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  1. No. Male Shepard? Hah. No. Being positive, KotOR was a good game.
  2. Well, none of their employees have been convicted of mass-murder.
  3. Perhaps if your ideas hadn't been universally vile and a travesty against Torment you might have been listened to. Oh, and as always on the internet, if you're going to go, go; don't expect us to give a damn and write some flouncy "GOODBYE FOREVER CRUEL FORUM" post. Honestly, the whole tone of this thread makes me think that either you haven't played Torment or you're a troll.
  4. Other than that, everything about your idea is loathsomely clich
  5. When it involves pyramids, evidence and an argument are apparently unnecessary to convince lots of people of any old ****e.
  6. The world shall end when Birnam Wood doth come to Dunsinane. Wait...
  7. ... Bearing this in mind, how would devs answer the charge that stealth is a gimmick and not a genuinely viable path? Because this is an accusation that will come up sooner or later.
  8. Squid, I facepalm with the force of a hundred nations. It must be tempting.
  9. The setting is important - it's the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek, Star trek and Babylon 5, Doctor Who and Back to the Future. - All are Sci-Fi, but all have their unique vision and philosophies . In the case of PLANESCAPE and FORGOTTEN REALMS, its like the difference between Bladerunner and Ewoks:The Battle for Endor. To be more accurate, it's the difference between TOS(s )/TNG/VOY/ENT and DS9. Yeah, DS9 is great - I own four seasons on DVD, I like it a lot - but it's still Star Trek, and you can't escape that, and no matter how much it breaks the mould, it's still tied into being Star Trek and infected with that flavouring. Edit: Also, shouldn't the title for this putative NWN-in-Sigil really be Days of Our Hives?
  10. Likewise; "Well done! You killed 150 orcs geth that were necessary to kill just to get through this game!"
  11. TOEE just like the original module was... boring Isn't that given away in the title?
  12. Yes. Make some bungled comment about children and sex in the game. That'll get it talked about. >.>
  13. No, Waste Land is for using a hyacinth as a calling-card in all plot-essential missions.
  14. DnD is a franchise, and one that should be noted for its uninterestingly written settings (Toril, anyone? OK, how about Greyhawk?) built up of terribly generic elements (Bane, god of bad stuff and being mean to people? Seriously?). That's what made PLANESCAPE so specal as a setting for me - it wasn't generic and uninteresting. The story and characters were great, but the world itself was fantastic too - It was so much more than the generic hack and slash worlds such as Toril and Greyhawk, it was a multiverse with challenging philosophical concepts such as belief defining reality. Lets face it, there are going to be D+D CRPGS in the future and Obsidian will probably be involved, so why not use the setting? There are going to be non-DnD CRPGs in the future, and Obsidian will (touch wood) make some of them, so why restrict yourself to DnD ones?
  15. Hey, if not wanting to see any elves in the setting at all is unpleasable, I'm guilty.
  16. DnD is a franchise, and one that should be noted for its uninterestingly written settings (Toril, anyone? OK, how about Greyhawk?) built up of terribly generic elements (Bane, god of bad stuff and being mean to people? Seriously?).
  17. Elves are overdone beyond belief. No elves. Why does every fantasy setting need ****ing elves? What's fantastic about pointy eared prats? Lulz, fail.
  18. Such a narrow minded view. The Fallout franchise was 'dead' until Bethseda decided to something with it. - seriously, when was the last Fallout game BEFORE the release of Fallout 3? What was the gap between the 2 games? Fallout wasn't in the same copyright quandary, and some consider FO3 to be the last nail in the coffin. Your post is about something that will probably never happen, and in any case, what made PS:T special was its story and its characters, not the setting itself, which suffers from being part of DnD.
  19. ^No elves. No, not even one. No elves, no dwarves, no halflings, no magical enchantments of +n, no spells that even remotely resemble magic missile.
  20. Planescape was discontinued by WotC and they've shown no signs of being willing to put it back into production. So it's a no-go. Although this might be of interest to you.
  21. Boring. Been done, been done better. Try again with a less naked attempt at trolling or a more informed argument. kthxbai.
  22. well, if they're going off of what I said, I don't know what you'd do, you can't repudiate all of society because then you'd just end up in jail for breaking some law and you wouldn't have any major morals. Even assuming you could disband a society, it'd reform eventually. Humans form hierarchies naturally.
  23. MCA mentions here (plug, plug) that Torment turned a profit, though not one that exceeded that of Baldur's Gate... which had 2m sales, so that's perhaps to be expected.
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