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  1. Is there an existing mod that will make the combat/dialog window in the bottom-right corner (where everything gets logged to) use single line height spacing? This would seriously alleviate a huge OCD issue for me, other games like Baldur's Gate and Ice Wind Dale use single line height spacing which is awesome. Basically this would mean I can adjust the dialog window height to show, for example, 12 lines of potential text. I can then scroll up/down with the mouse wheel and it will always show a full 12 lines of potential text. Currently scrolling via the mouse wheel results in lines being partially clipped, it also results in the positioning of each line of text likely being shifted slightly up/down by a few pixels as I scroll. If you need a video comparison of how POE works and how Baldur's Gate works I can produce one for you, Thanks.
  2. The patch is not adding 1 GB to your game data, it is updating 1 GB of game data. - Sking I am aware of this. Note I opted out of the beta, that doesn't mean I deleted the game.
  3. [update 6: 10/27] Last Beta update; - Kraken DR is set to 8 from 0 Really, 1.1 Gigabytes for this singular value change? How the **** do you package your game data to make a change that is less than 1 Kilobyte in size, require replacing 1.1 Gigabytes of content? I've opted out of the beta (game remains installed) seeing as you're never ever going to address the way you handle updates.
  4. Oh man... Wish I would have seen this yesterday. . We are currently updating the Beta as I type. We'll try and get a fix before the beta is switched to the live patch. Bags and bags of frowny faces - Sking Hopefully it won't involve another 1GB update. Can't you all please spread out the game data across more individual files so that updates don't need to be so... massive each time!? At least for Pillar's of Eternity 2.
  5. Yeah I wasn't too convinced by Aarik D's post that he properly grasped the problem. It's an intermittent issue that doesn't seem to be tied to any specific event. It can happen when dialog doesn't overlap with other dialog too. There's also this topic: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/83031-audio-issue-character-voices-cut-off/
  6. That's what Baldur's Gate/Ice Wind Dale Enhanced Edition does, it auto-saves prior to moving you to the new location.
  7. I've had issues, though I haven't really made an extensive attempt at the game so I dunno if it still happens or not: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/82834-start-of-verbal-dialog-is-sometimes-missing/
  8. The OBS tags that precede a topic title on the forum index are now blank?
  9. I was expecting a bit more in terms of patch notes after hearing there were at least 400 fixes.
  10. It's in beta, there will likely be more smaller changes/patches before it is released as a stable update (To fix obvious/major issues that were introduced). Having patch notes helps direct people towards what to test and is also, in general, just interesting to read if their well written.
  11. https://youtu.be/zue-QfX3x64 If I time my clicks just right, the current audio clip will repeat over and over. This shows me pulling it off 3 times (The clip that is repeated is different during the 3rd reproduction of the bug). Also just a suggestion, it'd be nice if this process could be made to work like it does in Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition, Ice Wind Dale: Enhanced Edition etc. Basically I want to be able to interrupt the currently playing audio clip with a new audio clip and I want the audio clips for voice sets to be played in sequence instead of random. It's currently way too frustrating to hear more than 3 clips without encountering repetition and the repetition makes it difficult to be able to judge how the character will sound in multiple situations. The inability to interrupt a currently playing audio clip makes the interface feel extremely unresponsive as well.
  12. Just walk down with Calisca and attack the horses, Calisca's Torch weapon will produce the effect when she turns hostile against you. I think haedon will also trigger the issue (It's possible to lure him down without the rest following).
  13. I seemingly can't reproduce this issue, however the save game I made while this problem was in effect still showcases the issue when loaded. 93369606e2db45e282a40e510e3bae2f 7658132 Encampment.zip
  14. If you attack the camp members at the start of the game they will all become hostile towards you, some of them will seemingly trigger an Auto-Pause when their attacks are useless against you because of your high defenses (depending on how you built your character during character creation). The auto-pause option specifically states it will auto-pause when a party member's attacks are useless against an enemy, not when an enemies attacks are useless against you! v3.02 beta
  15. Start a new game loot the crate south of you to obtain a lock pick Go to the vendor and purchase a lock pick The newly purchased lock pick will not stack when purchased and will not stack when leaving the shop interface. v3.02 beta
  16. 1) Start the game 2) Create character 3) Begin gameplay 4) save your progress whenever possible 5) load "save game" Calisca becomes completely invisible, she isn't rendered at all, only the green ring under her is left. You can select and control her its just her character model that disappears. Toggling Sneak mode will make her model appear. v3.02 beta
  17. If it stops working when you disable cheats than its just a cheat hotkey (prolly documented somewhere). Like Ctrl J is in Baldur's Gate when you enable access to the Console.
  18. Well the release of the update could've been scheduled/automatic where as posting the news piece for it might only be manually performed. I assume it's 1.5GB for those who lack the DLC/Expansion Pack's and larger for those that do have them.
  19. I got a 1.5GB "v3.02.997 -Steam" update and I'm in the public beta, unsure if the update is only for beta testers.
  20. An additional suggestion to be included in any of the suggested implementations would be to have affected trap models themselves become highlighted in addition to the proposed AoE effects.
  21. Thanks for the link and I figured it was to reflect his dialog.
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