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  1. I got this last night and I'm really proud of myself. Thanks to playing on Easy, an absurdly high Resolve to talk my way out of fights, and coming to the final fight with way too many potions and scrolls, I was able to finish while resting only seven times. So it's not just all me tooting my own horn here: anyone else planning on attempting this achievement? I'd be more than happy to share advice.
  2. No idea when the first association is. To be honest, I didn't figure it out for an embarrassingly long time. I didn't even find the Thieves' Hideout first playthrough, and there was no opportunity to ask derpy questions. Which there should be the option to, by the way. Your character is a foreigner who has absolutely no reason to know what Dunryd Row is. And even if that weren't the case, you should still be able to ask derpy questions that your character should know the answer to. A Watcher from Aedyr can still go up to Aloth and ask what the heck their own homeland is.
  3. If I'm understanding OP correctly, I think they just wanted to vent about the ambush tactics in the Lighthouse. And to be fair, I typically skip over the lighthouse until towards the end of Act 2. It's rough.
  4. A good way to check would be to go back and redo the conversation, except have the option turned on to show you dialogue options you don't qualify for. Maybe there's something there?
  5. I've noticed that, too. All around the Obsidian forums, actually. Maybe it has to do with the fact that the vast majority of users here are adults with access to computer keyboards? I don't know, but the geographer in me is intrigued. I want to know forum demographics now.
  6. Out of curiosity, what does the barbarian yell sound like pitched-up? If it's decent, that could be a good quick-fix mod.
  7. On the subject of GM's age: I think she's explicitly stated to be middle-aged when you first recruit her?
  8. Indeedily do, let's hope so. Consider this a bump so mods see it.
  9. Wait, really? I was able to sneak my way through Rymrgand's quest, pass some dialogue checks to convince people to leave, and successfully complete the quest as Rymrgand asked without killing anyone. You might just need a high Resolve?
  10. Good night, sweet mage. May flights of huge damage numbers sing you to your rest, and may your next turn on the Wheel not end so abruptly. On a mechanics note, 500-something damage is typical of a high-level character's *full* health. If Aloth was in the yellow going in, there was no way he was going to survive that.
  11. Happens to me after a few hours of playtime. *prays for mod to move this to the bug report forum*
  12. It will be sad to see bug support for PoE1 disappear, but that aside I'm quite happy to see Obsidian focus on PoE2.
  13. Oh boy, people are pairing up party members! That's exciting.
  14. Amazing. Troll thread was redirected into conversation on female armor design. Well played, forumites.
  15. Going to have to agree to disagree. Games need to cater to more than just niche players; that's why games have things like, say, difficulty levels. So hardcore gamers have something to chew on, while normal folk can enjoy the story. For fantasy games with dragons in general, making an encounter with a dragon is an easy way to deliver a spectacular, yet tough battle. If you go in on autopilot, mass WILL win over class, so it forces you to play smart! And your reward is a feeling of accomplishment and empowerment from outsmarting such a terrifying and colossal beast. The strategic angle is vital. If bigger was always better, people would be playing with entire custom parties of aumaua. And that's boring. In Pillars of Eternity in particular, you're able to talk your way out of every single dragon fight. So if the dragon fights really do give you trouble, and you don't want to cheese the fights via forum tricks, just try being a diplomat!
  16. Ditto what everyone else is saying. There's no reason not to stick some stuff on your weapon if you have room for it! And if you run into enemies where you need to exploit damage type weaknesses to win, you'll benefit more from cheesing it up with spells. Durgan refinement makes some seriously ridiculously good weapons, and doesn't cost any enchantment slot dealies. The tradeoff is, you've got to get yourself those Durgan ingots. Which can be tough to find. As for Tall Grass, I'm partial to the enchantment that makes wild Pokemon come out of it.
  17. I would SO be down for transparency sliders. I probably wouldn't use them personally, but they'd be nice anyway.
  18. tbh though I'm tempted to make a mod with sex cards more in line with what Kaz posted way earlier. The stick figure with huge boobs. Something quick and hilarious like that. We could even dedicate the mod to luzarius!
  19. As someone who adores chanters, I would LOVE an overhaul of their resource scaling. Right now, I mostly just use my PC Chanter as a buff machine, item dispenser, and occasional offtank. Despite playing so much chanter, I can't tell you how well the level 4 invocations stack up, because I never get to use them.
  20. Generally, yeah, please prioritize reactions to existing kith races. But if you WERE to have a non-kith companion, you could make a strong case for vithrack. Vithrack have natural cipher abilities, and ciphers can disguise themselves with a "caul" that makes other people ignore them. Just look at Grieving Mother. If your party member has a caul, people are gonna ignore them, even if they're a freaking spider-monster.
  21. On higher difficulties, you maaaaay want to go in the ballpark of 8 CON. Just from what I've seen around the forums. There are no "dump" stats in this game; some stats are more valuable than others, but if any of them are really low you're going to have a bad time.
  22. Nooooo, not a crash! D: See if closing Chrome helps? I can keep them both open at the same time, but my PC is pretty spick-and-span.
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