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  1. Start at Jedi Guardian. Put your strength, dexterity, and consitution very high and ignore the other attributes except for saving throws. Lean towards either the darkside or lightside very heavily. Once lvl 15 talk to Kreia (if you are 70 percent either side or more) and she will let you choose a pretiege class. Go for Weapons Master if you want SLIGHTLY better defense than the Maruader but go for Maruader if you want SUPER DAMAGE. Get all the feats that give you defensive bonuses and offensive bonuses. The two weapon fighting and all the lightsaber focusing stuff is a must. Use a double bladed or two single bladed lightsabers at once. Get all buff powers.
  2. No I think it's because they are NOT good enough to wield two lightsabers like you are. You don't hit very accurate with two lightsabers unless you have all the feats. The three basic two wepaon or double bladed weapon feats are a very useful feats but then if you go Weapons Master or Sith Maruader you get another three feats of master two weaponsfighting. Also they may have the other two feats I believe it is where you get a denfensive bonus for single bladed lightsabers. You may have all the super double bladed feats and they may have the single bladed feats. Get the picture. Two of the jedi masters had two lightsabers or double bladed. Only lightsaber masters can really use two lightsabers or double bladed lightsabers super effectivley. Two lightsabers allows an extra attack and you can put different upgrades in them to do lots of different damage types or boost other effects to fully take advantage of the enemys weakness. EDIT: Also just another thing about the topic is that I think the Qinxia crystal (however it's spelled) and ultiamte diatuim energy cell work perfect together because you can make lightsabers that AVERAGE very high.
  3. JEDI WEAPONS MASTER VS SITH MARUADER. The Weapons Master has slightly better defence for the most part because they have better saves but their offense is not as good. A Sith Muaraders offensive abilities are unmatched. Sith Muaraders can deal alot more damage. Thier feats are pretty much the same but one feat allows the Weapons Master to do an extra 6 points of damage into a mellee or unarmed attack where as the Sith Muarader can do that into ANY attack. Despite having weaker will saves than the Weapons Master they get the ultimate buff power for damage. This also makes up for your lack of defense comapred to the weapons master if you are a high lvl. Master Fury is a devastating buff. It gives you an unmatched +6 strength, some increases in saves, LOTS of extra vitaility points if you are a high lvl, and an extra 6 points of damage into an attack from every passing kill and a little bit of other stuff. So it gives you GREAT defense but UNMATCHED DAMAGE. The only reason I would even consider being a Weapons Master is to get force enlightment but even that doesn't match up to Master Fury damage wise and it is about the same denfensivley in most situations. You actually get more vitality points with the fury and the fury last for a good minute. All in all the Weapons Master may have slightly better denfense only because of his will saves but that's about it. The Maruaders have a huge damage advantage. Also the 1-8 damage bonus at full darkside is better than the +3 strength at full lightside. WINNER MARUADER. JEDI WATCHMEN VS SITH ASSASIN. It is simple. Again lightside has the defensive bonus because of the force enlightment buff you get once you have killed all the jedi and better saves but the Sith has the damage bonus because he has better sneak attack abilties that are unmatched. Force crush also more than makes up for not having force enlightment. This has got to be a draw in my eyes. Watchmen have a LARGE defensive advantage but the Sith have a LARGE sneak attack damage bonus. Also the dexterity vs Consitution bonus is a hard choice but with all the dexterity you get I would rather have that because it would be very hard to hit you with all of that dexterity. WINNER DRAW. JEDI MASTER VS SITH LORD. EASILY the Sith Lord. The Sith Lord is a master force user. Lightside is all buffs and to buff someone who is already physically weak is pointless because you should be using those buffs for combat masters like guardains, weapons masters and maruaders. The offensive powers of the darkside are devastating and so powerful they are cheap. Once Sith Lords get force crush they are litrally just cheap. Nobody can stop them. Even Sith Maruaders wouldn't be able to because force crush is the cheapest move of all time. The Sith Lord would just use force crush over and over again untill his enemy was dead. The enemy can not attack when all you use is force crush and THAT is why it is almost a cheat cause the enemy can NEVER attack when you have high enough force points. Anyway the winner would EASILY have to be the Sith Lord. WINNER SITH LORD. Overall the darkside IS better and to me it's also funner to just go around and do whatever you want.
  4. Actually luke beat him in the saber duel and Yoda was easily just as skilled with the saber as Palps. Palps needed to keep his distance from Yoda. True he made huge lightning storms which were impresive but I remeber him having some sort of crystal in the books that GREATLY increased his power. Bottom line is Revan would win for learning the forces deepest secrets and rising to power with an entire army very quickly.
  5. I can't seem to load my games. They all reach a certain spot (about one fourth full and freeze). This has happened before but only when I load another game when I am in one. To get it back I would start a new game which would load and exit and then everything seemed fine but now I have exited a game and went back into the main menu and tried loading because that seems like the only way to load a game without it freezing for some reason. It must be some sort of bug. So anyway I did that which is usually the only way to get it to load from one character to another but this time it won't load no matter what I do. Nothing is loading ever since I made a female acount and saved it. I don't know why it won't laod. I got plenty of power in my pc for the game and I have beat it many times but some times it just won't load and nothing I do right now will get it to load. Please help.
  6. I never said that Palpatine charged in and single handidly killed the Jedi did I? I said he would have been an idiot to do so. Also, your claim that Palpatine is no match for an Ancient Sith Lord is nothing but a myth not supported by facts, you CANNOT compare two force-users from completely different timelines, end of story. I'm not saying Palpatine would beat Revan but I'm also not saying that Revan would beat Palpatine, I don't know who'd win and to be honest I don't really care, who gives a ****? How would Revan be able to convert the majority of the Jedi to fight for him/her during the movie era? Explain. Revan used the Mandalorian Wars, Malachor V and the Star Forge to convert many Jedi to his/her cause but in the movie era, Revan wouldn't have any of that, what could Revan do or use to convert Jedi during the movies era? By the way, in a VIDEO GAME, sure, Revan could of killed hundreds of Sith and Dark Jedi and do all that stuff you mentioned but STORYWISE it's impossible to take on hundreds of Sith and Dark Jedi, for goodness sake, it's JUST A VIDEO GAME! IT'S AN RPG! The Star Forge level would be pretty boring if you only fight accouple of Sith and Dark Jedi on the Star Forge and that's it. But go on, come back at me and say "Revan killed hundreds of Sith and Dark Jedi in the STORY", have you ever played Battlefront II? You can go Palpatine and kill lots of Jedi, but it's JUST A VIDEO GAME! Storywise, Palpatine did not do that, like you've said, he only killed a few Jedi. Storywise, Revan could only have killed all those Sith and Dark Jedi only because THE AUTHOR DECIDES WHAT HAPPENS not stats and power-levels. There is a difference between GAMEPLAY AND STORYLINE, put it this way, in the VIDEO GAME, Revan could kill hundreds of Dark Jedi and Sith all by himself/herself but if you made KOTOR into a movie Revan would only fight and kill a handful of Dark Jedi and Sith and you have to be a bit more realistic when you make a movie, don't be a naieve idiot and assume some force-user could kill hundreds of Dark Jedi and Sith all by himself/herself, it's un-realistic and not possible (excluding Darth Nihilus) yeah sure in a VIDEO GAME you could kill hundreds of Dark Jedi and Sith, there are no boundaries as to what you can do in a VIDEO GAME. Tell me why Palpatine wouldn't be able to go on the Star Forge, take on and kill hundreds of Dark Jedi and Sith. If you put Palpatine into the KOTOR VIDEO GAME and the outcome that is decided by the AUTHOR is that Palpatine kills Malak, then IN THE VIDEO GAME, Palpatine would be able to kill thousands of Dark Jedi and Sith. Don't you understand what I'm getting at? Yes because he is not all powerful. Revan would teach him the menaing of power though. Why, because Revan did all this ultra-cool UNREALISTIC video game bantha fodder BS and has all these super powers designed ONLY FOR THE VIDEO GAME and Palpatine didn't? And why didn't Palpatine do what Revan did when he was in video games? Are you serious? If so, that is one stupid question, as Jediphile said, it's the AUTHOR that decides the power-levels and fates of characters in the SW Universe, NOT some bloody stats. Revan would own palpatine. You keep telling yourself that, you cannot compare a VIDEO GAME CHARACTER to a MOVIE CHARACTER you idiot. Besides, they are from completely different timelines <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Video game or NO video game there is a STORY in the game that DID happen and COUNTS you dumbass. Ancient Sith Lords who could make lightning storms would BEAT palaptine. EVERYTHING about Star Wars is unrealistic so don't hand me that ****. Revan was power and was like staring into the heart of the force. What's Palaptine gonna do. The most he can do is try to get one of his bitchs to save him because he NEEDS others to fight. Revan could actually fight. He beat Malak who on his own could kill many jedi. The onl;y reason Revan was defeated was because his own ship was attacked.
  7. Duel wield is much more flexiable allowing an extra attack and several enhacning crystals and upgrades to fully take advantage of the enemys weakness.
  8. Wtf bitch. I would own you in real life before you could even react so stfu. Your head + my 7.62 mm = your brain on the sidewalk so don't even try that.
  9. Comon guys right here. In one round you can kill anyone and their combat abilties are unparreled.
  10. The Exile has the RAW power advantage. Revan had knwoledge of the force but the Exile unlike almost any other force user to date needed no knowledge of the force. He just gained power from watching, and killing life. As a wound in the force he collects theri echos and power. Unless Revans knowledge can figure out some way to defeat the Exile such as destroying those who are linked to him (Kreia), or taking away the Exiles power or disable his abilites in the force and being a wound in the force. If he can somehow destroy the Exiles connection with the force again or kill Kreia (thus killing the Exile since they are bonded) than Revan has a chance but by the end of the game the Exile was by far the most powerful. He learned raw power not possible unless you give up the force and take his very path. A feat that only a wound in the force can do would be to gain power like the Exiles. Revan was just taken out (from Malak) far to easy for me to believe he would even last more than a minute with the Exile. The Exile survived an attack that could drain all life from a planet. Revan in terms of raw power is below the Exile and nilius. He is above Sion a little except for the fact that he is not immortal.
  11. Bump. Hey I always wondered about the nexter crystal. Criticle hit x2. That would double the damage of the criticle hit am I right? A lightsaber reads 19-20,x2. When I put the crystal in it doesn't change this?
  12. Keen doubles the critical strike range. For example, a double lightsaber normally needs a roll of 20 to get a critical. If keen, it gets a critical on 19-20. Single lightsabers go from 19-20 to 17-20. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Wait if it doubles the criticle strike shouldn't it go to 10-20 instead of 19-20.
  13. Best student she HAD. That was because at the time she was just beginning to train the Exile. Here is something else she said to him. "Revan was power. when staring at Revan it was like staring into the heart of the force. Ask what she see's in you. " You are different, you are like staring into the DEATH OF THE FORCE" THERE IS YOUR ANSWER. The power to DESTROY the force and the ONLY wound in the force ever known. The Exile was far more powerful. He beat a foe who could drain any jedi in existance excpet for him. He also beat Sion who is immortal and you can get him to say you have beaten me both mentally and physically. He beat Kreia (Revans teacher) and many others. There's NO way around this since it's mentioend ALL OVER in the story that the Exile gained power that IS NOT POSSIBLE UNLESS YOU ARE CUT OFF FROM THE FORCE. HOW MANY times must I repeat that. The Exile learned the most advanced forms of combat WITHIN seconds and MASTERED them better than the most powerful MASTERS OF THE ORDER who trained on them for years. Again this was NOT AFTER the fight but DURING the fights. He also grew in pwoer FROM EVERY KILL. He was unware of all this but he could do it and has. As a wound in the force he has all the power of the ones who died around him. Revan is powerful but in terms of SHEER POWER theres not much he can do.
  14. Ah, maybe because two Sith, a Master and an Apprentice, going up against thousands of Jedi is a bit silly, don't ya think? Yeah good luck coming out in the open and taking on the whole entire Jedi Order, yeah, that's real smart isn't it? Ask yourself this, what would Revan do if he/she was in Palpatine's position? And please don't be a **** and say something like 'Oh, Revan is like uber-powerful and cool and he/she would come out in the open as a Sith Lord and destroy the Jedi Order all by himself/herself' because I've got news for ya, if Revan did that, he/she would be as good as dead, that is NOT debatable. Palpatine was smart, he would have been an idiot had he come out in the open, expose himself as the Dark Lord of the Sith and try to take on the whole entire Jedi Order, he would have got his ass kicked had he done that. Besides, how do you know that if you put Palpatine in Revan's place all that time ago that he couldn't do what Revan did? Palpatine would have fought in the open back in Revan's time, because unlike in his era where there were only two Sith, there were thousands of Sith back in Revan's time. Also, if Revan were in Palpatine's position, knowing Revan's so called ultra-mega genius thinking, he/she would have pretty much exactly what Palpatine did... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> This disgust me. It's not like Palpatine charged in and single handidy killed the jedi. He relied of OTHERS power to DO SO. He killed very few jedi. It was his plot to control the clone army and Anakin that gave him his power. He is no match for an ancient Sith Lord that would teach him a thing or two about the force. Revan would convert the majority of the Jedi to fight for him if he was in Palpatines situation. I doubt theres few Sith or force sensitives for that matter that could single handidly charge in the Jedi temple and kill everyone. Never the less one on one Revan would win against Palpatine. He managed to race through the star forge and kill hundreds of sith and dark Jedi and he beat Malak who was continually absorbing energy from otehr Jedi basically giving him extra lives in a fight. Revan could take out the Jedi order though. He would have many more slaves then Palpatine. THAT IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE. Revan can comeu p with an army of his own in nearly any situation. Look at all the jedi who followed him. Look how he created his army. Yes because he is not all powerful. Revan would teach him the menaing of power though. Not thousands of TRUE sith though. Revan would own palpatine.
  15. Pardon me, but you're the one who keeps arguing powerlevels, crystal powers, and so on. Those are all stats, and stats are gameplay, not story. And the stats are silly compared to the plot no matter how you look at it. Consider the saber battle in "Return of the Jedi". According to the d20 RPG rulebook (which is what the KotOR stats are based on), Darth Vader was at least an 18th level character (Fringer 1/Jedi Guardian 11/Sith Lord 6, stats from beginning of Episode IV), while The Emperor was a level 20 character (Noble 4, Dark Side Devotee 6, Sith Lord 10 - stats as per Episode VI). Luke, however, is described as being (at the end of the film) a 9th level character (Fringer 2/Jedi Guardian 7). Now how the heck did Luke *ever* win that fight?!? Even the Star Wars writers say that the stats should be taken with several grains of salt. If the creators want to do a story where Mace Windu, Revan, Exar Kun, Exile, Palpatine and whomever else join together and fight a lone Luke Skywalker, then Luke will win if that's what the writers want to happen in the plot. Period. That's funny... Because I could have sworn I saw Yoda fight some pretty serious saber battles in the two most recent movies... But then I must be remembering it wrong... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> The story says the kaiburr crystal increases your force pwoers one thousand fold. HUGE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN gameplay. Yes Yoda is impressive but Mace is better.
  16. http://xbox360.ign.com/objects/793/793795.html Yes we will see if this rumor is true.
  17. Guys I destroyed the console and the door won't open. I have no saves before the console so I can't go back. i can't open the door.
  18. It doesn't matter. In the movies, books or ANYWHERE crystals can ulter your power lvl.
  19. How does that make the crystal go out the window. Prove it. IT WAS STATED IN THE ####ING BOOK DUDE THAT IT INCREASED THE USERS POWER. Argue with that if you wish.
  20. Yes the crystals do make them powerful. Um no the Exiles crystal is not more powerful. How many times must I tell you that is ALL gameplay. The kaiburr crystal is different in the game. Did your brain understand that? Those are GAMEPLAY STATS. STORYWISE the Kiaburr crystal could increase your power ONE THOUSAND FOLD which is why Luke has so much power. Hmmm are you still with me. Read the books. The crystals are not the same. Do NOT add gaemplay into. ONLY story. STORYWISE the Exiles crystal reflected his own power and was bonded to him meaning it was on his power lvl meaning it only increases his power twice as much instead of ONE THOUSAND FOLD. GOT THAT! THAT'S GAMEPLAY ALONE. IT MEANS NOTHING STORYWISE. IN GAMEPLAY ALMSOT EVERYONE CAN SURVIVE A LIGHTSABER HIT. GAMEPLAY. REPEAT THAT ONE THOUSAND TIMES UNTILL YOU UNDERSTAND THAT AND THAN READ THE STORY AND PAY ATTENTION. The Exiles crystal doubled his states and Luke increased his force powers ONE THOUSAND FOLD. HUGE DIFFERENCE. ..... ........ Yoda was a lesser lightsaber dueler than Mace, Hello comon sense. Yoda was a FORCE USER. He was a COUNSILER who concentrated on the force and KNOWLEDGE. Mace Windu was a weapons master who focused on RAW POWER AND COMBAT ABILTIES SUCH AS A LIGHTSABER. Anakin even refered to Mace in episode II for power and Yoda for WISDOM. Where was that officially stated. It was STATED NOWHERE EVER IN THE ENTIRE HISTORY DAMNIT. Read the books and PAY ATTNETION. NONE WHO MADE THE MOVIE OR BOOKS CONFIRMED THAT. It is a mere excuse for palpatine fanboys. It was on interviews that Mace DID WIN FROM THE CREATERS OF THE FILM. Argue with that if you wish but don't lie and twist things and speak words out of their mouths when it was NEVER EVER stated that Palaptine faked it. He used his vapaad to flect ALL the pwoers Palaptine had. Duh weren't you watching. Stop maknig stuff up. Yes Palpatine unleashed his true form but never the less it wasn't hurting Mace who was reflecting it back but the Sith master absorbed it for his own benefit. Neverthe less Mace would of won because nothing Palps could do would hurt him. It was the juyo master vs the vapaad master and the vapaad Master DID win the lightsaber duel and there were no objects to throw at Mace so all the pwoers of Palaptine owuld of been reflected and Mace would of won. THERES NOTHING palps could of done. So what. That matters not if you read the books and listen to interviews from the creaters. No Anakin would not of killed him. There is ZERO proof. Obi-won defeated Anakin even when he was using all his rage. A master of the order such as Mace would of moped the floor with Anakin. Oh mabey because vapaad has a super conducting loop that relfects powers back to the enemys. Duh. How blind can you be. It's right it front of your eyes. All the evidence is there. Mace would of reflected it back jsut like he did. Palpatine NEEDED Anakins help to live and ONLY when his lightsaber was cut from his hand was Palpatine able to hurt Mace. Lukes style of lightsaber fighting still never comapred to vapaad. I won't even bother replying to the rest since you hvae NO clue as to what your talking about and have spoken words out of others mouths and have done no research. EVERYTHING in the storys argue with what you have to say yet you make up excuses.
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