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  1. and I realise that the force would enable woman to fight like men but a female exile just does not fit the plot.
  2. Because the Exile is a wound in the force. If you understood the Exile you would know he/she (i think of the Exile as a he ) could not really exists with all these other force users. Revan on the other hand would live to long ( a result of being so strong within the force) and head into time peroids around where sidous origins were formed. Also I think the order should stay whiped out for a LONG time so all the knowledge of what happened was lost and a new age of jedi would start to form a new jedi order.
  3. How can lucas arts cancle one of the msot if not the most anticipated game that all the fans are working on. Making KOTOR3 would result in gold in done like the other two but with a few updates and certainly would not make things worse for the company. I hope that lucas arts only cancled the team so they could get a more talented team becauce the whole world is waiting for KOTOR3.
  4. Sion is the lord of pain and suffering and his only concern and purpose is to whipe out all the jedi and anailate them all. Sion lives to inflict pain on others and kill. For him to love sounds very out of place. The Exile was a war hero that lead armies, dealed with large amounts of pain, and in all honesty he seemed more like a male character. I am very pissed that they decided to make the Exile a female. I wish they would of left in a mystery and let you decide his gender. The just messed everything up. All this time I have been playing as a male Exile and now I learn that the Exile was a girl. Also the majority of all the people played the game as the Exile being a male so why change the Exiles gender to a girl? The Exile and Revan fit perfectly as men. Also the counsil seemed very hard of the Exile and atris being in love with the Exile but hating him at the same time seems alot better than the Sion crap. Sion WAS a VERY cool character when I was playing as a male but he is the lord of pain and only cares to kill and inflict pain and once I found out he was different from playing the female side it almsot ruined the character for me. Also visas seemed to play a larger role when the Exile was a male. EDIT: Also if Revan was refered to a she in the game wouldn't that be more cannonically correct than whay anyone else would have to say. Because anyone who says anything different is sort of rewriting to story since nomatter what gender you played with the Exile with Revan was considered a female many times throughout the game. But I can't imagine Revan as a female either. Female revan and Exile both have to go. I can't fathom that. Their backgrounds make them seem much more like men. Also 'im not makning a arguement on a sterotype or anything but I really just think the background makes the Exile seem more like a male fit than a female. If we look at almost all the war heroes in history and look at the majority of the people serving in law renforcement the more than 90 percent are male. In almost every historicle event the people with backgrounds like that were males. That is just where the facts point out to. Not saying that a female can't do this stuff and I know it's happened many times before but it's WAY more rare to see female characters with a background like this. In almost any fantasty world or action movie the main war heroes and combat stars are male characters because that's what fits with the story the best. Same case with the Exile. I have played both and think the male is much better for the story.
  5. Acording to this The Exile was a girl. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jedi_Exile#...s_and_abilities Who here thinks that that sounds a little out of place like it doesn't quite seem right. I thought the story was alot better when playing as a male gender because Sion was hated the Exile instead of loving the Exile (which is find extremley dumb). Also Revan was considered a male. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Revan But in the game both of KOTOR2 he was considered a girl. I am so confused. Are these statments truly true. Or are they just other peoples views on the genders.
  6. Now to think of it there is one new power I would like to see in the game. Force absorb. Like yoda. Anyway I would also like to see alot of the characters from the ebon hawk return like atton but as a jedi.
  7. It was very CLEAR that he did not reach that potential because he would he killed to start forge by merely looking at it if he had unlimited power. And while Revan could learn what would take others years the Exile could learn MUCH HIGHER force forms within seconds such as joyu lightsaber styles and much more. The Exile would also increase in power with every kill since he is a wound in the force and gathers the power and life of the dead ones inside to create a wound in the force and great pain. I could go as far as argueing this is why the Exile gets more exp in gameplay but I won't base anything off that. Just what was said in the story. Also I would like to argue that Master Zhar saying Revan had unlimited potential was just a expression. Teachers tell kids that all the time when it's not truly true. I think he just meant Revan was extremley powerful and if he put his mind to it his potential would make him greater than any force sensitive AT THE TIME. The Exile was clearly mroe powerful though FORCE STORYLINE reasons only. hen Esilio learns forms and techniques fighting the Masters Kriea is speaking through the bond ,could the Exile have learnt them without her help? To say The Exile single-handedly ended wars and annihilated Sion's entire Assassin Army is incorrect...(S)He is not Darth Bane ,meaning no thought bomb. Nihilus's ability to destroy planets was not POWER as it controlled him. I recall Nihilus stunned Visas Mandalore and Esilio. NOTE: I am tired of typing "THE"Exile. If Nihilus was so great would he have tried to syphon Esilio? No. To take the strength of another is a weakness. Lol dude I am not from japan.
  8. My character never died. I had an awesome character build.
  9. Yeah I know it's an easy game. Just wanted to share how much you can possibley hit. Also I was right about past debates about how powerful different jedi were. That's what I was right about. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Umm... No offence, but your reasoning in most powerful jedi topic was quite moronic. Main reason why characters in k2 becomes overpowered is that when you get 75 xp from killing rodian thug in k1, you get 275 xp from killing rodian thug in k2... That's why your characters gets so high levels, as k2 is in no way longer game than first <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Give me a link to it. As I said IN THAT TOPIC I based the jedis power level off the story NOT THE GAMEPLAY. FACT - the exile increases in power from every kill as he was a wound in the force and regaiend and instantly learned new force powers in a matter of seconds. He learned lightsaber forms and increases in power from simply observing and killing foes. Kreia evcen stated the Exile was greater than any she ever trained. The Exile managed to defeat all the the most powerful counsil members that were powerful even for their time as kreia stated and he killed a foe that could drain an entire planets life BUT NOT the exile (that is a feat of RAW power). He defeated sion who was IMMORTAL and had incredible skill with a blade. Finally he defeated kreia who taught revan and explored so much knowledge of both sides of the force. I do not base any of my arguements of gameplay but WHAT WAS SET IN STONE for the story in the game. And no matter how much you hate the fact that the Exile could kill revan in a blink of an eye you must accept it. Nowhere does it even give a refference that revan was more powerful. Why do you all consider revan to be THE MOST POWERFUL. I mean comon. He had unlimited potential but never really reached that high of a level. The Exile accoplished all the feats of revan and more. The Exile single handidly ended wars and anailated Sions entire sith assain army. That is part of the story. The Exiles potential is also unlimited as he can learn knew force pwoers within seconds and increase in power from every passing kill. The exile is a wound in the force that CAN DESTROY the force. This is all part of the story. Yes mabey revan was like staring into the heart of the force but the Exile was DEATH to it. He would simply of learned Revans forms within mere seconds and used his own powers and advantages against him. AS THE STORY said sicne the Exile gave up the force he gained a stronger connection to it and gaiend powers NOT POSSIBLE otherwise. Tell me one force sensitive that comes close to acomplishing to feats of the exile besides luke. Name one. You can't. Because all these facts I have just said were PART OF THE STORY and SET IN STONE. You can't hide from it. Now whoever thinks I use gameplay feats and powers speak now. The characters continaully stated what the Exile was capable of.
  10. Wow whoever said guns and blasters are better than lighsabers do not no what their talknig about and have horrible character stats. Atton never get's kills for me. Unless your somehow cheating there is no way guns are better than sabers. I use master fury with my ultimate sith marauder set up and joyu lightsabser form and I can ANAILATE almsot any enemy within one round of attacks. Lightsabers can hit WAAAAAAAY HARDER if you have high strength and a good lightsaber combo. For exsample character crystal (full power character crystal), hurrikaine crystal, pontite lens, epert fencing emitter, and jolgern cell mark III or whatever it's called allows you do do way mroe damage. I have full upgraded attons, mandalores and hk-47's weapons. Mandalorian heavy carbines and madalorian disintegrators with the best upgrades possible wouldn't allow me to hit half the damage with a lightsaber and not to mention the maximum amount of tiems you can hit in one attack round with ranged is 3 and the max is 6 for lightsabers. Not only will the sabers do WAY more damage in ONE hit AND THEY can attack 6 TIMES but they can also give you mass attribute bonuses. I gurantee my Sith maruader or Sith lord could take on atton, mandalore, and hk-47 (all ranged weapons experts) with all fully upgraded gear no problem. I buff my sith marauder up to his max potential with best possible gear and do the same for all the other party members stated above and the maraduer will own them all. He will AVERAGE around 500 damage in ONE attack round and can hit a max of like 400 in one attack hit and there's 5-6 attacks per round when using my lightsaber form and master fury. The max I have ever hit with ranged is like 190. Compare that to 400. Now compare 3 WEAKER ranged attacks to 6 STRONGER melee attacks. Any saber master who knows wtf their doing would f##k any blaster expert up horrible. It would be ownage from the start. Two rounds of attacks and it's all over. Two rounds of attacks would average over 1000 hp of damage for my marauder. Think and use logic. sabers OWN BLASTERS!
  11. Yeah I know it's an easy game. Just wanted to share how much you can possibley hit. Also I was right about past debates about how powerful different jedi were. That's what I was right about.
  12. I would like to see The Exile get involed in something bigger. As kreia said at the end of the game that this HUGE WAR and everythnig the Exile went through was just the beginning of somethnig bigger. I want the Exile to follow revan where their paths will meet and a dark secret will be found. As for powers I think there are plenty of powers. There is no need for more powers. Mabey a few new feats would be nice though. What was cool about KOTOR2 was that each character seemed to have special feats. I think that should continue. But I am for the first time sort of worrying about if they will come out with a KOTOR3. Please obsidian you left me hanging in the second one so now you must come out with a third.
  13. I was reading force powers desription in the game and force forms. I never realised force powers could hit so high. These max hits are taken into consideration if your character is level 50. Force storm - 300 (390 with force potencey) Proof - does 1-6 damage per character level and force potencey raises damage by 30 percent Death field - 200 (260 with force potencey) Proof - 1-4 damage per character level and force potencey which raises damage by 30 percent Force crush - 500 (650 with force potencey) Proof - 1-10 points of damage per character level and force potencey increasing the max hit by 30 percent My question is how come my level 50 averages like a third to half of that damage per hit. My level 50 sith lord has like 40 wisdom and 35 charsima or soemting like that. His stats may be higher. But my max hit with force crush that I have seen ever was like 404. All this is with force potencey.
  14. There is no proof that Yoda could of done such a thing. He didn't even truly beat Dukoo. Palaptine would STILL HAVE WON. DO NOT USE THE SUROUNDINGS AS AN EXCUSE. Hmmm, lets see. Sith Lords and Dark Jedi who have little training are WAY ahead of almost an jedi who has had the same amount of training. Vapaad WAS STATED in the books to strike at invisible and blinding speeds smartass. Get your facts straight. Also he already relfected Palaptines rage, speed and powers with EASE in BOTH BOOK AND MOVIE. The only power he had trouble with was the lightning because it was so forceful and it was a constant stream flowing and Palaptine was a juyo master and could also reflect some of Mace power back because he was able to absorb the lighting for his own benefit. Dude Yoda was WISE and concentrated on WISDOM and other thigns while Mace was POWERFUL AND CONCENTRATED ON POWER AND COMBAT. Look at how easy Palpatine thre around large objects compared to yoda. MUCH easier. There is NO force power that will save yoda. Yoda was not even powerful enough to master vapaad and barley powerful enough to control himself using atura. Yes they DO. Vapaad results in TREMENDOUS power and plus all the other powers and attributes that come with it. He could of smashed Yoda with ease. Mace Windu cna use force crush even. Purple is the most powerful color and in the books it was MENTIONED ONLY THE MOST POWERFUL JEDI COULD WIELD IT. Mace Windu did not unleash his full power. What would Yoda do when his own powers are being deflected back at him and blinding lightsaber strikes are being made against him that he can NOT dodge? That part you are refering of is only one. Palpatine LOST the lightsaber duel but he DID fake when Anakin came in because he could absorb his own lighting for his benefit (trick anakin into making him think he is injured) and he could hold his lighting alot longer. He faked ONLY during that time though to SAVE himself. Not what everyone else makes it out to be. So my answer is YES HE COULD OF HELD HIS LIGHTING longer but the fight still would of been Mace Windus for having the better force reflecting powers that would of eventually killed Palps.
  15. Exactly. (answering when I am bored enough, prob. tomorow ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> WHAT DID I SAY EARLIER. I swear people just read what they want to hear. I said Mace Windu DID NOT (I REPEAT DID NOT) USE all of his powers against yoda. Her did NOT use his vapaad lightsaber form or dakrsided force pwoers because they are DANGEROUS and he only uses them when he needs them. If Mace would of unleashed his SUPER FAST INVISIBLE vapaad then Yoda would of been owned from Mace Windus inner darkness and rage. Mace beat Palps and mastered vapaad and the full fury of the darkside which Yoda could not do. Yoda had a hard time using his Atura without giving in to his agression. As for the kaiburr crystal. WHY do you think suddenly Luke could move BLACK HOLES (crush all the matter down and do the math. They weigh as much as planets.) and suddenly shoot emerald lightning. He suddenly gained AWESOME powers BECAUSE of this crystal. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe because he's the son of the Chosen One?? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah. Next you are going to say Exile would pwn Anakin... <_< And once again I say this: Palpy acted his lost to Mace. For long time ago, you asked proof for "Mace had difficulties with Palpy's lightning". Look at Mace's face when he says:"Don't listen him Anakin!" And you doubt my information about older movie scripts. Fine, doubt them if you want. They were only 100 % accurate. Anakin won Mace in one of those. And Mace couldn't win Palpy with him godly vaapadu and crystal. But Palpy tried to escape from Yoda... Why Mace wouldn't use vaapadu against Yoda, hm? And if Mace could only beat Yoda with his crystal (he couldn't) that means that Mace is powerful only because his stupid crystal... Duh, still not bored enough for teh counterpost This was prelude for it... edit: "he only uses them whe needs them" They weren't enough against Palpatine. It looks like you are trying to make something like this: 1.Overgod: Exile 2. Mace Windu 3. Rest suckers <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The Exile WOULD beat Anakin. HOW MANY ****ING TIMES DO I HAVE TO TELL YOU. THERE US ZERO EVIDENCE THAT SUPPORTS SUCH A CLAIM. NONE WHAT SO EVER. SILCH. NOTHING! IT WASN'T EVEN HINTED. IT WAS STATED BY THE MAKERS OF THE FILM THAT MACE WINDU WON. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR SKULL. IT WAS STATED IN THE BOOKS AS WELL. HOW CAN YOU ARGUE WITH THIS EVEN WHEN THE FIGHT WAS EXPLAINED IN DETAIL BY PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKNIG ABOUT. Mace Windu used his super conducting loop and deflected all of Palps powers or used them as his own. Do NOT argue with the BLOODY CREATORS or actors. Uness you can give me some hardcore PROOF that Palpatine acted it then don't even comment on this. It sickens me how people look for excuses. You have ZERO proof. You only THINK that Palpatine must of acted it because he came to power but it matters not because he did that to SAVE himself. Get your facts straight before speaking **** out of your ass and making it up with no such proof. Especially when I have stated all this hundreds of times and you can't prove it wrong. You can only say the same **** without saying why it is true. IT WAS MACE WINDUS VAPAAD AND SUPER CONDUCTING LOOP. Read the ****ing novel for christ sake and hear what the creators have to say before saying such unture ****. Yes Mace has difficulties so what's your point. HE WON. AS SOON as he shouted you have lost Palpatine knew he was overconfident and his powe failed. What are you talking about. I assume you are talking about the scripts that they NEVER USED making them useless. The rewrote those battle sequences to give Mace a worthy death and won where he was NOT BEING TOYED WITH. Go watch the bloody interviews for christ sakes. If you READ ANY SW book you would know Mace won. It's even confirmed on their MAIN SITE SMART ONE. Mace DID win. Get that through your skull. Palpatine also BEAT Yoda. Hmm. Does this ring a bell. NOT JUST because of his crystal and lightsaber but he did NOT use his inner darkness to fight Yoda. Mace only uses his darksided powers and vapaad when he NEEDS it. He would never use it in a duel vs a friend. Do you need me to repeat that for you? Mace Windu did not unleash his invisible vapaad which would reflect Yoda own powers back at him. Yoda would have ZERO defence against the speed either if you knew ANYTHING about vapaad. I don't care on what the rest you say.
  16. Wait actually Kreia is the best but I like Hanhar better for combat.
  17. While I agree with your assessment of the first two classes, I disagree with the third. The jedi master I feel is better than the sith lord: The jedi master's power "inspire followers" is better than crush opposition since it increases your damage and AB by 5, while crush opposition lowers the opponents stats, but allows a save. An consular/master gets +6 to wisdom as a mastery bonus, while a consular/sith lord gets +100 FP. The +6 to wis adds +3 to your DC's, and is worth an extra 90 FPs by level 30. Since your personal crystal also boosts wisdom (LS), you can start wisdom at 14, and get it to 30+ by end game with items, and never put a point in it. Instead, you can raise charisma at level up, giving you a discount on DS powers. Even 20 cha is good enough, as it will give you a -5 discount to every shot of force lightning. Finally, I agree that Sith MArauder wins over Weapon MAster, especially for a dex build. You can however make a LS Sith MArauder, and get master fury and force enlightenment. Interestingly, a DS guardian/Sith MAurauder makes a really good blaster wielding jedi, since the damage from mastery, increased combat damage I-III and fury all add to ranged weapon damage, while the LS power, increased melee damage, does not. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The force pwoers for darkside are the best though. If you are darkside master though I guess it does not matter. I have personally never thought of going light with most of these bad dudes and stuff. This is interesting.
  18. Hanhar is EASILY the best. He can take LOTS of damage and strugg off incredible amounts. He is the deadliest mellee fighter you have and the most durable and in terms of combat abilties his power is the greatest. If you get enough influence on his you also can get attributes from him.
  19. You finnally confirm we were right after all? " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> More powers always leave more options though.
  20. Exactly. (answering when I am bored enough, prob. tomorow ) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> WHAT DID I SAY EARLIER. I swear people just read what they want to hear. I said Mace Windu DID NOT (I REPEAT DID NOT) USE all of his powers against yoda. Her did NOT use his vapaad lightsaber form or dakrsided force pwoers because they are DANGEROUS and he only uses them when he needs them. If Mace would of unleashed his SUPER FAST INVISIBLE vapaad then Yoda would of been owned from Mace Windus inner darkness and rage. Mace beat Palps and mastered vapaad and the full fury of the darkside which Yoda could not do. Yoda had a hard time using his Atura without giving in to his agression. As for the kaiburr crystal. WHY do you think suddenly Luke could move BLACK HOLES (crush all the matter down and do the math. They weigh as much as planets.) and suddenly shoot emerald lightning. He suddenly gained AWESOME powers BECAUSE of this crystal.
  21. Nope. I can do that at half that lvl, well lvl 26 anyway. In ONE round. The dudes are based off your lvl and if you get a good build it doesn't matter. Reaching lvl 50 is fun though and much better. I know gameplaywise I am complete when I am lvl 50. The developers originally itended you to reach lvl 50 but they rushed the game and it was to short.
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