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  1. Two things (and forgive me, I know these may be stupid questions, but just to cover the bases): 1) Are you using the same name for the saves? Perhaps that causing an issue if you are. 2) You're not overwriting the old save each time you save, are you? Again, sorry for the questions, but sometimes it's the simplest things that we overlook. My named save games are jerry jerry2 jerry3 yeah im overwiting them.
  2. ok ive been backing my saves and just a lil ago i saved 3 times and a autosave and quicksave and it saved em.....i exited the game and went to back em and again theres only 1 named save and the autosave and quick save.....if no one else is having this problem i wonder why i am.
  3. I sent out Kana for a minor adventure and it said something like duration 1 turn and i traveled from my stronghold and back and slept and he still aint back.....1 turn is supposed to be quick right?
  4. I know Nexus has some Portraits but was wondering if anyone knows bout any voice sets availble somewhere?
  5. no im on steam version and windows 7...i checked documents/my games and i didnt see them.
  6. I have the following savegames: *auto *quick *save game 1 *save game 2 *save game 3 Now quite frequently i go to load a game a 1 of my save games is gone..at first i thought i must of hit the delete button by mistake but its happened 3 or 4 times so far...luckily ive had another save. Anyone else had this happen? Anyone knows where the saves are kept so i can back em up qwert
  7. I thought the game needed beefed up a bit on easy and i just got down to the 5th level underyour stronghold and died within 2 minutes id say.....i reloaded my save and won. Im learning more and more from this here forum and i cant help but wonder if i should start over again for the 4th or 5th time,
  8. The more options that i have to adjust espically game affecting ones the better.
  9. I think a lot of it is well my age....i was 18 - 19 back when me.my brother,my brother's friend and ex wife played 2nd edition like everyday for hours on end....then with the computer coming out to me it killed the DM now i dont need a Dm and can play all by myself whenever i want to....but man back in the day AD&D was a big part of our lives and budget...have a lot of good memories bout it. So i just try to get the D&D type games and just game on.
  10. Id like to see thise but from what im gathering it may not be possible unless the DEVs do it due to the engine being hostile towards mods...so keep your fingers crossed.
  11. Yeah i think they are pretty cool..now. I was using a chant with 3 phrases in and lowered it to 2 phrases and now ive actually been able to summon the phantom twice so far.
  12. Never mind that - I've bought all the D&D 5th edition books and tonight I'm DMing 5 people in the first session I've done for 20 years!! Thats cool ....i bought all the 4th edition books cuz my son wanted to play but i just couldnt get into it like i did when i was younger with my brother back when it was 2nd edition.
  13. I just got Kana and im having a hard time getting himt to function and was wondering if someone could explain how to use him effectively? qwert Edit PS- Sorry topic should read The Chanter....huh?
  14. After playing POE for a while and still playing started realizing this isnt AD&D and well when i was young i played AD&D with my younger brother and well to make a long story short i totally re-installer both Baldur's Gates Enhanced Editions and even went as far as re-installing Icewind Dale Enhanced Edition.....im thinking bout getting the new expansion coming out for BG EE but of course once im done playing POE.
  15. i use the IE mod from nexus and on my inventory page theres a button called drop items right under crafting.
  16. I to would like to see some kind of random encounters implemented...1 thing that helps me accept the infinite stash is click on the option to restrict it..then you can only access it at camp and certain parts of towns and probarly your stronghold....
  17. no one has any advice on how to set my game up as mentioned above?
  18. Ok thanks what i mean about number 3 is i do use formations but sometimes when we get there 1 or more members are facing the wrond direction for example i want to get my party ready for when i go into the south door and train the monsters out into the hall way however some or all of the party will be facing the north wall when im done and i want them to be facing the south wall so i go to do a lot of clicking to get them to face the south wall.
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