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  1. What weapon do you find to be the best? I really dont want a 2h. Do you have an opinion on saber vs stiletto vs dagger? Can you also share your stats and race? Thanks!
  2. I found stealth and backstabbing to be a waste. Look up the prince of Persia build for rogue for a better focus. Duel wielding sabres and focusing on crits still feels very rogue like. So far, I've had a death blow critical for 390 damage
  3. I'm in white march 2 and now realized I missed a BUNCH of ingots. I can't seem to go back to the durgan mines to get the 8 from the cart, or the others there. 1. Is there a way to console in durgan iron ingots. I've tried and haven't gotten it to work 2. Is there a way to AreaTransition to the durgan mines if I've started WM2? Is there any other way to get the ones I missed?
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