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  1. Sorry if this has already been answered ten trillion times over but does anybody know if you can get your original lightsaber that you describe for Atton? I see the jedi holding it and yet when I go to kill her I don't get it. What gives? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Us PCers will probably get a game that's less buggy with more content anyway. I'm not too worried.
  3. I'll be playing NBA Live, Madden, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines, Prince of Persia: Warrior Within, Half-life 2(if it ever comes out), Painkiller 2.
  4. And will it still take them and other aliens 20 words to say "Greetings Human." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> LOL Yeah that was annoying. Also will they still make wonerful distrintive noises when I kill them? The Selkath made such an excellent gargling noise when my lightsaber pierced their hides.
  5. Will gloves and implants be broken down the same why that mines and medkits are?
  6. It's not a dumb question in the least bit. I don't know what it is either.
  7. Renegade


    I'll explain it as best I can but if you look at the guide at the gamespot site it explains it more thoroughly. Basically you have two seperate modes and therefore two seperate levels. Let's say you start out as a soldier and then because a Jedi Guardian. When you level up as a soldier then that's exactly what you're doing. Leveling up as a soldier. So you level up with skills and feats. When you become a Jedi then your levels change and you have access to force powers and different Jedi feats. What some people do is NEVER level up on Taris. Instead they don't level up until they become a Jedi. So as supposed to being a level 8 soldier and a level 12 Jedi you would more than likely become a level 3 solider and a level 17 Jedi. You get significantly more force points and powers by doing it this way and it's completely do-able. Easiest if you have a soldier. There are two disadvantages to this. One is that your feat progression will be significantly slower. Even as a guardian you just don't get as many feats as you would with a solider. And second is that the progression of your NPC's is slower as well. When you level up in a regular way all of you are pretty much at the same level and in fact a couple of them that you get later(like Juhani and Jolee) have better defense than you. But if you save your levels they will be significantly weaker. Jolee especially is weak in combat because of his poor feat progression. The way I usually circumvent this is to level up until I get to level 4. Then that's where I cut it. Your NPC's get a couple of more levels and you still get a significant force boost. Let me know if you still don't get it or if you had any other questions about it. Oh and by the way I asked the Dev's and from what I remember they are including this in the game. Maybe that's changed.
  8. Will gloves, hats and implants be upgardable and can they be broken down like mines and medkits? I know you have your own personal lightsaber but at the time you become a true Jedi or Sith do you get something else that has your name stamped on it. Like Revan's Robes, or Revan's domination gloves or something of that sort? So far(except for Canderous) I've only heard about the possibility of characters that can be with you if you're on the lightside. Can I at least get an approximate number of how many truly evil characters you'll be able to recruit? I asked once about whether or not my personal character could be the one standing by the menu if he was a dark lord at the end of the game. Were you all able to implement that? Please tell me that there is going to be at least one crystal that is stictly for dark side characters. Having one only for the lightside last time was completely unfair. Will there be downloadable material for the PC? How do you earn your lightsaber stances(you can be vague but please just give me something to "wet my appetite"). And finally can we get some more details on some of the new feats. I've heard a lot about the powers but very little about the new feats that are available. Thanks a lot. Peace.
  9. At the game? Us. At the DLC? You. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> What the hell are you all arguing about. The DLC was one worthless planet and a couple of extra weapons that people probably didn't even use. I mean really what is the beef?
  10. Yeah that's a very good question. It was ridiculous how lowly dark jedi really thought they could take even after slaughtering 100's of their brethren. I want Jedi to run in fear of me when I'm sighted.
  11. Yeah it was pretty horrible that you didn't even have a chance. You don't level up THAT MUCH before you fight him. But the one I hate the most is the Sand people and their turrets. If you ever advance towards their building without the right clothes on it's automatic death even before one of the turrets fire. It's freakin ridiculous. Plus there's a bug that if you go into that area and come back then the turrets shoot you even if you have sand people on. It's maddening.
  12. Pretty guaranteed? That's not good enough. Actually, that's pretty ugly, as far as arguments can be. edit: PC can be alone at both Lower Cantina/ Lower apts, and the PC+Canderous is the minimum party at the Davik's estate. edit: anyhow, your reasoning does not explain the identification piece. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Actually it is pretty guaranteed that you'll have Carth considering the fact that he's automatically added when you step out the room. Now might some people take him off? Sure. But IMHO 9 times out of ten he's probably going to be traveling with you. At the very least this would be the case the first time you play the game. As far as what you do in Davik's estate that's really irrelevant. Like I said before Bastila's presence on the planet was already known whether you take her with you to Davik's estate or not. Now whether or not Carth's presence is known is debatable but only to a small degree. I'm not sure what you're referring to when you say "identification piece" but if you make it more clear I'm pretty cure I can explain why my reasoning explains it. Peace. -Samori
  13. Reloading gets pretty tiresome after a while though. Equilibrium <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Hmmmm...never heard of it but thank you.
  14. It's 40 hours which is longer than KOTOR so I can only assume the areas are larger. What I'm more interested in is how the hell they're going to include Kung Fu in it. Sounds interesting.
  15. I'll check, if you want me to, but as I remember it was M: 'Who assisted her' S:'a decorated war hero' M:'Interesting. How did you obtain this info?' and so on and so forth. As for Bastila - she was M's original target on Taris, was she not? So Malak's lines are good and sound, imo. If you'd ask how did Carth get identified at all, that'd be teh meestary.I say, give BW a slap when they deserve it, give them the benefit of the doubt otherwise. [/offtopic] <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yeah Malak was there to get Bastila so that makes sense. As far as Carth remember that you Calo sees you twice before you actually finish. In the Cantina and he's in one of the apartments in the Undercity. And it's pretty guaranteed you have Carth in your party during those times. So it makes sense. Now if Mission had been mentioned I might have frowned.
  16. If I remember correctly LucasArts made it quite clear to Bioware that they wanted no sense of a homosexual relationsnhip within a Star Wars video game. I don't see why they would treat Obsidian any differently with KOTOR2. Personally I don't have a problem with it as long as no hoochie daddies come my way. But it's seriously doubtful that it will be in a video game any time soon. Games are usually meant to be as acceptable as possible in teen culture.
  17. Whats your obsession with hitting people? Atris is a Jedi so maybe you meet her on Onderon trying to help the queen stop the unrest so that the republic can count on that planet for more soldiers. I doubt Atris is the queen though That got me to thinking, along the lines of the original poster, but what if instead of the QUEEN being Atris, it's actually her DAUGHTER. It would make what the original poster suggest more feasible where the PC is asked to help out the queen with a problem of hers and in return, Atris swears her loyalty to the PC and agrees to join him/her. I think he's on to something here.
  18. What else would you be looking for? Any info they provide is basically spoilers. This isn't a slight I truly don't understand. What is it you're hoping that they will provide?
  19. It's a legitimate thread. All the guy was saying is while you're busy completely upgrading, looks, animations, feats, powers, items, item upgrades, and alignment options don't forget that voice acting and music are part of the environment as well. There's no reason to bash him about it. Geez you guys can be mean.
  20. How much of a difference? A much cooler difference B) Like "Pimpin'" Cool? Or like "Chillin' out max an relaxin' all cool" Cool? Smooth Daddy-o.
  21. uhhhhhhh...okayyyyyyyyyyyyy. Thanks for the info...I think.
  22. Mira may be the best looking female char so far but those *AHEM* wrist mounted rocket launchers! lets just hope she takes them off if she does get "intimate" with the pc They can serve as fireworks while we light up the galaxy with our love.
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