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  1. Can't speak for Monte, but do I think properly equipping the armed forces is more important than the absurd comfort of BBC fat-cats? Hell yes. You can't be serious. It's the sports department we're talking about, for God's sake! The only thing worse than actually playing a sport is watching it on TV, so yes, yes I can.
  2. Can't speak for Monte, but do I think properly equipping the armed forces is more important than the absurd comfort of BBC fat-cats? Hell yes.
  3. What are you? Fox News? Just asking fair and balanced questions? Just suggesting, you know. See how inane that comment really is? Lord or lady or how they achieved it doesn't matter. It is something reserved for the silly people of the silly islands with their awesome sense of comedy. Keep out of cross-european politics. You wrote: "It feels like i am part of a very silly, silly...silly monty python scetch. I mean, even the newly "elected" Foreign minister is a british baroness for pete's sake. Nobility at the very top of power, doesn't that ring some serious alarmbells among countries that do not have a monarchy, especially among the french?" So, I'm the one dissembling, despite you being the one trying to paint an inconvenient minor politician as an aristocrat for the sake of some some half-c0cked point about democracy? Yeah, that makes so much sense. Yeah really. A country even was founded upon that. A country was founded on spurious pseudohistory? I'm looking forward to your explanation of that one. It hasn't been taken for granted since the time of Voltaire at all, nor is it in any way a "self-evident truth". For starters, Voltaire died over a decade before the French Revolution, and a further fifty-sixty years before Britain even began to resemble a democracy. And those are just two examples. Since when does that make it just and right? That's right, it doesn't. Who said it made it right? I pointed out that going on like this is some recent corruption of noble ideals is a fallacy. The EU has been corrupt, incompetent and aiming at dominance for a long time now. [ "Yeah, but that wasn't the point here, was it?" Frankly, there didn't seem to be any point at all, much like this post I'm responding to, which seems in the main to consist of attempts to twist what I said out of the context of your replies and to paint me as some pro-EU lunatic for your own bizarre purposes. Maybe you simply expressed yourself very badly, but the way your posts read and the relationship with your responses to my responses makes it pretty clear that somewhere along the line, you've missed the point I was making.
  4. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catherine_Ashton Most ridiculous overreaction in the history of this board? If only she were a hereditary peer; she'd probably be better qualified for the job. Not really, no. Total union has been on the cards since at least the early 90s. Thatcher saw it coming in 1990; cf: "No, no, no" speech. I'd suggest that it's swings and roundabouts. Perhaps I might recommend that you do a little background reading before screeching about aristocracy? I hope Otto von Habsburg is chosen. It's also rather strange that an unelected figurehead gets paid so much... Or, given the state of the EU, perhaps not.
  5. Only one of these terms is meaningful, and that is "stable". I'd remind you that stability is enforced by a very oppressive regime, which also pushes total social uniformity in order to keep that stability. Do I need to bring up the Armenians? 6/10 for rhetoric, nil points for a total lack of argument. You seem to be ignoring the point that (a) there is a very different culture full stop, and (b) this presents a much greater challenge. Italy does not present nearly the same challenge. I also find it disingenuous to complain about Italy's governmental corruption when you consider how enormous the problem is in the EU. Erm, yes; that was rather my point. The EU slaps down universal and often in some regions unworkable laws, and demands they be followed; it wasn't so long ago Hungary was fined for not following sea-shipping laws. Have they? When? From the few times the Commonwealth seems to have done anything, it mostly seems to have asked for handouts. And those countries that have stood on their own we've not exactly been Do you honestly believe that treating us as a client state is a Republican phenomenon? Remind me, which party did James F. Byrnes belong to? America has no respect for any culture other than its own dubious imitation of one. Britain is a curio, that waxes and wanes in fashion, nothing more. Scratch beneath the surface and you'll find as much prejudice and half-truth as you could want mixed in with that amusement at our quaint, or "crazy" ways. And common language is irrelevant; we share a first language with India and Botswana, ffs. Are you going to argue for our proud shared heritage with them, too? Again, you haven't presented an argument; I make a point about politics, you make a rejoinder about American culture, language and history? Which is funny given that you Trying to have it both ways, it seems. You don't consider that the entire political class being, almost exclusively, aristocratic was a bar to the idea of democracy in the Roman Republic? Indeed, but looking at our political class, and yes, we do have one, is there really such a difference from Rome? Fewer games, it's true. If freedom depends on democracy (you claimed democracy was "essential"), then it must be a recent invention, or else one much deprecated between a (very) brief flourishing in Athens and the American and French revolutions. In Britain, democracy can't honestly be said to have existed before, at least 1832; 1867 would be a more realistic date to choose. Oh, and this quote limit is infuriating.
  6. A few points; first, Turkey has never, geographically or culturally, been part of Europe, and trying to combine a radically different cultural heritage within Europe is a recipe for disaster, particularly given Turkey's record on a variety of subjects. Second, regardless of what the EU was envisioned as, it was sold to the UK as a free trade agreement. And what have we gained from greater federalisaton? What does it profit us? Switzerland manages perfectly well without EU membership. The EU costs the British taxpayer an enormous sum, and out of it we get legislation we weren't asked to vote on, which is sometimes incompatible with existing British legal structures and which sometimes even contravenes foundations of our own law. We have gained little from greater involvement in Europe, and it seems like we're the only country that tries to implement all this crap, large chunks of which is irrelevant and unhelpful. There are also serious questions, continually dismissed, about our sovereignty. We have no interest in being a 51st State, so why should we become part of a USE? Better to have kept our options more open. 1. It's not your history, it's ours. Get your own damn heritage. 2. There is no special relationship, and some of us are sick to death of being run roughshod over by your foreign policy objectives. 3. Crazy, like zany and wacky, is an epithet that belongs only to idiotic redheads in 50s sitcoms. No, thank you. If only we could. You seem to think we've been given a choice. 1. Was the Roman Republic a democracy? 2. Is the UK a democracy? 3. Is the EU in any way democratic? 4. Is freedom a post-industrial invention? Think carefully about the answers.
  7. It would help if that schtick wasn't old and no longer funny when the pyramids were being built.
  8. I'm torn between agreeing with you and making a joke about BSG having beaten everyone to it.
  9. This. It's Stargate, not Blake's 7; it's probably a part of the writing contract that they all must live happily ever after.
  10. VGchartz. So that's where people get these sales statistics from. Edit: The site's statistics seem to be slightly... off. It lists NWN2, MotB, SoZ, NWN, HotU and SoU as all having sold 0.00m copies...
  11. America isn't the centre of the world, and the policies of our Labour party and your Democratic Party are quite different. Despite everything, NuLab aren't a far-right party.
  12. That's interesting. If your hands are behind your back may I ask how you are conducting your inspections? I'm leaving the answer of this question to your imagination. I presume this means you've learned to touchtype? I thought this forum was rated 12....
  13. Flu is not... knot? not good. Hope you feel better soon.
  14. MotB was great. Although I've started the game slightly too many times now. It didn't run terribly well on my old laptop, so I'd start a game and not finish it a lot of the time, and while the opening is awesome, I can now recite most of the dialogue in my sleep. Suck the bone... to the marrow! Nunno, it's Bite of the bone, suck the marrow. Bite off the bone... SUCK THE MARROW! Personally, I prefered the "eyes shut, eyes not..." line. Regardless, the Skein is one of the few times I've been genuinely unsettled by a game. It doesn't - quite - have a narcoleptic lich, though. Narcoliches ftw.
  15. Idiotically stupid 'jokes' ripped from Clinton Ditchkins' Smog Infusion, however, are certainly grounds for being eaten alive. How about for an encore you tell us about your money-grubbing Jewish neighbour, the terrorist Muslims who live down the street, or do your oh-so-hilarious Indian accent? Do say hello to Dr. Paisley when you see him.
  16. From the sound of things, she's the type to take the idea of disagreeing with her as tantamount to treason.
  17. Alan, your cousin sounds like an idiot, and a drippy one at that. Ignore her melodrama. Don't avoid family occasions, but if she's still in mid-tantrum the next time you see her, laugh in her face. It's the reaction childish attention-seeking like that deserves. IIRC, this is what's called the S c u n t h o r p e Problem.
  18. Presumably someone who doesn't like the self-serving little egotists cats?
  20. MS WERD + occasional flowcharts usually. Sometimes with a little photoshop/illustrator work over screenshots or drawings. You mean just write out the scenario and all actions as prose? That seems like it would be a huge pain for anything but the most linear of quests. OTOH, but if you were dealing with something with a fair amount of backdrop to it, or where the consequences could get quite involved, you might want more information than you could fit into a small box.
  21. Well, it looks like Obsidian's reputation is staked on AP, now. There will be very little wriggle-room if this is buggy or has noticeable cut content at release. >_>
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