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  1. I'm going to leave street fighter to solo runs. Going to try devoted / soul blade or devoted / berzerker
  2. Ok thanks guys. Exactly what I was looking for. Seems great on paper, but in my party you're right, it's useless.
  3. I've been using fighter (devoted) and rogue (street fighter). I'm finding the con of being a street fighter (20% recovery) to be active much more than the benefits (being flanked and bloodied). Might switch now. And yeah, I'm looking for melee DPS moreso than an off tank.
  4. So far, I've found the con of being a street fighter (+20% recovery) to be active much more than the benefits (flanked, bloodied). Anyone else farther in the game care to comment? It doesn't seem to be worth it so far.
  5. Watch the twitch stream Q+A they did yesterday. They CONFIRMED they are BOTH fixing POTD (longer project) and LEVEL SCALING separately (patching this week). Watch it. Cause they said it.
  6. The paladin is a good choice, however, my tank will be a paladin/monk. So I want this 2nd melee damage dealer to be something different, hence the combos I recommended. I think street fighter / devoted sounds fun personally.
  7. Not the same according to them. They are going through the bigger fights manually, looking at how to make them harder. That takes new ideas and testing them. Level scaling will help i'm sure, but they're talking about making it much harder on potd eventually
  8. Ability to see the talents / level up trees any time (not just during leveling) will not be in this next patch, but it will eventually
  9. Level scaling is currently fixed if you download beta patches. Enable it here https://forums.obsidian.net/topic/98360-beta-branch-access-steam-gog-galaxy/ Increasing PoTA difficulty will take time, no immediate ETA.
  10. ETA is end of the week Source: Devs on live twitch stream https://www.twitch.tv/videos/261766778?t=07m16s
  11. I want to have a DW sabre bruiser type character Devoted / Street Fighter with sabre? or Devoted / Berserker with sabres? or Devoted / Cipher (soul blade) with sabres? Any advice on building either, or which may perform better?
  12. Well done! What abilities are you actively using on the monk side? Why didn't you get torments reach? What armor type is best until we can find the one you chose? Light, medium, heavy? Finally, if you were adding this to a full party as the front line tank (which I'm considering) on PoTD with full level scaling up when it's fixed, what changes would you make knowing you'll have companions?
  13. Here's my 2 cents. I'm no pro player, but I'll be using a druid on my next play through. It's good to have a dedicated healer / buffer. If you plan to have a priest in the party, then sure, go fury druid and use him as a nuker/cc. If you dont have a priest, I would keep healing spells available. One of the companions you can get, Tekehu (sp?), is one of the rare examples where his special class is VERY desirable. As a unique "watershaping" druid, he gets a water / ice spell for free each level. Those free spells are all FOE ONLY. So, a spell that would usually deal damage to your own party from another druid will not hit your team with tekehu. There are some great damaging spells (Chill fog, freezing pillar, etc). The cost is you can't cast summoning stuff. Therefore, it is my opinion that druid may be best used via Tekehu in your party, rather than playing as the main character
  14. In my main quest, i just chose a "faction side" and have to sail a fleet to that city with a "U". How close am I to the end? I'm torn. I actually just want to start over with a game that is actually hard. So, I'm weighing just stopping and waiting for a patch to fix difficulty, or just finishing up this run quick. I've used console commands to fix stuff, so I'm not getting any achievements.
  15. BoB are a self defeating trap. Go ahead and be awesome at level 1, and ruin any challenge the game might offer.
  16. I did the manor without a quest... on accident. Who gives the quest to start it off?
  17. These items and especially the bonuses you can buy are too good too early. The game is already not hard enough on the highest settings. Up to you, but I like a bit of a challenge
  18. It seems to me there are enough spells to always have good options, even with some schools restricted. I'm more concerned with the longer cast time (or was it recovery time) in non evocation schools. Basically wondering if the extra power level really makes difference. Double cast is a nice addition, but it'll be unreliable
  19. Has anyone tried a nuker mage, with the evoker specialization and nature godlike for 2 extra power level? I'd like to play a nuker mage if it's viable, and it seems like this is the best combination going in. Anyone playing a similar setup that can share their experiences so far?
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