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  1. no i dont have Lilith's Shaewl...will link picture. EDIT- Hmm just went back into the game and the effect aint there....sorry guys.
  2. Im level 10 thief and just completed The White March but now i have this black smoke all alround llike the smoke when i turn invisible and dont know if this a bug or is that hows it suppossed to be?
  3. The introduction of the Soullbind Weapons made me wonder are all of them in the WhiteMarch areas only or have they been put all over the game world? Another question if you will......if i understand right aint there 1 soulbind weapon for every weapon type in the game?
  4. um i havent seen it recently(i got the 2.0.1 patch) but it wasnt a common problem just here and there.
  5. I just enchanted my armor to be slash proof but now it wont let me proof it anymore is that right.....
  6. You know i did some thinking and i dont like "powerfull" items just given to my character but enjoy and appreciate the option espically at higher levels to tailor some wonderous item for my character....but surely i aint the only one that likes enchanting items.
  7. I just wanted to say id like to request an enchanting/crafting add on for more options.... Id personally like to see all the unqiue enchantments made available to craft but at a weaker state than the original unquie's enchantment(thus the unquis still retain their value). Oh well my hopes. qwert
  8. the grey sleeper cant be unequiped after doing the phrases?
  9. yeah all that shows is a red outline but ive always seen that but when i arm it ive seen more so than not....enemies will travel right over my traps and they usually wont go off.
  10. With 2.0 you see what you get. huh In 2.0 the interface shows the trap's trigger radius while you're arming it—is what I think he's saying. oh wow i havent noticed il have to pay more attention...
  11. Another thing that erks me is the small triggering trap radius....i dont know how many traps i've set just to have em walked over.
  12. alright...it seems you dont get to much xp for slay monsters but instead you get big chunks for completed quests( i actually like that)...but as stated above when slaying certain foes it aint being registered in the bestiary.
  13. I was wondering why my party aint leveled in awhile and here im not getting any xp or if i do get lucky and get some its just a little. Im currently in the ruins beneath dryford villade...right underneath the broken tower. *EDIT- Ok i did a bit of research and i wanna say im in Dryford Ruins fighting Skaen Cultists, Sentries,etc and im getting no Xp at all and when i do kill 1 my Bestiary aint recording it at all....ive killed quite a few and aint got 1 entry...im level 5 playing on easy.
  14. Right now im in the catacombs....i basically rushed here without doing any side quests and now im wondering should i do some of the side quests first....i want to get the soul bind weapons early as i can so i have em for the rest of the game and thus my rush approach...if i get the invite to white march can i always go back to definace bay and do the side quests?
  15. I wrote about this before when i saved my game it would instantly get deleted..well today that was happening and i noticed my game was paused and i unpaused it and it started saving correctly again.
  16. yeah i like the stealth the way it is.....i use my main character to stealthly scout and the rest of the party i keep their stealth round 3 so they can sneak into position if i need them to.
  17. Wow...i dont have none of that man...so far all ive seen is the accuracy bug.
  18. Well personally i enjoyed them and it took me a bit to figure out how to use every members abilities to their fullest and a little strategy and quite thrilling....if you want harder fight play on highest difficulty.
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