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  1. No clue. Maybe try rooting through the "Controls" tab in Options?
  2. I mention this thread was inspired by class talent knockoffs available, but really those are optional. Any wackyness you can think of.
  3. OP needs to discover the wonderful world of fanfiction. Not gonna lie, "sex cards" kind of feel thematically out of place in Pillars of Eternity. I'm vetoing that idea unless we get pictures with orlan ladies the Watcher Aloth Luzarius Rymrgand nothing just veto.
  4. I feel like the fact that this thread is so long and people have churned out so many paragraphs on the gods and the choices they offer ultimately means the devs did a good job writing this part. Everyone will find at least one reasonable choice, and one choice they think is stupid.
  5. After seeing the new multiclass-esque build options added in the White March, my first reaction was pleasantly surprised. My second reaction was to giggle madly for half an hour after realizing I could give snooty, delicate Aloth the Monk talent, and basically teach him kung-fu. So in the interest of the silly, the absurd, and the memorable, what sort of unconventional builds can we cobble together "for the lulz"? Let's make our ranged Paladins, our tanky Clerics, our Chanters whose songs focus on milling down opponents' endurance, and all other sorts of weirdness that exists to be weird instead of minmaxed. Do you have any of these crazy builds? Tell me about them!
  6. As someone who participates in the yearly Tumblr Halloween festivities, this question is important to me. I want to be able to reenact the Skeleton War. On a more serious note, I've had a drake, an adra beetle, a greater blight, an Essential Phantom, and a spider all summoned at once, and I've had six skeletons summoned at once (chanter PC + Kana both using summon invocations). So, the limit is at least six?
  7. Negative 15 points? Maybe the respec is interacting weirdly with stat boosts? See if stripping down before respeccing helps that. Would like to respec party members, though I can sort of see why the game might not allow it for story and character reasons (Aloth is detail-oriented, Pallegina is determined and willful, etc).
  8. I found myself in a similar situation thanks to some ambiguously-worded articles on the White March expansion. I'd hoped that after I went through the Pit, beat the Dude, released the Stuff from the Thing, and sat through the credits, I could go back and check out White March then. Sadly, not the case. You're going to need to use the pre-endgame save.
  9. The thing about the character quests is, even after you complete them, you have to haul the party members around with you for a while to see what impact the quests had. Since you can only have five party members with you at a time, max, that's at least three companions at high risk of not having onscreen development post-companion quest. Being religious about switching up your party doesn't seem to help matters; if you don't bring the right five into certain plot locations and have them for certain cutscenes, I get the feeling entire dialogue paths are Lost Forever or behind a stat check wall that your characters might not be able to pass.
  10. But awesome. Immersion-breaking? My good fellows, you have obviously not realized the true potential of the Chanter class.
  11. finding my way around

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