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  1. Wookie frenzy and master fury are the SAME thing correct?
  2. Kreia was said to have gained LOTS of power. She has walked both paths and knows almost all there is to know about the force. She knows all about the force and is easily as powerful as Revan.
  3. But Kreia was more powerful than Sion and other force users who might be able to beat Revan.
  4. There the same thing though right? Correct me if I am wrong.
  5. Any proof? Sorry, facts suggests otherwise " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He did not master sith muarader rage as Windu did. He did not master the greatest and most powerful lightsaber form ever. mace Windu did. He was hurt many times before. He can not find the exact weakness in a foe as Windu can. He does not have the lightsaber crystals of pwoer like the Exile and Windu do. The exile can use foce storm and force crush. He can use force powers EASILY as great as Lukes. A lvl 50 sith lord exile that has a GOOD build would defeat Luke. Windu and Sith Muarader Exile would own luke in a saber duel.
  6. How do you know this? It only says 1-10 damage unstoppable. It does not say when unarmed like other gloves such as unarmed accuracy gloves. Can I get some proof that it's for when your unarmed?
  7. What is the best buff power. I think wookie frenzy is just as good as force enlightment if you ask me. It also vastly increases your speed, it increases your strength MORE, and gives you three extra vitality poitns per lvl making it just as good for defence as well. It also gives you some saves and your damage increases by a MASSIVE 6 from every passing kill. Btw master fury is the same thing as wookie rage right?
  8. HE could take him down easily. He is mastermind, he could've easily persuaded him. (anyway I believe that you could kill him in non-ds planet ) Why Kreia didn't kill Malak then? Nihilus isn't even sith <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually the exile could persuade his foes MUCH EASIER. It's not even about that either. He still has to survive many waves of Sion regeneration his health. It would be hard just to take off most of Sions health ONE time for Revan. Sion is a lightsaber master. Kreia could kill REVAN if she wished. She was his trainer and new more of the force than he did.
  9. What does the MOST damage? We must also consider that my stats are already way up and the disruption gloves give a 1-10 UNSTOPPABLE damage. That goes right through shields and everything. It would work nicley with my hurrikaine crystals in my lightsabers. Also disruption glvoes are harder to find and yes they do work when you have a weapon in your hand cause all the glvoes says in 1-10 unstoppable damage. There no saves or defence that can help a foe against that.
  10. It is him telephatically speaking. He is his own unknown species. Most likley he is nothing but darkside energy. Kreia stated that one whop has power of his magnitude can not remain man. He was a man though.
  11. I am stuck between disruption gloves (1-10 unstoppable damage) and the domiator guantlets (5 strength). What do you think are better?
  12. Hanhar SLAUGHTERED his whole tribe and he can go into a rage that makes him nearly unstoppable. Hanhar has better feats as well. Big Z was nothing but a normal wookie mabey slightly above average. Chewy was smart but still could not defeat Hanhar.
  13. Still luke is not the MOST POWERFUL EVER. There are exceptions even though I have great respect for luke.
  14. Yeah I would like to see Revan take on a foe such as Sion.
  15. The storm beast is rather powerful and can take most out in two hits. EDIT: Except when you have a good build.
  16. STORYWISE The Exile will learn any form of power within seconds and use it to defeat his foes. He is a wound in the force and can bring death to it. STORYWISE HE IS DEFENTLY THE MOST POWERFUL. Is potential is limitless. The mroe he kills the stronger he grows.
  17. Some of you people seem rather blind since Kreia states that THE EXILE IS THE GREATEST SHE HAS EVER TRAINED! Also the exile leanrs WAY mroe powers and everything about him is better. It is clear to me that few of you even understand the exiles power. He grows in power with every passing kill. That was stated in the story. He feeds off other peoples suffering and death (weather intentional or not) and he is a wound in the force that can not be destroyed. He himself can bring death to the force. He can also learn tecniques within the force that woudl take years for a normal jedi to master. He can learn the most advanced forms within mere seconds and MASTER them and use them to destroy Jedi Masters who have been practicing the pwoer LONG before him. ANYTHING that Revan would throw at him would be learned in a matter of secodns (not that he can learn any new powers from Revan anyway). The Exile defeated Revans trainer and has defeated a foe who can drain all the life from a planet. He has done the ompissible many tiems over and over again. This stuff isn't jsut new game options and development. All this is told in the story. He also defeated a foe to be believed immmortal (Darth Sion) but even he knew no matter how many times he would regenerate his flesh he would fall. The exile can learn FORCE CRUSH. The Exile has WAY more potential than Kreia and could bring death to all force users and the force. He is a wound that can NOT be healed. Pay attention to the story. I have hit almost 460 damage with force crush which would be enough to end Revan instantly and he could do it over and OVER again and Revan could do NOTHING to stop it. Revan wasn't even strong enough to train in the ways of a special sith or jedi such as sith lords, or Jedi masters. The Exile went from having no force to becoming to most powerful force user of all time. No other character can feed off others powers and learn them within seconds. EVEN the Exiles influence was stronger than Revans .He was even more a leader than Revan. People followed the Exile AGAINST THEIR WILL which did NOT happen with Revan. If you take the darkside you must kill half your party members. No matter WHAT was thrown at the exile in the game he would learn a form to overpower it. He was gased to the lungs and learned a form to prevent it. He was bombarded by the greatest force powers known. He single handidly took out the most powerful members of the counsil. THE EXILE IS UNBEATABLE. EDIT: Oh yeah the Exile also states (part of the story) that since he gave up the force he learned powers that are NOT possible otherwise. The Exile is living pain and carries ALL the power of the people he kills. He is a living wound and can not be killed. Sion evewn said the thigns you have survived are not possible. How can one live when the galazy dies around you? Sion was IMMORTAL and he LOST and he was FEARLESS. He knew that Revan and Malak were just overrated Jedi. How do you honestly think you can defeat the Exile. Just being around him can make his allies more powerful or people he is bonded with. Remember Kreia trained Revan and could easily break him. Revan was not even considered a threat by the sith if you would pay attention. If you are a Jedi Master or Sith Lord you can talk to carth and he will tell you where Revan has gone to and the way he talks makes it clear that Revan did not walk to path of the darkside meaning he was another Jedi or a threat but he still possed to threat to foes such as Sion and Nelius otherwise they would of set after him.
  18. Wrong. He has the power to drain the life and power from the LIFE on planets. He can drains jedis life and power.
  19. Lord Sidious Destroyed entire fleets with his Force Storm and Luke beat that so Luke>>>>>>>>>Exile <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LIGHTNING storm. He did that with lightning storm. Thatj is a different power. It is almost like summoning a space storm of lightning. He can not really use that power to defeat a jedi. He just has force lightning for that. The exile would force crush them ALL.
  20. Wait I thought Autra gave a bonus to your power attack?
  21. You coud do that if your on the Light side as well <{POST_SNAPBACK}> That takes time though. Force storm is like 2 hits to clear a whole room which is faster than using all your buffs even.
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