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  1. Hey there, I would not take interupting blows, because you basically geht it with Gatercrashers. There is a 50% chance to knock your enemies down on a crit. Knock down is not a hard cc like in POE 1 anymore but an interupt.
  2. Are there good ones in Deadfire? Bought a belt that has a 75% chance of doing AOE crush damage and interrupt when being hit by a critical. Are there other items like this?
  3. Same problem here! Created a new back story and chose to forge the blade but its fragments did not show up in the ships cabin.
  4. I was wondering if Modwyr is a sword or a great sword? It is shown in the current update video and it looks quite big (if it is the flaming one sticking in the skeleton). Planing on rolling a Brute (Berzerker/Devoted) as my first character in Deadfire.
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