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  1. I see you point, but things do change over time maybe they were less strict then.
  2. I reread the last couple of books in the series and in my opinion I dont think he is weak but kind of stupid in the way he goes about his actions, almost to a point like Malak, hey the both used their ships to destroy a world. I agree that Luke is much stronger and could have killed Cadeus, however Cadeus is not a weakling. I feel the autors of this series are trying to recreate Vader, but not doing a great job, it is a pity because Jacen solo was a cool character, even in this series until the last couple of books. However I enjoy the books, and are very good books for the most part.
  3. I dont read any of the comics, how did they ruin Malak?
  4. Yeah Caedus is Jacen Solo, the New Sith Lord in Legacy novels.
  5. I didn't know this thread was about who could deal with Revan, I thought it was a sith Lord list naming all the sith lords, which would apply to Cadeus. Btw He wasnt a wanna be, he gave luke a run for his money in Inferno. However I think Revan is more powerful.
  6. Dont know if he has been said but shouldnt Cadeus be on this list, since he is the current sith lord from the Legacy of the force books.
  7. so this is back, lol ok I give ole bassy a 10.
  8. Sounds very likely,i'd tend to agree with this theory. Damaging the droids would probably make them useless and basically trash to the true sith and they'd ignore them. That at least could've been his plan....which would've seemed to have worked as T3 found the Exile and the eventual other Jedi That makes sense as far as the droids, but why would they then let the Hawk go? While it might not be a warship it could have been used for something else-such as supply runs etc. I'm also wondering about HK-47. While none of the Sith in K1 knew exactly what HK-47 was, they do identify him as a combat droid so it would seem that the True Sith should identify his function as being combat and rebuild him for that use. Maybe they dont need more ships and combat droids some empires can become arrogant. Maybe they thought it was below them to use republic technology. Dosen't Kreia say somehting about them being superior to the Republic
  9. Well we do know that Revan was somewhat succesful, the republic stood for another 4000 years. Not really, we know there was a Rebublic 4000 years later, and that Republic had been around for at least 1000 years, but we don't know if that Republic is the same one seen in the KOTOR era, or if it was a later goverment using the same name. Put another way there is currently nothing to say that the Republic of Revans time didn't fall apart/get crushed/lose itself in paperwork* only to be reformed a couple of hundred, or even a thousand, years later on. The same thing happened to the Republic in Luke Skywalkers lifetime after all. (*Of course I now have the strange thought of someone losing an entire goverment in the in-tray due to a burocratic error....) According to the "New Essential Chronology" Revan's Republic was the same as the republic in the movies. Of course I dont know how much of it is cannon or not. Which Republic are you talkin about in Lukes time? Are you talkinig about the New Republic becasue thats not really the Republic.
  10. Well we do know that Revan was somewhat succesful, the republic stood for another 4000 years.
  11. yeah I read all up to sacrifice dk how i feel bout them though, Ill want till the seris is over before I judge
  12. "(I The game would not have to be a rpg becuase as you stated we already know how it is gonna end. Is that real problem though? I think having a mando war game would do much for the players of the kotor games to understand Revan, Malak, the exile and the other main character of the time.)" "(I sort of agree, you could have an RPG Mandolorian wars game-after all while Revan and Malak were calling the shots they were not everywhere, so you could be one of their recruits doing missions for them. But such a game would probably work better as a FPS, real time stategy or flight sim than as an RPG.)" Thats what i was trying to say an RTS would proply work beter, I also like your ideas, but im proply one the few who would like to play as Revan again. I think their is already to many really powerful people but that just might be me.
  13. I think a Mandalorian game would be nice but after Kotor 3. There is a lot about the Mandalorian wars that we don
  14. I agree with korr The DS is evil while the light side is good DS people put themselves first and harm others in their way While the jedi put the common good of others first although i kinda of want to a civil war in the star wars universe where both sides are somewhat right and there are good guys on both sides no side ruled by sith lord (LOF books kinda of did this but they are heading in the direction os sithy on one side)
  15. What metadigital said about the spartans are true they unlike athens and other sity states had a professional army. Other city states were kind of like the U.S. army before WWII. A group of citzens transforming themselves into a army only when needed. Almost cost us a few times war of 1812
  16. lol no im darth revan jk just google Basilisk War Droid
  17. Srry didnt mean to say sparta lol it was on my mind at the time.
  18. What I was talkin about was Macedon controling mainland greece such as sparta, athens. I know wikipedia isnt greatest source but until i get something better http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_kings_of_Macedon The Seleucdic empire controled more of the middle east. i belive palestine was under their control What you said about the spartan armor may be true like i said i think thats what the history channel said but im no expert on anceint greek armor
  19. If I rember correctly from a history channel episode they wore heavy bronze armor, not fighting shirtless. While other greek hopilites wore a different type of armor Also wasnt the tesudo(srry if misspelled) not a fighting formation as the Greek Phalax was but more used to protect Roman solders from enimes archers. Finally I dont belive the Romans every really fought Spartans from the city-State Spartan (like in 300) but fought the unified Greece under Macedon rule. Macedonian rule over all of Greece came under Alex the Great
  20. Yeah that is proply too much in my opinion but K3 questions go http://forums.obsidianent.com/index.php?showtopic=44432
  21. indeed, BioWare had to cut an entire planet from the game....it's just that Obsidian left the cut content on the Xbox version of the game and crafty folks ported it over. " <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In k1 however the cut content was less noticeable then it was in k2
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