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  1. Considering that, IIRC, at one point this was coming out in direct competition with Mass Effect 2... ... what the sixty-megaton gang-**** does Sega think they're doing? Really? This game should be hyped like it's the second coming! Goodness knows, BioWare gets away with it. A viral campaign might be an idea; anyone know how to get one going?
  2. Personally, I find it's the obscure maths/physics 'jokes' that no-one else gets that annoy me. Making your self laugh through smug references to your own field is not particularly clever. So didja see that episode of Stargate where they talked about this predynastic papyrus? ROFLMAO
  3. VtM:B arrived in the post, so I'm playing that at present. Just got to Santa Monica and as far as the Asylum. Fun enough so far, though I find the body animations a little distractingly... silly-looking at times. Dialogue is well-written, though if there's a way to skip it I've missed it, which is going to make reloads a bit annoying, I suspect.
  4. I think its not the same reviewer. The guy that did all the reviews for RPG's quit about 2 years ago, which is a shame as he would have rated MoTB higher. The new guy is a bit strange. Also the guy who reviewed Fallout 3 is neither of them which is the reason for its vastly inflated grade, along with the fact that the game was heavily advertised in these parts. I even almost bought it. Ugh. Oh. Sorry, for some reason I interpreted this as being your valuations of the games. >.<
  5. Well there is still the force, you know the main theme of the setting. So take that, lightsabers and space out and you have a fairy tale. I'm not so sure: where's the child-eating, rape and gruesome murder?
  6. No, indeed. I didn't intend to imply anything different, although I do think that Obsidian's problems with bugs has been somewhat overstated, in particular when compared with, say, Bioware - at time of release, both the first KotOR and Mass Effect were quite buggy, for example. So, yes.
  7. Agreed, but there should be room for that; a lot of older Star Wars games were just that. That it's only that is what annoys me, I think; why so few SW games at any one time? The complaints, curiously enough, seem to have sprung up after the KotORs and the Dark Forceses... es stopped being made. Although Jedi Academy's plot was certainly a cause for alarm... >.>
  8. Does that belong to the Mystic Pastrymaker prestige class? (Requirements: Sugar Resistance 5) SoZ is OK; it's not nearly as terrible as some make out, although it's no MotB, I'll grant you.
  9. Has Jedi Knight II not come out in Austria, Morg? Think you mean Dark Forces V. And yes, the series really is that old now... Bull, that's just snobbery on the part of some people who think themselves above Lego. Having played them, they're fun, witty, and, dare I mention it again, fun. I don't care about your views on Lego; I will proudly attest to still playing with it, and I see nothing wrong with that.
  10. I don't think he's exactly getting political now - he was editor-in-chief of the Telegraph, after all - but he may be becoming more vociferous now. And like a lot of ex-DT journos, of course, he's gone over to the Mail (and vice-versa, leading to the ghastly Mailograph now sold).
  11. All right, so no more Star Wars games except for KotOR III, Battlefront 3, Empire at War II, Republic Commando II and Dark Forces V?
  12. Empire at War? There was also Rebellion/Supremacy in '98, which was 4X.
  13. You've convinced me. LA is crap. No more LA, please. Heh. To be fair, while they've turned out some real old tat (Galactic Battlegrounds, anyone?), there have been some gems, like the KotOR series, too. Battlefront was entertaining, Republic Commando is meant to have been pretty awesome, and the Dark Forces series is, barring JKA, meant to be pretty good. And I still maintain that that game could be vastly imrpoved simply by removing the character of Rosh from the SP campaign... and Tavion. And the cultists. And Ragnos. And the giant worms. And the first level.
  14. Well, you say that, MC, but have you looked at LA's recent non-SW output? Monkey Island aside, there's... what? Fracture? Which was not exactly brilliant by most accounts.
  15. Up to a point. Yes, the franchise has been milked to an absurd degree; nevertheless, a single-player KotOR III, especially one developed by Obsidian, is highly desirable.
  16. How about an Obsidian-developed KotOR III?
  17. Nno-o, most people get their Christmas shopping done at about five minutes to closing time on Christmas Eve, or if feeling organised in the week leading up to Christmas. I don't believe anyone actually does their Christmas shopping two months early - it'd make coordination in-family almost impossible.
  18. It is rumoured that somewhere on Bowl World there is a crate containing a Dread +96 Adamandtheanzum True Keen Sword of Infinite Goodness vs. Narcoleptic Liches, also known by it's name of Doomsinger. But that's rumours for you - the truth is, it's in a barrel.
  19. It's a fake. They guy stole a hell of a lot of content, and the rest seems to be invented. He's been trolling the SW/Jedi Academy community for six years. AFAIK, the current release doesn't work - and he's been promising imminent release for years. It's similarly been doing the rounds for about as long. From what I can tell, the current release is a collection of custom skins an a few maps - none of which were probably made by TimFX - promising to be "part I" of the mod. Seriously, don't give this guy the time of day. He's a scammer. He's gone so far as to get people to "donate" to his mod before. Edit: news page from JK3Files on the subject: http://jediknight3.filefront.com/news/Knig...m_JKFiles;36708. You might find something to your taste there. The Open Jedi Project, JA+ and Movie Battles II all seem to be quite popular.
  20. (Mage) Spells are only invented/developed by people with extremely silly names, and are then named after them; however, once they have invented/name one spell they can't invent or name any others. So your lvl1 light spell is called: Prackajam's Luminiferous Orb Other first level spells include: Lady Smackduck's Ineffectual Decay Huffblurgle's Irrelevant Explosion Overtump's Spittle of Slight Annoyance Spindrum's Wimpy Shield Brother Tuckunder's Extraordinary Eyebrows Thingummy's Ineluctable Memory-Loss
  21. How about Lologotharik The Dread Necromancer of the Foul, Pestilent Pit?
  22. And the Rimtip are always scared of the amazing enemies from beyond the edge of the world (to them) that have *gasp* steel blades! Yes, the horrifying races from the SPIRAL plane, known as the ZOMBOCOM and the OBMOZCOM. Originally they were a single race, farmed by the interdimensional empire of some humanoid-eating birds called the Stymphalides, until the brothers ZOMBO and OBMOZ rebelled and overthrew the Stymphalides with the terrifying power of knives. Then, at the Declaration of the Two Sites, ZOMBO and OBMOZ split, and so did their races. Now, the ZOMBOCOM inhabit the centre of the Spiral, in what is known as the Viral City, while the OBMOZ live on the outer spiral. Neither is able to attack the other, though, except on primary planes, because of the constant twirling, twirling, twirling. not even knives... safety scissors! Safety scissors it is. Oh, both the ZOMBOCOM and the OBMOZCOM have a philosophy of freedom and the total perfectibility of their races that borders on anarchy without ever actually becoming it, thanks to their strict caste systems and horrendous xenophobia. They also look almost identical.
  23. Playing NWN2 OC. Currently a lvl6 CG human Warlock, and just got to Neverwinter. Anyone know what the gang quest(s) are like? Thinking of doing that instead of going with the Watch.
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