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  1. is there actually bronze crystals or is this a mod
  2. atton: (after killing some flophouse scum) good thing we got the drop on them atton: (30 seconds later after killing somemore flophousers) "that felt good"
  3. i dont let them beat hiim up. i pick a fight with them and save the beggar . still DS but really, petty crimes are beneath a sith lord. there is the dark side! there is power!
  4. why is darth trayas gender listed as unknoown? creepy!
  5. tthats how it should be! kreia decks me out in my new sith outfit. dark jedi robes are alright but they are dark jedi and not sith robes. k2 should have included sith items as well as dark jedi items any info on robe receiving?
  6. Im playing as jedi gaurdian and eventually sith marauder. i want those fassa robes on nar shadda. i hear i have to be lvl 50 to get them. is that level 50 jedi gaurdian or is that lvl 15 gaurdian + lvl 35 sith marauder?? i need to know how to get these items. and it really bothers me that i cant get sith robes. just dark jedi. there should be a mod so that on malachor after you kill a sith lord or marauder or whatever your class is you get those kind of robes. idnt it wierd how dark robes have defense against light robes and yet almost all your fighting is against darkside enemies. anyone have a picture of kel droma robes from k1?
  7. dual sabers, one with personal and barab one with kaiburr and pontite it actually really bothers me that your personal crystal takes up a slot in your saber, that leaves me 1 option for a crystal. teh personal crystal should have had its own spot and allow for two more crystals to be added
  8. i have received 2 kaiburr crystals already and i havent even faced sion yet when i usually get a kaiburr. wierd. im playing as a consular sith lord so... opila and personal my personal is fully upgraded and is beautiful though i do like the unique damage ones like sonic damage and cold damage
  9. whats this??? a jedi using powers of the sith?? the darkside is strong in you
  10. revan is great and powerful. the exile is FASCINATING. a wound in the force. an anomoly. the jedi want to cut him off from the force in order to stop him. the exile is not a jedi. he is far greater, a new breed of force users. Revan too turned from jedi and used the sith for his own agenda. i think that the exile should find revan and they team up. none could stand against the heart of the force and the death of the force. exile also has nihilus's power to drain force sensitives. Exiles unique force using combined with revans sheer power create something far more powerful than the jedi or the sith. i vote for exile btw those who say exile is better cuz he can be lvl 50 and have awesome force pwers are a bunch of nuts. seriously! gameplay?? pathetic! ps i think force scream is a great power b/c the exile releases the screams of the fallen and dead jedi into the force little by little and it can nearly destroy his enemies
  11. yes...and that anger is your power. you must embrace it and focus it. the darkside is more powerful than the light. jedi... peace is a lie, there is only passion through passion i gain strength through strength i gian power through power i gain victory through victory my chains are broken
  12. kotor 1 -taris was so dang long. i thought i was done in the lower city but no theres the undercity and the sewers and some more lower ccity and then some more upper city... -having to kill jolee -"something apears to be bothering carth. perhaps you should talk to him" "talk to carth" "whats wrong" "i dont want to talk about it" what the heck?! - not being recognized as a sith lord or revan. come on, im the freakin most powerful force user in the galaxy and people laff when i say im revan returned kotor2 -lack of dialogue between pc and npc -characters dont alk darkside. i got handmaiden at darkside mastery and she still scolded me for doing something bad -goto -goto -goto -goto -goto -goto -goto - not being able to kill party like in k1. i wanted to dismember mira and throw her into a pit, i wanted to leave kreia on peragus, i wanted just me visas, atton, and bao dur(possibly hand maiden) to all leave and become a new sith order. hk can stay and be our droid. t3 can be sold for parts. i then will find jolee and recruit him, and then make hanharr my hitman. - not being hailed a sith lord when going places theres a ramble for you
  13. light side, single green neutral, single silver or cyan darkside, single orange or red
  14. I know this has been asked before but this one is different. for grey jedi, i think of them more as grey as in foggy and mysterious, not halfway between light and dark i see them as jedi who disagreed with the jedi order in some way but still do the right thing. Jolee was not grey as in not sure what was better(sith or jedi) he would far sooner side with the jedi, therefore he is neutral/light side. he was grey as in turned from the jedi order and disagreed with it. dark jedi and sith are seperated. i dont like that the games blend dark jedi and sith together. sith have sith teachings, legends, powers, and systems. dark jedi are only jedi haters. they are the pawns of the sith. they care nothing for sith teachings nor jedi teachings. all they do is kill jedi. it may be argued that they are a fation of the sith becaause the sith employ them to kill jedi, and turn jedi into dark jedi when they dont want to train them in the ways of the sith, but i feel that they are seperate. please express thoughts on the Grey Jedi and Dark Jedi and Sith
  15. the same thing that you do with bastilla to see different undies worked for me on handmaiden as well. she had dark mastery and was wearing some sort of dark robes
  16. In his defence (can't believe I'm defending Carth) would you want to single handedly take on the dark lord of the sith and his new apprentice? Especially after they had already killed to Jedi and Carth was not a Jedi. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> i would die defending an innocent twilek girl sooner than flee from the sith.
  17. in k1 i was darien k2 round one i was revan so i could screw up the game. it was funny, people calling me revan and noone knowing where revan is k2 round 2 i was Jett Bindo k2 round 3 i was Darth Vomicus
  18. handmaiden- good storyline, but better for dark side b/c of the convo with kreia "she swore never to become a jedi but she said nothing about..." and then i make her a sith disciple- shove a star destroyer up his @## and detonate it. hanharr- far better than zaalbar who was a pansy. ok storyline mira- lousy storyline, useless character atton- best storyline, great when playing darkside when he swears allegiance to you "i will follow you to hell and back" bao dur- ok storyline, annoying personality and voice, he seems a little obsessd with exile in a gay sort of way. good in dark sied when you tell him to use his anger as his power. visas- great storyline droids- awesome goto- see disciple kreia- ok, too twisty and yet prdictable MY EXILE- the very best! as you can see i believe that this game was MADE for dark side male playing, everything fits together much better.
  19. in my opinion the ending to kotor 2 can only be described as
  20. i shall make you eat those words and you will have a taste of the true power of the Dark Side!!!
  21. in k2 the first time through there were cut scenes with carth, and a convo with carth and bastilla but the next time i played carth was replaced with a bald guy, and no convo
  22. finished the game and im kinda po'd about not getting wookie oh well
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