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  1. Does anyone know if this pack will be added to xbox 1...theres a few people asking over on https://forum.paradoxplaza.com/forum/index.php?threads/deadfire-dlc-update.1062285/ and no one is answering so im just digging for answers. thanks all
  2. if you have never played pathfinders at all......is all you get is the 10% off key......im trying to decide my best purchase the basic or obsidian edition.
  3. im getting this the 3rd i want the obsidian edition and i got my 10% key so is this the correct procedure enter the key in steam and the buy game or is there another way...ive never had a coupon key...by the way this 10% coupon is what more or less shoved my final decision to actually to buy the game..it was iffy but noy now buw would like to now how to do this....
  4. Is that above the 8 henchmen you can hire......in other words if I hate all 8 and then comes someone looking for employment and hire him does that mean oil have 9
  5. Cool thanks so much I never thought to look there.....are they better than those you can normally hire.
  6. Every so often I have NPCs visiting my stronghold what employment I've searched all around and can't find them where are they so I can give them employment employment
  7. Hello all I have no ideas if these are even possible with the unity engine.Is like to get my hands following mods: ×Random encounters when traveling like in balder's gate series for PC. ×A mod that would let me configure the amount of camping supplies Im allowed to have for example I wanna play on normal but only be able to have 3 tents instead of 4. ×More stuff for the keep. ×Mote enchanting and crafting stuff If some of these mods exist kindly leave me a name or link. Thanks
  8. If I enchant something to 'fine'.....later on when im able can I build upon that enchantment to 'exceptional'or do I need to start all the way over on a new object?
  9. Personal preference i quess...... Ive been self imposing this restriction but once in a while il accidentally pick up a tent by mistake and will have to camp....to bad you couldnt just drop em if ya want to.
  10. Hello All I know theres a mod that lets you raise the camping supplies to 8 on the nexus but i wont just the opposite.....i want to play on easy with the restriction of only 4 tents.
  11. Ok hello everyone, its been awhile since i played but i justed tried to cast an AOE spell and it wouldnt let me place it where i wanted it.....now earlier i remember an update was released letting you do just that but i dont remember how can someone help me out please? qwert
  12. I to felt that the stash was way overpowered....but then i found the restriction and i use that...i would like to see maybe an option totally disabling the inventory stash(Maybe keep the abitlity to store quest and alchemy items in it) for those who would want to use that options.
  13. Ive played a thief since the 80s -90s...now myself i never pick pocketed..i dont know why my character is just not that type of thief...but as far as getting to powerfull than the other classes,i dont buy that....its a perk of being a shady thief......things come to those quicker that walk the thieve's highway than those who are law abiding...just my thoughts on the subject. If people chose to reload all the time thats them but im sure there are those with strong will power that wont do that.
  14. Bad Ass spell man ive won a lot of hard battles cuz that spell and now i can cast it per encounter:)
  15. OK...everything was saving just fine and then i accidently had the game paused and 2 or 3 of my saves got deleted before i caught on.... i unpaused the game and now its saving as it should.
  16. I found a unique item with dam +3 and im wondering if i can add the fine,excellent and superb to it?
  17. I defeated the dragon under my stronghold and rested there and stormcaller didnt upgrade...what am i doing wrong?
  18. Ok i was able to level it up where it says kill 13 humans or 65 enemies and ive done everything i can think of....away from the party all by myself and Nightshroud is the only weapon i have equiped...i am a thief and i just aint getting the counts when killing ogres and black oozes....havent tried humans yet....
  19. Ive got the ranger with the wolf and just recently the wolf is extremely slow while sneaking....i mean extremely slow,to the point where everyone arrives at their location and end up waiting for the wolf...its gotten to the point i unstealth her just so i dont have to wait awhile.
  20. thats what i was thinking......i have an item that has percentage chance to turn me invisible when im hit.
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