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  1. Kill all the jedi and be on the darkside. Then talk to Kreia and she will tell you to go to tatoweine (or however it's spelled) and go to the rebult jedi acedmey and after you search it and chat with Kreia u should gain the power.
  2. That single line is not even all the proof. Many people can think of it meaning different things but the Exile DID (STORYLINE WISE) LEARN force and lightsaber forms within mere SECONDS and used them to a greater effect against the master of that force pwoer who has studied it for years. That is how fast the Exile increases in power. Kreia loved revan alot as she has mentioned. He was not just another jedi to her. She may be the one responsible for turning Revan evil as she taught him teachings that were not from the jedi order. She said Revan was power. Staring at him was like staring at the heart of the force. She said the exile was like the DEATH of the force. The Exile can learn almost any power instantly storywise and he has the potential to destroy the force. He is a wound in the force. ANother resource suggestions that he is more powerful is you have the option of saying in the game becuase in giving up the force one can GAIN ABLITIES NOT POSSIBLE OTHERWISE. As for Lukes power lvl debate........ Lukes power increased becuase he found the kaibur crystal which was said it could increase ones force power one THOUSAND fold. But it is CLEARLY stated in another book that Mace Windus purple lightsaber crystal is the rarest and most powerful crystal and it was believed by the jedi that only the most powerful could wield it so that alone proves that Luke is not ALL POWERFUL AND THE MOST POWERFUL EVER. The Exile can also find the same crystal as luke but storywise it would produce different effects. Not only that but many people claim that since he used electric judgement he is the most powerful but another has mastered that ability as well. Plo coon has mastered it. Mace Windu can used MANY darkside powers that most people don't even know about. Mace Windus rare powers that are not known by most people are. Vapaad - The most powerful lightsaber form ever by far allows to feed off the darksides pwoer and make lightsaber strieks so fast they can be invisible to the human eye. It has many special abilitites including reflecting others pwoers back at them. It was stated that he used Palpatiens own rage and hatred and used it has his own wepaon in the fight. He relfected it back much like a blast bolt. He did the same with the lighting. Sith Muarader rage - He can used this ability and when it overlaoded he can put his lightsaber in the ground causeing a massive electrical attack that can injury and even kill foes. Vader has also mastered this ability. Shatterpoint - Mace Windu can predict the furture or sense things very good with this. He can find an enemys shatterpoint or weakness and feed upon it. Force crush - we all know what it is. He used it on General Grevuis and crushed his sternum. he has many otehrs as well so I doubt luke is the ONE HUNDRED PERCENT most powerful.
  3. Yeah I am getting pwned. Sorry for paying attention to the story.
  4. Really how is that. All the charaters mention that he can so it's NOT a gameplay thing fangirl.
  5. In any case many of the assains have LOTS of hp for what he is talking about. They don't on malachor.
  6. Wow do you pay attention? It has NOTHING to do with lvling up. The characters in the story claim he increased in power simply by watching other force forms, creating force bonds and killing people. That is in the STORY. THAT IS NOT THE GAMEPLAY.
  7. So you HAVE to use cheats to obtain the crystal heh? Anyway I think the gray jedi have some unique advantages but I don't think they are the best.
  8. Actually it's all over. Um no that's storywise. You here Kreia explaining it to him. Also vader has used force crush in comics before. The Exile has PROVED and SHOWN he can instatnly master the deadliest force forms within mere seconds and use it against his enemy and that's storywise. Becuase of his continually increasing power and bonds he can achieve massive lvls of power.
  9. 1. Your personal crystal 2. Hurrikaine 3. Barab Ore Ingot 4. Solari 5. Pontite 6. Kailbur 7. Upari 8. Nextor 9. Opila 10. Arkarres Saphire Those are if I was a lightsaber user. Heres my force user list. 1. Charaters crystal 2. Kaibur 3. Pontite 4. Kasha 5. Russan 6. Arkarres Saphire 7. Hurrikaine 8. Barab Ore Ingot 9. Solari 10. Upari
  10. Huh? Where is this door? So is it a glitch that the door is unopenable in cut terrain?
  11. Again your adding Gameplay into it. I am saying STORYWISE. But if Anakin wouldn't of showed up palps would of been dead. Good only shows more of your fanboyism. Because the Exile would own luke so an older sith lord could as well. Luke may have increased in power but the fact that a LIGHTSABER MASTER (not a huge force user) pushed back Luke and nearly killed him so easy proves that even the older Luke would have a hard time. Why doubt what the CREATER has to say? Oh what do you think he used against all the jedi or when his lungs were poisoned with gas or when he controlled the boma? He instantly learned the powers. Whatever. Good for that but it IS a power in the star wars universe. Darth vader learned it (though probably not near to a degree to what the exile has) and others have as well. Mace Windu could (a lightside master) but Luke couldn't whioch again shows Lukes lack of power.
  12. You cast master fury as a force power. It is under your force power buffs. http://lucasarts.com/games/swkotor_sithlords/indexDark.html It's even listed here as a force power. Flurry is NOT.
  13. I have found Bindos band many times but NEVER many of these robes mentioned. You must type in cheats. Also I have played the games like 10 times through at lvl 50 and have never got the hurrikaine crystal without cheats.
  14. Well it's actually a force power cause you use it as a force power.
  15. Ok lets go over this STORYWISE. The Exile is a wound in the force as said many times. All the power of all the people he has killed is within him. Their voices echo inside him and he creates force bonds and feeds off others powers and forces them to follow him even against their will. Everytime the Exile runs in the alot of trouble he learns a force form to become immune or undefeated in that sittuation. He can learn any form used against him within seconds and it will become his own weapon. Jedi who practiced forms for YEARS AND YEARS could not believe that the Exile could master it better than them within seconds and these Jedi are powerful counsil members. So any force form that Revan uses against the Exile will be learned within a matter of seconds. What Revan could acomplish in years would take but minutes for the Exile. As he killed the Jedi we saw elelctric gonig into him. It was him absorbing their life and power because he is a wound in the force that can not be defeated if trained right. He had the power to destroy the force. He could bring DEATH to the force. It was also stated that he gained powers that NO OTHERS could because he gave up the force and learned thigns IMPOSSIBLE otherwise. He indeed learned far greater powers than any other. Even if he is lightside he can still learn almsot anything Revan uses against him. People complain about gameplay and how it's not true but they try are use it to prove their point as well like the Exile can only reach lvl 50. Well EVEN from that point of view he is STILL more powerful than Revan gameplay. The Exile will go around making force bonds forcing people to follow him and will feed off their power. Even Nelisus who can drain millions of Jedi at a time of thier life could not do so to a wound in the force. He is a wound that can not be closed or healed. He carries the deaths of those in him and the power. You can't drain the endless screams of pain within him. He defeated a foe who could drain a planet of it's life and had power of such magnitude he could no longer remain a man. He defeated Sion who was immortal and Sion admits he was defeated phyiscally and mentally depending on what words you choose. He also said it is not possible to live through thigns unscarred when the galazy dies around the Exile. The Exile tells him by giving up the force he has gained things not possible otherwise. Finally he defeats Kreia who even had back up. He actually defeated Revans trainer who has walked both paths and vastly increased in power. She knows so much about the force and she was defeated and then used lightsabers when she was as backup and THEY to were defeated. She than says he is greater than ANY she has ever trained. Revan was skilled but he is no match for a wound in the force or the death of the force or whatever you want to call him. He pulls oiut his lightsaber and than the Exile would master his form better than he would. If Revan usees a deadly force form than the Exile would learn it.
  16. Emerald lightning will not kill a foe such as the Exile so easily. The Exile beat immortal foes. Foes who could drain all life of force users from a PLANET but the Exile could not be drained. As soon as Luke users this power the Exile will feed off of it and use it as his own weapon to kill Luke. The Exile his a wound in the force and the more he kills the more he increases in power. Wrong do your research. He was not lucky but had vapaad which would allow him to win a fight vs nearly any sith lord. Again he still didn't master ancient powers that other jedi could. Where is force storm? Where is force crush (the baddest move of all time)? Where is his Sith Muarader rage? When did he master vapaad? Some ancient Sith lords would most likley kill him and same with the Exile and Mace Windu. "If you were to challenge an ancient Sith Lord you would know that we are but people playing with toys" - Kreia Also Luke was nearly killed by an ancient foe with EASE. Well that wa quoted by Lucas. That is STORYWISE. You guys are the ones complaining about the gameplay so this is straight from the story. That matters not. He still beat an immortal foe because he knew the Exiles power. The ability to HOLD your opponant their and not EVER allow him to attack while you use one of the most powerful force moves of all time on him is priceless.
  17. Darkside is better. You get all the nasty powers for your sith lord to beat anyone as the darkside and to make up for the loss of buffs you can get master rage and the universal power master speed.
  18. Strength. But that's jsut me cause I love maruaders. But if you are a sith lord go for charisma. Not only does it increase the effects of your force pwoers like wisdom but it increases the attack bonus for your whole party.
  19. Ok I started playing KOTR2 today and at certain times it just freezes when someone is like walking and tlaking. Like when you go into the ravenger and Mandalore is talking to one of his dudes but walking. He talks and walks right off the screen and it just stays there. This glitch happens in several areas liek that and I can't get past them.
  20. http://db.gamefaqs.com/console/xbox/file/s..._ii_crystal.txt No your crystal is not as good as you speak. The nice thing about it though is it gives you bonuses to ALL your attributes but it gives you no SUPER high attributes and no damage bonus. Here are the stats. Determine for yourself what it better. FULL LIGHTSIDE AND FULL POWER. Alignment: Light Side Upgrade level: 9 Strength: +5 Dexterity: +6 Wisdom: +7 Damage: +10 Light Side vs Dark Side +5 Light Side Attack: +3 Slow, 25% for 6sec, DC22 Description: This white crystal radiates an immense ammount of light, almost blinding anyone who looks at it. NEUTRAL AND FULL POWER. Alignment: Neutral Upgrade level: 9 Strength: +4 Dexterity: +4 Constitution: +5 Wisdom: +5 Charisma: +4 Attack: +3 Force Resist: +24 Description: This gray crystal radiates an immense ammount of light, almost blinding anyone who looks at it. DARKSIDE AND FULL POWER. Alignment: Dark Side Upgrade level: 9 Strength: +7 Dexterity: +5 Charisma: +6 Damage: +5 Dark Side Attack: +3 Massive Criticals: +3-30 Knockdown, DC22 Description: This black crystal radiates an immense amount of light, almost blinding anyone who looks at it. Although the neutral crystal covers all your attributes some most are not very high compared to full lightside and darkside lvl 9 crystals. Also they give no knockdowns or damage bonuses. The darkside crystal gives me plus 7 strength, 5 darkside damage, massive criticals 3-30 (WOW). That GREATLY increases your damage. Also all the other stuff is very useful. You won't do much damage compared to light and dark. Also as a neutral it is harder to wield soem very good items that are restricted to one side. It also takes up mroe force points.
  21. Can he do that when he is getting force crushed. Also the emerald lightning is like normal lightning. It can kill a LESSER foe instantly. The exile SOTRYWISE can LEARN ANYTHING <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Umm...WTF? "Can he do that when he is getting force crushed." Can he do force crush when he is killed by electric judgement. Besides, canonical Exile never had crush. Look, Palpy clearly acted his lost against Windu. He only lost because this way he could turn Anakin to Dark Side. "I'm too weak" h*ll yeah, he blasted Windu out of the f*cking office when his arm was sliced off! Luke beated Palpy later on EU. Not to forget that he kicked ass of some 100 Yuuzhan Vong etc. Besides, Luke is child of Chosen One. And he is original main char. of SW (until prequel trilogy, Luke was clearly main char. of the main chars. After that Sw turned to "story of Anakin") Luke didn't master Vaapad, so? Each form has their weaknesses. Later we go in the EU, more "jedigod" he becomes. Heck, hei s master lightsaber user, perhaps strongest force user ever (as Anakin never managed to use all of his potential), cunning etc. Not storywise thing: Lucas NEVER let's some game character to become stronger than one of his favorite characters. That's the fact too. And whadya mean that Exile cannot be defeated as he is wound in the force? He must espace from Sion, geez! He couldn't beat Sion with his strenght either. He managed to do that only by persuading him to let go of his life. edit: Force Crush is "teh forcepwr X" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It all depends on who shoots first and if the Exile gets force crush out first Luke will not get another chance to make an attack. There's no proof that it was acted. It was stated in the books (read them for christ sake) and in interviews from the makers of the movie that Windu did win. Lucas said he was going to make Mace Windu very powerful and nearly impossible to take out before he died cause Samuel L. Jackson said he was not going out like some punk or going to be toyed with. The fact that Palps LOST and it was NEVER MENTIOEND ANYWHERE BY AN MOVIE MAKER OR IN THE MOVIE ITSELF THAT HE WAS FAKING IT IS DIRECT PROOF THAT HE LOST. Mace Windu unleashed all his powers at ocne against Mace. He unleashed his darkside master rage and hacked into vapaad to defeat him. He found the weakness within Palps and knew the perfect times to strike. He used Palpatines own power against him. He used palps speed and rage as his own weapon and than used the lightning as his own weapon two. Vapaad (AGAIN READ THE BOOKS) can take the powers of other users and use it as it's own weapon. Duh. That is how he won. Luke need Leias help to beat Palps. Read the books. Luke may have been the most powerful force user of his time but there are ancient sith lords of far greater power. Some can drain the life from thousands and millinons of force users at a time. Some can use force crush. But Luke was one of the most powerful force users I will give him that. Oh and vader was 80 percent of the pwoer of palps said lucas. He said if he wouldn't of recieved any injuries he would be twice as strong. Not true. Why? It HAPPENED SO GET OVER IT. Many times in the story the exile is descirbed as a wound in the force that feeds off others powers (becoems more powerful from every passing kill) and can learn any force or lightsaber form in mere seconds. So anything someone users against him will be his own advantage. Sion is IMMORTAL so it was useless. NO jedi can defeat Sion by mere force but later on Sion found out that it was useless trying to defeat the exile because no matter how many times he would come back he would be be defeated. As a Sith Muarader I don't use persuade at all. I just kill him over time and he realises he can't defeat me. Yes focre crush is the power and would render emerald lightning useless.
  22. Master Fury allows 2 extra attacks per round, added stats to saves (increasing your defense), added defensive stats, lots more vitallity points and plus 6 to strength and an extra siz on damage with every passing kill. NOTHING can ebat that damage wise and only master speed can be as fast.
  23. Wrong. THROUGH THE FORCE The Exile creates force bonds and makes them follow him AGAINST THEIR WILL as Kreia has stated. She said it is because he was a leader and people would follow him no matter where he goes to their death. People who barley knew him would lay their lives down. Revan was power and like staring into the heart of the force said Kreia. (Not to mention she taught him almsot everything he knew). That doesn't mean from any point Revan was the most powerful. The exile had the power to DESTROY THE FORCE and gain power from every passing kill. If he faught Revan and defeated him he would gain revans power. The Exile is a wound in the force and can learn any form in the force that a foe is using within seconds and use it against them. Jedi counsil masters who have practiced mastered it for years could not believe that the exile could master it better within seconds. Theres nothing revan could do to beat the Exile. Kreia even stated the EXILE WAS GREATER THAN ANY SHE AS EVER TRAINED. So you tell me who is paying attention to the story. Even nilulis who could drain all life and force energy out of froce sensitive PLANETS could not beat the Exile. Kreia also increased in pwoer after Revan left to fight his war. She joined the sith academy and has vastly increased and learned almsot everything there is to know about the force. She has walked both paths.
  24. Can he do that when he is getting force crushed. Also the emerald lightning is like normal lightning. It can kill a LESSER foe instantly. The exile SOTRYWISE can LEARN ANYTHING Luke would dish out and use it to defeat him and the Exile gains more power from every passing kill. He is a wound in the force and can not be beaten. All facts point out to him defeating luke. So cut that **** out about how Luke is so godly undefeatable. He didn't even master sith rage or vapaafd as Windu did. Mace Windus saber skills were so fast they were invisible. Nothing Luke can do will match vapaad as Windu would redirect the lightning back at luke as he did with Palaptine. There is no evidence suggesting luke was the most powerful.
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