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  1. Nothing. My laptop's graphics card died.
  2. Trying to hang on to a rather parsimonious Egyptian empire in R:TW (which also happens to be rather larger than reality would have allowed in 750 BC or later, but is still way off the 50 required to win ... ); why I continue to play a game I'm so patently rubbish at, I'm not sure. At the moment I seem to be just about holding on to Siwa, Cyrene and Egypt proper against Scipii invasions by the skin of my teeth, and rebutting Pontic attempts to take Tarsus every two rounds. Which gives me just long enough to build enough archers. >_> Although I've been doing a lot better since I stopped allowing the AI to manage any land combat.
  3. While I shouldn't have to respond to such a stunning example of illiteracy, but I will anyway, and point out that nothing in that particular quote is either a flame or claims the mod was being worked on at that moment; it was a report of what he said to me, and nothing else, provided upon request from someone who asked. I should also point out that loony636 isn't and hasn't ever been to my knowledge a beta tester and that Darth Windu does not count as a majority of the beta-testers. Miltiades has as always been well-tempered and polite in almost all cases, and I don't recall posting in any such threads myself in the last six months. From what I've seen, cogadh has been business-like at worst, and since we are, as far as I know, the most frequently-posting betas, it would seem that once again your claims have no basis in fact whatsoever. That rather begs the question as to why you're still posting about it, then...
  4. No. They were certainly similar, but KotOR had: -Better/more engaging side-quests (The Sunry murder trial in particular is an exceptional example by Bioware standards - in a good way; the mysterious box quest and the Yavin Station DLC also spring to mind); -The originals of several of the characters mercilessly and rather badly cloned for ME (Carth [Kaidan] in particular, but also Canderous [Wrex], Juhani [Liara, etc.); -An element of actual C&C (albeit not much, but this is Bio); -Better dialogues; -Greater variety in quest and level design (Consider the differences between, say, Manaan, Tatooine and Korriban, and the differences between any three of the planets in ME); -Better voice-acting (This is debatable, admittedly, but KotOR wins by not having Male Shepard in it); -Better party members (Jolee in particular); -Better reason that you're SPESHUL; -Better plot, (see also: SPESHUL). Like I said, it's the better game. The one edge you might argue that ME has is its combat system, but given how your party members are balanced in such a way that your experience of how balanced combat is varies wildly depending on your class, this isn't quite as good as some might make out. Mass Effect's side quests are so banal and generic that they might as well have been procedurally generated. (Collect ten of X from planet Y by travelling to it and clicking on it!) Perhaps for an encore we can argue over whether MotB is PS:T and vice versa? Actually, I don't give much of a **** about Star Wars; my primary fandom is Dr. Who, but great job judging a book by its cover. I chose this username when joining Filefront four years ago and looking for Jedi Academy mods, if you must know. Could you elaborate on that, please?
  5. That's not quite fair... KotOR was a much better game than Mass Effect.
  6. Does this count as a scarecrow of a suit?
  7. Mask of the Betrayer and Bloodlines. Two out of however-many in three (?) years may not be great, but it's not all bad. Yes, but it seems to sell. You may be interested in Iron Tower Studios. That assumes there's some agreement on what an RPG is, let alone what needs to be evolved to create the next step. Cue circular discussion on what an RPG is and what can change its nature here....
  8. Perhaps I'm simply lacking in patience, but I found NWN's OC so dull I couldn't get much beyond Port Llast. The "Fetch four magic animals" quest was bad enough - wandering aimlessly in some frankly rather ugly countryside, and seemingly-endless dungeons proved rather too great a tax on my attention-span. On the other hand, fresh memories of it made NWN2 seem like a masterpiece, warts and all.
  9. No, I asked a question in the hope of getting an answer. You can tell by the question mark. As for 'crying', you've made two posts so far whinging about my question, so I'll advises you to stop projecting.
  10. I didn't troll you, and if anyone's crying, it's you with your reactionary denunciation of my "trolling". I was simply pointing out that since you attempt to infallibly define everything and brook no contradiction, there's no point. As the rest of your post shows.
  11. A week or so really isn't long enough. Given the limp salesmanship that Sega have given this game and its proximity to DA:O, IMO there's a good chance of AP not selling even remotely as well as it deserves to.
  12. Nothing right now. I have playthroughs of MotB, VtMB (as a Malkavian), and KotOR II that I've started, but I just haven't got around to carrying them on.
  13. I hate to be Codexian about this, but it really does look ****. And that they have to hype the (crap) VOs is telling, IMO.
  14. After all that has happened, still you live? You are difficult to kill.

  15. If we keep piling up cash like this then we may be able to pay the North Korean government to come get him. Haven't we got double their annual GDP as it is already?
  16. Um...... Bioware killed KOTOR. I despise them. I wouldn't bother arguing with Volourn.
  17. It... did? Like what? Seriously, Infinity Engine games may be in 2D, but they look a hell of a lot better than NWN1.
  18. Are you Volourn's alt or something? There is nothing enthralling in any of the characters in either JE or ME, and KotOR's, six years on, seem pretty thin too. Counter-example: Jolee. One two-note character in a sea of one-note characters does not equate to good quality characters. HK wasn't funny.
  19. Lol. No. **** no. Only in comparison to Bethesda. They have lazy writers. I could cite everything they've made from NWN-onwards, KotOR included, but why bother? It's so obvious it doesn't bear repeating. Designers of what? Their area designs are usually pretty enough, I'll grant you, and their characters/textures too, but theres always about six character models and two guns repeated throughout the game. Mass Effect, KotOR at release. Are you Volourn's alt or something? There is nothing enthralling in any of the characters in either JE or ME, and KotOR's, six years on, seem pretty thin too. Mass Effect.
  20. Oh. Uh... I thought Jade Empire had some pretty area design?
  21. No. Male Shepard? Hah. No. Being positive, KotOR was a good game. I've deleted my memories of Male Shepard. And I enjoyed Mass Effect's ending more than the rest of the game. Yes, well it's hardly a challenge to enjoy something more than the majority of Mass Effect.
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