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  1. I think i heard a patch is supposed to come out this week and was wondering if i should go ahead and start over or wait for the patch.
  2. It simply does not make ANY sense in the game like PoE or BG... Bethesda games are crap story wise in and terms of writing, they are big and boring sandboxes, where finishing main plot changes nearly nothing. Did Bioware allow to play the ME3 AFTER the final mission or did it always port you before the last mission trigger? Were you allowed to play DA:O or DA2? List the games that allow you to play the game post ending screen and then think of their story. The ones with very heavy narrative NEVER allow to play post ending, as it would totally break the immersion of the world and no sane developer will create a second set of dialog of every NPC in the world just to allow to play in the heavily changed world. You are just a bunch of whiny ****. Next time, learn to read the information that is given nearly 2 years in advance about the shape of the additional content. It is not a surprise to anyone who was even remotely following the news on the game in the last 2 years. Please the elder scrolls is the best original open world rpg you can get your hands on at the moment......but i do agree bout your other statements,its just common sense that iron man is 1 save and if you beat the game theres no reloading...do what everyone else does and start over or move along.
  3. well the more options to fine tune a player's preference the better...maybe a modder will do this.
  4. Wellcamping is just on top of my mind but theres other stuff as well....but im not the strong willed at heart.
  5. Id like to have an option to customize the difficulty i wanna play at...for example a big peeve with me is id like to have a more limited amount of camping supplies i can carry without affect the amount or stats of creature...i think maybe put all the things that affects difficulty into a selectable modular catergory...just my thoughts.
  6. I had 4 save games and i tried to save over all 4 and all i ended up with is 1 save file...anyone know bout this? Edit: patch 2.0 + expansion windows 7 / 64 bit
  7. Id like to see some kinda ranger tracking implemented as well and i agree with the above.
  8. Alright is it just me or does it seem traps are bout useless...i dont know how many traps ive set a trap just to watch my foes trample right over it and it dont go off...sometimes they go off but for me its more not....so i was wondering if anyone else has this problem and im open for some wise advice. qwert
  9. I had this mod put into my game but since the expansion its not working...it made the load screens look really cool...i believe 1 had a tree and what not...but i dont remember what its called to look for an updated version...anyone able to help?
  10. Ive asked this before but think i did a bad job of writing what im trying to find out,so heres another go: Can a character change what direction he is facing without moving? For example my character is facing the south wall but i want him to face the north wall with out moving him. Thanks again guys for your input, qwert
  11. My ranger has this equipped and it says it modifies stalker's link but what the heck is stalker's link?
  12. Here's the problem: http://store.steampowered.com/dlc/291650/ if you ontice theres no expansion pass even listed and i being over excited bout but then later found out how to get expansion pass for game and i put in for a refund and the expansion was removed from my libray and i was approved for my refund but now i have to wait 7 days it seems to be able to use those funds...thats all my money i put into the steam wallet cuz i wanted to pay for the pass. To make matters worse theres no way to talk to anyone to see about speeding it up........
  13. I know man i request a refubd cuz i didnt know where to find the 2 for $25 and they removed the dlc and approved my refund to my steam wallet but get this now they are saying itl take up to 7 days for funds to be available...man it didnt take 7 days when they took it...i just wanna play..ive been waiting for a long time put mu birthday man into steam wallet for the pass and this came up.
  14. Funny you should say that.....i just celebrated my birthday early and was worried that i'd be broke on the 25th,so i put $25into steam wallet. Great idea! I think I may do that, because: ... which I don't have (at all)! Then again, in my opinion moral introspection is the greatest virtue, while snobbery is among my least favorite vices Thanks for the tip, qwert! LOL yeah i thought it was a good idea and it turned out to be really easy.
  15. Funny you should say that.....i just celebrated my birthday early and was worried that i'd be broke on the 25th,so i put $25into steam wallet.
  16. Ive tried this twice and got the same results exactly.....the dialogue pops up and you hit continue but once you get to the part where those inside says that if someone comes in he'll shot em and you press continue and it just doesnt do nothing...you can just hit continue repeatedly.....im usint the latest beta version.
  17. Ok my problem is that i save my game 3 times before i get off and sometimes when i log back in theres only 1 save.....it seems to deleteing my saves from the point where i save my game to turning the game off.
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