you nothing other than a random draw of a card that you're probably just going to throw away - apart from increasing your level number by one they
  10. I lost the Robe of Runes (not due to a bug, just due to my own stupidity when exchanging cards between the decks of characters). Unfortunately, according to the rules of the game, these "Loot" cards are special. There is no way to just randomly encounter them and acquire them that way. Of course in the board game, you could just grab them from the box, but that would be in no way be rules-legal. The only way to acquire them again is to complete the appropriate scenario again. In particular, that means you have to start a new campaign, with new characters (or at least characters that have n
  11. Don't some (most) of the levels in the quest mode seem rather pointless? I mean, not the ones where you get power/skill/card feats, those are the meat of the game, the ones where you can really grow and develop your characters. I mean the "random boon" ones. Let me illustrate: imagine a guy, working at the candy factory as a candy inspector. All day, every day, he sees tons of candy and can eat as much as he wants of it (for quality control purposes, of course). And then, when Christmas finally comes around, he's looking forward to what nice gifts his loved ones have for him, and what does
  12. I've been comparing the roles for Lem and have been wondering - is there any reason to actually pick Charlatan over Virtuoso? I just don't see it, Charlatan seems to be almost strictly inferior in every aspect. I mean, what does Charlatan get that Virtuoso doesn't? A passive bonus of +2 to acquiring allies / defeating henchmen / defeating villains - each of those costs a power feat individually. Compare that to the Virtuoso's ability to simply add his inspiration buff to himself on any check for bonus of (initially) at least 3 and up to 7 (assuming you invested into both upgrades before p
  13. Here's one I noticed: in the Scenario "Foul Misgivings", when you encounter a Haunt henchman, you're supposed to roll a D6 + the number of encountered Haunts to determine whether to encounter the villain Iesha Foxglove. But when you encounter the first(!) Haunt, you're already rolling with a +2 (instead of the +1 it should be for that one Haunt). I suspect that this is because of the other scenario power that applies a stacking penalty to checks for every Haunt encountered - the game gets confused and somehow adds this penalty to the roll for Iesha (even though according to the rules it is not
  14. When you encounter Nualia with the "Blood in the Sand" wildcard power active, if she deals 2 or more damage with her initial "before you act" power, BitS is triggered and you have to bury one of the discarded cards - even though that should not happen, since the description of BitS says "if you discard more than 1 card as damage from a combat check...", and the damage Nualia does on encounter is not the result of a combat check, it is automatic. So that alone should probably already be considered a bug (either the description of BitS is wrong or the implementation). But it gets worse.
  15. Well. That sucks: A treasure chest just dropped the Sunburst spell, but it wasn't added to the card vault - it's just gone. And no, I certainly didn't salvage it by accident. Haven't had anything like that happen to me before.
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