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  1. I always felt they knew each other before the wars and thats why the romance works if they didnt then well i agree with previous posts that it makes no sense for them to fall in love over little jokes. I also feel thats why she saved him in answer to my own post.
  2. I never really undersood why bastila saved Revan when he was betrayed why save the sith lord when he was about to die.
  3. yeah I know i read your post and was on pcgamemods and saw it. I was like this is wierd so I was like what thae hell ill post it.
  4. theres a mod for a female revan and bastila romance I jus saw it so i dont no if it works. http://www.pcgamemods.com/mod/18736.html
  5. This is true, an example is how the Europeans feared the Native Americans when the landed in the new world because they were a unknown factor.
  6. Or at least an anurism And meh, whats so bad about Luke being a force ghost? I think Hamill did a lousy job of portraying him, he acts a little to wimpy for my standards. But the book character of Luke is actually pretty cool. And him being a force ghost just means he'll be around forever <{POST_SNAPBACK}> yeah I guess but I really disklike legacy comics if it had been 1000 year later or something different, I would be like cool luke force ghost, but since its in Legacy comics I was unhappy.
  7. I never really liked the legacy idea i though it was too close to the njo order and lotf era i mean another war anyway sad to see luke as a force ghost
  8. OK then. I think that Kotor 3 should have alien PCs! That would be sooo awesome guys. Oh oh, I also want triple bladed lightsabers, 2 of them. That would own. I would own you all. I also think that good should have halos and evil should have horns. I also want more love, this is Star Wars, where is my twin to love on? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> lol
  9. i always liked the pre written storys becuase it always seemed more like a book or a movie to me but it would also be cool to write it ourselves.
  10. Anyone thinking what I'm thinking??? WHAT DOES THAT HAVE TO DO WITH KOTOR?!?! lol Ok not that big a deal, but seriously, this isnt the merc forum. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> what pop said.
  11. One thing that is crediable from that link s that merc 2 is coming out. http://www.mercs2.com/game.php
  12. I meant to add male revan reunite with bastila :">
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