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  1. In my opioion that would be fine for a spin off of the kotor series, but not for kotor 3. Like Dark Wastl said the series is called KNIGHTS, it should be between the jedi and sith or whomever the "True Sith" are. If the main antaganist is a non force user then a very powerful jedi could kill him maybe bastila. Plus most people like to play as uber force users.
  2. Sith were a species ill put a link to wiki too http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sith_(species)
  3. Yeah its more of a hobby then a job which is why its going slow
  4. here is an artice about not sure if it is the originial http://www.gamespot.com/news/2004/08/13/news_6104775.html
  5. Is it being worked on? I have herd how it was picked up but never started by different developers. And don't forget, it was just addvice... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LA fired the original people working on it.
  6. Team Gizka is already working on the cut content and Glitches for kotor 2. Here is an link to there website http://team-gizka.org/ and a link to them on this website. http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=38600
  7. For Kotor 1 Malak i died once or twice i dont exactly remember it was long ago for Kotor 2 Malak i owned him badly lol he didnt kill me once Overall Malak is a weakling and is ugly especially wit his little tongue droopin down from his mouth wen the droid removes the mouth thing he uses <{POST_SNAPBACK}> huh did he kill you or not? I do understand what your saying.
  8. I like the sound of it but as you said it may be hard for the devoplers.
  9. Yeah i agree i ddint like the old ropes either I wanted a kind of mix between the old and new ropes.
  10. they are supposed too that is just what jinger wanted them to look like
  11. MOst of the time I do LS options. I helped the inthorians because I never liked cercka proply because what they did to the wookies. I helped Khodo proly becuase there leader helped me. I helped Talia because she was the rightful leader
  12. There is an ongoing topic about bao's fate http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=43496
  13. I'd prefer the picture you have there. This is something that always bothered me idk why. Maybe becuase it was incossistent with the orignaial kotor.
  14. This topic is gonna close lol Bastila is the best
  15. The atris love story and jelosy with the exile is something i forgot and adds more to the game as well. GoA how does the handmaden die?
  16. You can come back to Telos, but alot of the quests are not completeable, I believe the blaster is one. Obsidian left alot out of the game most say due to time restraints. and welcome to the forum
  17. like when you help others, he dosent have to have any dialouge options he just has to be there to see you do things. I think he respones to LS options.
  18. Idk i havent played the game in a while but idt your party disapears in that part of the game . I belive that once you do the mssion with the droid you receive all your pary memebers back. I think it is a bug TSL is filled with them.
  19. Check your party sreen if they arent there you may have a bug.
  20. With kreia it is hard to gain influence with her because she wants you to be more grey side. She is your teacher in the game and with almost any teacher no matter what you do you can still disapoint them. Funny however I had more influence with her when I played darkside. With atton idk for sure but I think if you take him with you on your guests and he likes what you do you can gain influence that way.
  21. did you have lightsabe throw I died about 4 times when I first fought him because I didn
  22. Sorry wrong thread... This is the Fan place for Bastila... now BE GONE! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Bastila Fans where ............................oh okay I thought Bastila Fans were a myth. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> they're all like their leader, stupid and arrogant. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hey people are entitled to have their own opinion if they love bastila they are allowed too if you don
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