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  1. Look at it this way: You have three front-line fighters - Valeros, Seelah, Amiri. You have 2 full divine casters - Kyra, Lini, and 2 who have a greater or lesser degree of divine casting - Lem, Seelah You have 2 arcane casters - Ezren, Seoni - and one who can cover both - Lem You have 3 dex characters who can cover barriers and barrier evasion if kitted properly - Merisiel, Harsk, Sajan So, you need one from each pot Valeros, Kyra, Ezren, Merisiel (classic Fighter, Cleric, Wizard, Rogue, although if you want to play RoTR with the characters shipped with the original P&P campaign, swap Ezren for Seoni) Amiri, Lini, Seoni, Harsk and Lem (who can cover Arcane and Divine), Seelah, Sajan, You might swap Sajan for Harsk or Meri in the last party - as a Sajan fan I don't subscribe to the view he's underpowered, but he's not necessarily easy to play, and that final party might be a little tricky as it will probably play a little differently. although by the time you get to AD4, all members of the party ought to be able to repeatably heal themselves (Assuming you take Drunken Master and give Sajan Potions of Healing) which will make that party very robust.
  2. For the record, I've completed it and collected the reward (the full 500) with the only issue being that one of the challenges didn't show progress as I went along (can't remember which). As soon as I completed the last challenge today, got notification the weekly challenge was complete.
  3. Yes, I'm usually confident that I can shuffle chests back into the deck and then move Meri back to the location secure in the knowledge it'll show up next card up.
  4. 'Fession time- playing the app helped me to confront how often I 'fudge' dice rolls in the solo tabletop game. My Conclusion? We need a 'nudge the table' button on the app. That said, I do get long runs of bad results on the app and I do feel close rolls fail more often than I feel they should. I have often considered doing a run and cataloguing the dice rolls. But on the other hand, most rolls in the game come under 3 categories - no chance of passing, just take the lumps (don't even bother looking at the dice here ) - essentially a dead cert (don't look at the dice much here) - should make it but might not. Because of risk/reward in the app, there's little incentive to take a punt on longshots (say, where you need 7 on a d8) - either you don't care if it comes up or you get some help from a blessing or a spell. So most of the rolls we actually pay much attention to are ones where we really might fail. Unsurprisingly some fail and often, because of the nature of these rolls we have committed resources or they genuinely matter. So those failures sting.
  5. Immediately. The card is a promo, so under P and then armour, in the Vault, rather than being a treasure, so you won't see it if you look for treasure cards.
  6. I hope and trust that those of us who have been unable to play at all since the patch locked the game at the loading screen, will get the opportunity to complete the new Weekly Challenge and get the promo card. ETA: and the option to buy the new bundle as well.
  7. Can't pretend I hadn't noticed it. It's just that I, er, forgot to report it....
  8. Not sure I can get that one to fly by my wife. Hang on, let me check. ..... Ow. That hurt.
  9. Well, I have the same issue on my Galaxy Tab A, so unless we have differences on the meaning of the word 'older', then it also affects pretty new devices as well.
  10. Yes, yes I will have some of that, thank you very much. Excellent work everyone, excellent work.
  11. That's not entirely true. What if, when you encounter that really awesome item you really, really want to have, the only item that you happen to be holding in your hand is another awesome item you really, really don't want to lose Assuming that the rule of being able to pass on a boon is implemented, why on earth would you explore the Vault with an Item you really don't want to lose as the only Item in hand? Basically, your question is 'what if you do something really stupid'? To which my answer would be 'you pay the price for being really stupid'. Having thought a bit about this one, I will make one proviso. Special Item Loot cards are given as a reward for completing scenarios. You should get to keep the rewards for completing scenarios unless you explicitly opt to give them away. Having a location take away your rewards permanently and irreversibly with no way of ever getting them back is very definitely Not Ok.
  12. Thematically, I see the opposite in the Vault of Greed. The location power is there to punish the "greedy" character by forcing them to banish an item if they want the one they found in the vault. At AD5, with 4 items, there's a decent chance there's something nice inside; but grab it at your own peril. Yes, I think that's a fair point. But I like the idea that the Greed of the Vault overwhelms the character's common sense. I do also take your point that the rules do explicitly allow the ability to decline a check. I just think that should not apply in the Vaults because of their link to the Thassilonian sins.
  13. Going to disagree again, with specific reference to the Vault of Greed. It is a nasty property of the Vault - and what people here are actually arguing is that as a byproduct of their desire to pass on boons, they should have consequently the option to simply ignore the one thing that makes the Vault of Greed the Vault of Greed. As soon as you have the option to refuse a boon, the Vault of Greed's text - and the location - becomes completely redundant. Because you will never encounter its drawback. The only time you'll ever use it is when you get an Item you were going to keep anyway, and you get to banish the Item you were going to banish at the end of the scenario anyway a few turns early. I rather think that for a showpiece scenario towards the climax of the campaign, that's a bit deracinated. The scenario is actually easy because of the way location closing works and you get to repeatedly find villains and close locations if you play it right. The three villains are not unduly tough by this point in the game. And so the response of the community appears to be 'there's a bit of this scenario that's a bit risky and challenging. Make it go away'. I appreciate this is not the real intention for many, but it's the practical effect. I'm not really that behind efforts to try to rules lawyer designed scenario drawbacks.
  14. That one is a proper pain for 'Flood'. Currently trying my 8th attempt at Legendary Into The Mountains, for the record. This is one tough scenario - and I'm using a party of Kyra, Ezren, Meri and Val (stick with the classic) who have completed all current adventures!
  15. I think we're all grateful for the work you and the other bughunters (Longshot11 is a machine!) do on our behalf - but not sure I agree with you about the physical game. I think many of us vets have stories about getting through significant parts of the game before realising that something we'd been doing or houseruled had been errata'd away as something else. This can be frustrating and I think it's less of an issue than it could be simply because Paizo and Lone Shark's customer service is excellent and Vic Wertz and Mike Selinker are especially good at community interaction. There's interesting psychology here, I think. As to my 'low expectations' - I guess my years of online interaction have taught me that either I have low expectations or I'm a lot more relaxed about a lot of this stuff than many people! I'm middle-aged, I have kids, I have a demanding job that requires an awful lot of interaction with people from all walks of life. If I find a thing I enjoy I tend to stick with it whatever its flaws. This game doesn't work perfectly - I don't think it ever will (I'm not sure it *can* ever be 'perfect') - and I'd like it to work better. But I think it works well enough. Do appreciate what you're doing to try to improve it though mccrispy. More power to you.
  16. Gave this a go yesterday, playing hyper-aggressively. Took 2 goes for Heroic and 1 - count 'em! - for Legendary. The trick was, of course, to throw caution completely to the wind. Only use blessings to explore or to ensure you get Allies, and when you have them, use them. Don't be afraid to lose combat (except to the Nightbelly Boas). Don't close locations. It's pointless. The adventure ends when there are no cards left anyway. The only useful things in your hand are things that help you get allies and things that help you explore. Everything else is discard fodder. You need 8 allies at least. That's your target. It's a mindset change, but eminently doable.
  17. The physical version of RotR is still getting errata. Under Jorgenfist got an amend last month, over three years after release. it got errata at a fierce rate for ages. Still "in extended beta" three years on, I guess. But people didn't see it that way for the physical product, despite it costing a lot more and not being patchable. Perhaps expectations of the board game are too low. This is a complex implementation of a complex game that's still evolving. The interactions of so many cards with so many conditions with the interpretations and expectations of so many users on such a wide range of devices - where the intermediation of the kind of on-the-fly judgements people can do at the table are simply not available - makes this extremely tough. The game works for me, it does what I expect it to do and it's fun. Occasionally Ezren's extended spell book or the Emerald Codex means I have to make a VRT, but that's an inconvenience (which I'd like fixed!). I play betas. This isn't a beta.
  18. I'm going to go for a touch of thematic dissent. If there is one part of the game where this rule should not be implemented, it's the Vault of Greed. The clue is in the name. Or, alternatively, it could be unimplemented at higher difficulty, or you could require a check not to take boons. Otherwise it's the Vault Of Drawbacks You Don't Actually Encounter.
  19. This is it for me. I'm Mauricio's 'nearly full set' owner - I get maybe one chest in 10 that has something I don't have already (so I don't bother buying them any more tbh) and I have none of the items in this bundle. I'd like all the things in it, and to get them through the normal channels is statistically likely to cost me a lot more than $20. Plus there's a chance I might fill in the odd gap in the rest of my collection. Plus every time I buy one of these I feel we get closer to Mummy's Mask/Skull and Shackles/Class Decks, and that's important to me.
  20. I think that's fair, but for someone madly obsessive like me, spending the price of a sandwich on some stuff I can't get any other way is a pretty easy decision. The ghosts that emerge from the dice are excellent (although not sure I care for the font on the numbers).
  21. Had to reroll that second Perception 6 check an embarassing number of times before I got it! Guess I'm a bit more Valeros than I am Harsk.
  22. For the record - this was very professionally resolved by Aarik. Thanks!
  23. Very shrewd post Dainalt. I do agree the experiences are different Tabletop - is more interactive - the feel of simply rolling the dice is more fun - the sensation of beating a scenario and breaking out a new pack of cards is intensely satisfying - it feels little less quick in pace and I find myself taking longer over decisions (and making better ones) The set up time, which is obviously far, far freater with the physical verson I think drives the way you experience the game in a lot of subtle ways. As DaveBaum says, once you've taken the time to shuffle etc, you really want to make that game count if you're playing solo, or at least have fun with a group if it's a group session. So you play in a different way; less risk-taking, more focused on victory. The app makes some mistakes harder (not realising another character can help, especially), but others easier (simply playing the wrong card). With the app, the setup is so much quicker that the games feel a little more immediate and a little more 'disposable', if you like. If things are not going your way, you can decide to develop your hand. The extra difficulty levels also lend themselves to optimising equipment as well as character build. I suspect that by the time you get to Giants, a lot of app players' characters start to look quite similar in terms of equipment; my Valeros probably looks rather similar to a lot of other people's. In the tabletop game, some quite crucial bits of kit (Scrying, for example, or Swipe) are far from guaranteed to show up. I suspect that there's more diversity in build, especially as there's no Legendary mode that really needs you to have the best kit and can still screw you anyway no matter what you do (hi, Legendary Foul Misgivings!). The addition of the chest cards also changes the dynamic, although only a little as not many are really obvious picks if you get them; many are interestingly situational. They're both great experiences but I think as we get more into the adventures, they're diverging more as it becomes easier to optimise your hand.
  24. I don't goblins want to lead goblins anyone in any particular goblins direction, but I goblins would also like goblins some new goblins. I mean characters.
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