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  1. Well I sort of think I might of caused it lol cause I wanted dark points and she was one of my only party members i wanted to use when i killed a million dudes for no reason. But everyone time I talk to her she will say there is nothing to talk about leave me alone. She won't even let me ask a question.
  2. well with my sith marauder she will not talk to me right now. I have like zero infuence with her. What should I do?
  3. When she treains you in some echani moves what do you get and what does it do? I have done this many times but never bothered to see what I got from it and what it does?
  4. actually mandalore and hk 47 are both stronger than atton with guns unless attons recieves a special sneak attack but that's only for one enemy. Hk 47 has a chance after scoring a criticle to hit one half the foes remaining health. The droid has better ranged feats than atton. Mandalore has an implant switching thing as well. I have to say madalore is the best in my opinion unless you have the compactor armor for hk-47 which absorbs 75 percent of all energy damae basically making energy attacks useless. I arm mandalore with duel mandalorian disintergraters and upgrade it with the best possible upgrades and he owns so well dude. I say mandalore and hk-47 is very close behind. Atton is not the best gunman though.
  5. happens to me to. Just try starting a new game. Than exit it. Than exit the game. Than go back and load your saved game. That sometimes works for whatever reason for me.
  6. Best setups for damage ( i only show final stats for dmg on this one) Setup one Pure damage - advantages - tons of massive damage bonuses and many types of damage in case the enemy is resistance towards one kind Barab ore ingot - ( +2-12 fire dmg) Pontite crystal - (+ 1-10 cold dmg, + 2 charisma) Pontite lens - ( +2-12 energy dmg, attack modifier + 1, - 1 defense) Expert fencing emitter - ( +3 energy damage, + 2 defence) Telgorn jolt mark III - ( + 1-8 electricle dmg) Complete stats - dmg energy - +7-35 - 4 dmg higher for double bladed dmg fire - +2-12 dmg cold - +1-10 dmg electricle - +1-8 total dmg up to 65 - 69 for double bladed My favorite setup for dmg and awesome attributes crystal personal (maxed out darkside) - ( +5 darkside dmg, +3-30 massive criticles, 7 strength, 6 charisma, 5 dexterity, ............ ima continue this later.
  7. Hmm could that be a sign or him weakening? That is NOT PROOF by ANY means. So cross that out. Not to mention that windus super conducting loop most likley used palpatines own speed and pwoer against him so it WOULD slow palps down. Also ever considered the fact that he knew all his power was getting reflected and only threw the fight after he lost the lightsaber duel to SAVE HIS LIFE. Seruisly what do you think palpatine could of done to mace when he would reflect all his powers. He knew his only hope was to give up because he LOST the saber duel and had NO CHANCE and he knew he had to play anakin at this point. He NEEDED Anakin to disarm mace so he would not get his own bolts hurrled back at him. Also lucas did NOT scrap that idea ask him in an interview. He was talking about what he did with maces death and WHY he did it that way. The whole point was to SHOW mace windus power and show he was not going out like the other jedi. THAT IS NOT PROOF!!!!!!!! It is merely a point of view with NO PROOF WHATSOEVER TO BACK IT UP!!!!! Unless it is confirmed by lucas (which is was confirmed to OPPOSITE) that palps faked it than there is NO PROOF. It was not mentioned or even suggested anywhere in the film. Fanboyish excuses. EDIT: Oh and not to mention as soon as mace won the fight his shatterpoint power sensed the fear in sidious and that fear turned into a minipulation to SAVE HIS LIFE by begging like a fool to anakin. OH AND THE OFFICIAL STAR WARS SITE STATES HIS VICTORY!! THAT IS CANNON!! in the end you come out with NO EVIDENCE WHAT SO EVER but only speculations and opinions that mean nothing because they have nothing to back them up with.
  8. First of that was the palpatine clone and I heard he had some really good lightsaber crystal as well to enchance his power. Further more that STILL does NOT COME CLOSE to making him the MOST POWERFUL dawk lord of the sith. Show me where it's confirmed. A link? What I thought. Bottom line it was NEVER confirmed. In the film we saw what we saw and we saw palps lose and there was no solid proof to argue with that. Second the book gave a detailed description as to what happened. Windu used vapaad's super conducting loop and he use palps own speed and strength agaisnt him and than his lightning. Lucas agreed to this. Thirdly Samuel told lucas he wasn't gunna play in the movie if he was to be toyed with and go out like some punk. Lucas said he would give mace windu a clean TRUE death. In this case he lost cause of anakin. EDIT: Oh and the saber duel was completley real. The unpredictable power of it is so incredible. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Mace_Windu Read here what happened during the final fight. The final fight has been one of the biggest debates ever among fanboys. But wiki was smart enough to finally say there IS NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER towards palps victory. Allthough I have already named the evidence towards windus victory yet fanboys look for EVERY POSSIBLE excuse they can cause they can't stand the fact that all powerful palps lost. Read the disri[tion of vaapad to know what it is. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Form_VII:_Juyo/Vaapad
  9. k let's seee sidious take out a planet with the force! Let's see sidious instantly kill people with his lightning or show more powerful lightning attacks (besisdes lightning storm). Let's see sidious use some new powers for a change. Let's see sidious conquer the universe from SHEER power and not hiding behind others or minipulating others. Hell sidious was hessitant to face yoda. Let's see sidious beat Mace windu. (it was confirmed that he did not for those who care to cry that he faked it. Most sick thing I ever heard) Oh and not to mention the fact that luke owned sidious but was owned by another ancient dark lord of the sith that is WAY ahead of sidious level. Sidious is not fast enough with a lightsaber. Luke and mace beat him in a saber duel and yoda may have to if not for sidious lightning. Point is sidious is VASTLY overrated. Your going to need to give me SOLID FEATS OF POWER to back up your pethetic arugements that he even comes close to being the strongest sith ever. So far all he has done that compares to most other dark lords of the sith is minipulate others (meaning using them because he is not powerful enough) and make a lightning storm in space (that i have to admit is impressive). All the other things every dark lord of the sith was able to do during their times. He never even managed to SINGLE HANDIDLY destroy more than 4 jedi or so at once. If he was as powerful as you fanboys claim he would march in and kill all the jedi all at once. But the truth is is was just a basic dark lord of the sith IN TERMS OF RAW POWER but he was more clever and used his MIND more to minipulate those to SAVE his own pethetic ass. You have no way to back up that sidious even ranks close to the most powerful dark lords of the sith. Some sith could destroy enitire planets with energy attacks. If sidious even came close to that power level he would jsut wait till all the jedi were in the temple and take out the temple but he can't even DO THAT so HOW ARE YOU COMPARING HIM!!!!!!! The BOOKS ARE CANNON so don't try and argue against that either. Why do you always have such short replys and never back up your debates? Why always run? Makes you seem stupid you know. And don't even start saying it's a waste of time or any such **** as that cause I know you'd get torn apart in my debates. And NONE of these characters I speak of are ones in video games either so don't even bother saying it's a video game and that's all. Don't bother me telling me what counts either. The Books are part of the universe and ARE CANNON and if you want to only go by movies sidious is even less powerful. If you want to go by lucas word LOOK AT WHAT OTHER SITH HAVE DONE for a change and compare it. USE LOGIC! Lucas said vader was 80 percent of palps power but palps would kill him just by contact with force lightning. Lucas also said he would have samuel L. Jackson go down in a very good fair fight to the death. So I guess mace is more powerful than palps huh? Hmm did you miss the plot. Maul, Dooku, vader..... This shows your HUGE amount of blindness as to what is really gonig on. Out of those three he was the most powerful. Not to mention there were also a fair amount of dark jedi during that time peroid also. He surpassed them in power as well and yoda was outmatched by but a mere hair and he was losing in both his saber duel with yoda and mace. He beat them both with what I see as the weakest force lightning I have ever seen except for dooku. Geeze. Takes forever to actually him someone. The only reason it was such a big advantage was it was still forceful and he could hold it but the electric charges were so petheticly weak. Compare the feats of what they acomplished. Write your book on how he HID behind others and USED THEM TO SAVE HIS LIFE! Write your book on how his only advantage was to minipulate others. Also I never said he wasn't power but how much he is overrated sickens me. He is still powerful but in terms of his OWN raw power and strength (if he was fighting all kinds of different powerful jedi alone) he does not rank near what many sith lords have acomplished. Yes he can kill some weak jedi rather quickly but was not powerful enough to storm in and kill all the jedi (or at least a good fraction because mace and yoda one on one with him were enough to either fight to a near draw or win) BY HIMSELF at once. Yes he had a good amount of raw power. But he is a dark lord of the sith! He SHOULD have that amount of power. Almost every DARK LORD OF THE SITH was able to FIGHT the way he was. Not to mention some surpassed his power by miles.
  10. ..... How can it be a no ob build. It has PROVEN effective. I dare you to show your builds and I will tear you apart in an arugment about how these builds will won them.
  11. Not really. You kill all the gangs that are after you completley destroying all crime activity such as on narshada. You kinda be a thugish dude on dantowine when you side with the mercenaries. On iziz it's good though cause you kill the politicle leaders.
  12. that's great but if his character were to duel yours there would be no dodging those attacks.
  13. Dude this is a pointless arguement. Lucas said palpatine was the most powerful during his TIME. The are other stih who have shown feats WAY BEYOND (AND I MEAN WAY BEYOND) sidiues. So much ahead that it can't be argued and as I have said i'm not even talking about video game characters. Get your facts straight. Judge the characters power by what he has shown. Sidiues was nothing if you compare ancient sith lords to him. Some sith could DESTROY PLANETS! No way in BLUE HELL HE COMES CLOSE TO MANY sith lords. Anyway moving on. IF ragnos had his body ressurected you think he would be stoped or take out all the jedi?
  14. Well, Revan's case is not so clear. After all, his/her memories are becoming back like a flood, so is her/his old personality (that is of course somewhat altered by player's character, and is she/he ds/ls etc.) and we have certain information about that personality. Revan was (IS "now") witty and higly intelligent character, so if your Revan was jerk and total idiot, no, you are not going to see that kind of Revan. Exile is other thing <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Revan was always smart. He possed such a great knowledge of the force. I don't see how your revan can be dumb even when playing the game. Anyway yeah I agree. But if revan showed up what would his/her voice be like? And I assume he would be in a costume right?
  15. sidious does NOT EVEN COME CLOSE in terms of RAW power to many other sith lords. It is his ability to minipulate those around him that allowed him to do what he did. Ancient sith lords could merely just storm in and kill all force senstives just like that. Sidious was clearly far from the most powerful. Mabey in the moves he was the most powerful sith lord but not truly. Other sith lords could destroy PLANETS, and whipe out races and others were IMMORTAL and there is just so many sith lords that could do things WAY beyond his ability and this is NOT EVEN FROM video games. Most of the sith more powerful come from comics and books. Anyway moving on. Wasn't luke nearly killed with litral ease from exar-kun? In that case can anyone here even compare jeden to luke? Jaden faced but a fraction of ragnos power because he could only embed so much power into a body with such a limited medaclorian lvl.
  16. Good build. I can do it. As a matter a fact I have even acomplished this with a assain.
  17. That's not the point. A member here said someting utterly retarder such as a consuler with lvl 10 strength will never miss while using melee. They say 10 strength is plenty for the game. I disagree.
  18. Dude imperial star destroyers are much stronger capital ships than the ships the starforge was creating. The ships the star forge created were like 500 meters and had like 50 gun turrets only. Imperial star destroyers had hundreds more and were 1.6 km. The technoligy is better in the time of the death star. Anyway point remains. Death star comes out of hyperspcae and blast it. Bam it's over.
  19. Wow. Whoever said a lvl 10 strength consuler can hit needs to THINK AGAIN. Wow. They NEVER hit. Peroid. And with my jedi watchmen who's consitution and saves and dexterity were on par with his strength STILL took damage. The gands still hit me often but little damage. Also Sith marauders can resist 15 percent of any damage dealt, and plus you can wear gear that absorbs. I had no need to absorb though with my Sith marauder. NO ONE ever HIT OVER 70 on my character who had like 26 dexterity and 26 consitution at lvl 50. And I could average 500 damage per round. That is PROOF THAT IT IS INDEED a good build. I have tried almost everything. The higher strength not only the higher you hit but the more likley you will score a higher hit because of the increased accuracey. With builds like all you other guys who balance yourselves out and give your builds good defence I only dealt like 200-300 damage per round at lvl 50 using force enlightment as a jedi watchmen. With my Sith Marauder I usually averaged at LEAST 500 damage per round and ALWAYS HIT and many times I have achieved like 1000 damage in a round because of two or three criticles in that round that are like 300 damage each. Offensive attributes are way better than def attributes. I gurantee his character could own almsot any other character at lvl 30 and especially thsoe who think you need mroe def and a balanced build. Force fury will give you better saves, extra and extra hp along with great offensive abilities and it last a minute and that's all he would need is that power. The only other build that might beat him is a sith lord his lvl with hig wisdom and charisma using force crush but force crush doesn't work as well against many enemys. Nice build darthzayne.
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