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  1. Sorry to Necro this thread but it happened to me as well just now and I am on the latest patch. i have tried all the possible fixes others have posted (deleting temp folder/registry keys/verifying game files in Steam) and nothing worked. in the end, I've loaded an earlier auto-save which should be created when you are first entering the halls. I then immediately went out of the maze to the overland map without completing it and i was able to load the map properly and get the "name the Island" prompt (which is for the exploration quest). after that, I went in again and completed the maze. I was able to get out of it without any issues afterwards. it might be that completing the maze and then trying to transition to the map where you have to name the island causes some sort of a conflict, so naming the island first and then completing the maze solves it. hope this helps anyone, Belegc
  2. I wonder if a combination of Monk (Helwalker) + Priest of Wael could work for this challenge. Monk for the improving your fists damage (Transcendent Suffering) and the all the other monk goodies including the huge might bonus from Helwalker while the priest could supply all the defensive/buffing side. race could be Nature Godlike but the attributes are difficult to distribute .
  3. Forgive me Boeroer, i didn't mean to give you extra work.... Difficulty - with the new changes to Veteran and POTD I would say Classic (maybe better players than me can play this on higher difficulties) Non-Solo Description - a Tiny AOE damage dealer with the goal of maximizing Might and Intellect or Constitution thank you! Belegc
  4. thank you for your comments! you are right about crushing blow, but it means i have to wait until level 19 to get the same effect. thick skinned seems to me like its a bit too little of a bonus to spend an ability point on.. Brute force is also a good suggestion. like you, I am finding that ranged enemies (especially in ship combat) can cause a lot of pain. for cloak i thought about Three Trolls Stitched to help with the healing. I do not really like two-handed weapons in Deadfire. their recovery time is simply too long for me. maybe using Wahai Pōraga (should be hilarious) or Sanguine Great Sword will be good for your character as well. Belegc
  5. Hello Everyone, This is a tongue-in-cheek build I have thought of while looking at some of the excellent suggestions here on the forum. it all started when i thought of re-creating a very famous build (Kaze no Kama) from one of my most favorite games of all time (Neverwinter Nights 2). later on somehow it got heavily influenced by a certain Comic character which has 2 "modes": "Smart guy"/"Beast" by utilizing the Monk's ability Duality of Mortal Presence you can switch between "Smart Guy" (Intellect mode) to "Beast" (Constitution). using Berath's Blessing can get you to the ability cap of 35 in Might, as well as 30 Constitution in "Beast Mode" OR 35 Intellect in "Smart Guy" mode. its a sort of a glass cannon - almost no defensive abilities but very offensive. will need constant support and healing from his party members. even from RP perspective - playing a disciplined class (Monk) combined with a crazy Berserker enhance this "duality" feeling Classes: Race and Culture: Attributes: Abilities: Gear: that's it. any comment or (constructive) criticism will be most welcome. Belegc
  6. I usually take the following companions: Eder - I followed the excellent suggestion of someone in the forum (I am sorry can't find it now) and made him a Swashbuckler (Rogue/Fighter) Persistent Distraction Tank. with Guardian Stance (+3 Engagement), a Shield (+1, Shining Bulwark), Last Word (can be upgraded to +1 Engagement iirc), Blackened Plate Armor (can be upgraded to +2 Engagement iirc), Blackened Plate Helm (+1), Hold the line (+1) = 9 enemies engaged, flanked and distracted. combined with Riposte its not bad . Pallegina - i've noticed she has some survivability issues so i made her Paladin/Fighter. mainly taking all the auras and buffs i am not taking on my MC (Paladin/Chanter passive healer tank) with scion of flame to enhance her wrath of the five suns. gave her Magran's Favor , Cadhu Scalth (Athletics and Metaphysics are the skills it needs) and Ring of Focused Flame, to go with the fire theme. Xoti - tried her in one walkthrough as a pure priest but found it quite lackluster. trying now as a priest/monk. main goal is to cast Prayer for the Body on my Nature Godlike in order to activate his racial bonus in the beginning of each fight. religion all the way. Tekehu - Druid/Chanter to support my MC. I am focusing on Freeze/water and healing as well as all the chants my MC isn't taking such as the defensive ones and healing invocations as well as the "Set to Their Purpose, They All Knew Their Part invocation" haven't tried the rest.
  7. Hello All, This is my first post here but I have been reading these forums for quite some time (years actually). the community seems very friendly and helpful. I love the idea of a paladin "healbot" that was discussed here in an old post but I also love durable characters that can survive quite well. therefore, I have tried to combine the two roles (even though there is no "real tank" role in POE). as I like to play on the lower difficulties (Normal and below) I believe I managed to achieve that. the whole idea of switching roles with a simple weapon switch and food/consumables is what makes this build so fun to play. this Character will not be a top tier damager, but it will be able to score enough kill shots to proc the healing for your party. I like to play only with the story companions and have a core party of 3-4 members (MC, Pellagina, Kana, Eder). I also dislike using on-rest abilities which can explain a bit of my choices here. Class will be Kind Wayfarer's Paladin naturally. Race Wild Orlan - their racial is very good for tanking purposes. Moon Godlike - will also be good even though you will lose the helmet. later on you are not expected to be damaged much to proc the healing wave. Pale Elf - elemental DR is always good. Attributes (for Wild Orlan) MIG: 17 CON: 8 DEX: 8 PER: 8 INT: 17 (+1 Old Vailia = 18) RES: 19 I have chosen to focus on the relevant attributes (Might, Intellect, Resolve). as Background I like to select Old Vailia as I believe 1 point of intellect here outweighs 1 point of might or resolve. it might seems strange to have so little CON but for the lower difficulties it doesn't prove to be of any issue. your defense relies on avoiding damage. combine this with Athletics 5 and Survival 14 to get the healing bonus (or DR if you prefer) Talents the Sword and the Shepherd Strange Mercy Weapon and Shield style Cautious Attack Weapon Focus Peasant Snake's Reflex Scion of Flame Superior Deflection/Two-Handed Style as you can see, I took mostly tanking talents (the Snake's reflex is to compensate on the low dex + per). the scion of flame, weapon focus peasant (allowing for acc buff for both hatchets and quarterstaves) and two-handed style (if you prefer to use that instead of superior deflection or other talent) are all for the offensive role. I suppose more offensive tools such as runner's shot could be also good here. to that add some quest talents such as second skin, Gift from the Machine, berath's boon etc. Abilities Faith and Conviction Flames of Devotion Lay on Hands Zealous Endurance Aegis of Loyalty Righteous Soul/Sworn Enemy Healing Chain Sacred Immolation Coordinated attacks/Inspiring Triumph For Abilities there are some choices to be made as well. all according to your playstyle. the synergy between sacred immolation, aegis of loyalty and the scion of flame and strange mercy talents works very well. Gear Weapon Set 1: Hearth Harvest/Outworn Buckler Weapon Set 2: Llawran's Stick Armor: Ryona's Breastplate Head: Magefolc Skull Neck: Cloak of Comfort (the +5 defense stacks with everything) Hands: Siegebreaker's Gauntlets Ring 1: Ring of Deflection Ring 2: Iron Loop/Overseer/Gathbin Family Signet Belt: Looped rope Boots: Viettro's Formal Footwear most of the gear is from WM2. regarding enchantments - I put +15def on the shield, and burning lash + legendary on the quarterstaff. the reason I didn't took shod-in-faith is because you are not supposed to get critically hit. also the +4 Dex from the boots helps a bit with attack speed. with this gear and little savior equipped by someone else in your group you can get very high deflection before any consumables/rest: 20 (base) + 45 (Level 16) + 8 (Buckler) + 15 (enchant) + 5 (buckler's aura) + 6 (weapon&shield style) + 8 (Faith and conviction) + 9 (ring of deflection) + 5 (cloak of comfort) + 5 (superior deflection) + 8 (cautious attack) + 5 (hatchet) +5 (little savior aura)= 144 deflection. to that add your resolve which should be (19 base + 1 Berath's boon + 4 Siegebreaker gauntlet + 1 Mental Prowess = 25 resolve = 15 deflection). in total 159 deflection before any consumables/rest/temp. bonus.. well, that is it for the build. I like to play this together with Pellagina (as a two-handed damager with all the other paladin buffs) and Kana as a supporter (just give him all the support and healing talents). for damage dealing I like to use Eder as a two-handed fighter. it worked well so far. thank you for reading, sorry for the long post. any comments/tips on how to improve this build will be greatly appreciated. Belegc
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