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  1. Ok ive looked all round in game but cant find no answers,so here's my questions: 1-On Eder's Saint's War Armor it says it grants 2nd chance...what is that? 2-I took a normal Arquebus and gave it to Eder and added Fine and burning Lash...is that good and any other advice bout enchanting this arquebus? 3-Is there a better way to make your party's Characters face where you want them to with out a bunch of clicking? Ok thanks..... 4-Anywhere i can get some really good info bout the expansion? qwert
  2. I was checking out a mod on Neus that say they powered up guns for the long run but i believe its outdated and was wondering are guns really that underpowered?
  3. F1 i beleive will cyle thru your sets...as far as pause hit the spacebar.
  4. A lot more than one said that. Also TES players tend to install many mods. Even if each mod purchased only cost 1 USD each the cost could add up to several hundreds. yeah i have over 100 mods for skyrim....but even modders who said that they were gonna charge for a month and then if you wanted to you get for free were ruthlessly attacked.
  5. If i remember right alot of the protesters was angry that the modders hardly got anything and Beth/Valve got a huge chunk.....
  6. Ok ive started over 3 or 4 times learning the basics and the last time i started i tried normal and had my but handed to me multiple times to the point where it just wasnt fun anymore.....i did enjoy the harder things tho like restricted camping supplies and what not and i enjoyed most of the harder fights but the extra amount of monsters was staggering. To cut to the chase is there a way to customize your difficulity settings a bit more like a restricted camping suplly amount,maybe tougher monsters just not as many. One thing im also wondering about expert mode...can someone explain that better. Im trying to play the game with only using the premade npcs and once i beat it i will look into customized parties. Thanks, qwert
  7. i know this is petty but for the longest time now computer games are coming out with military time and well i totally suck at military time and was wondering how hard it would be to make the time display 12 hour intervals?
  8. yeah alot of help was available from other modders in morrowind....dont know so much bout Oblivion.... Edit- it was brought to my attention by my good buddy hellbishop that back in morrowind's day the devs themselves populated morowind's forum commenting and what not...i forgot bout that,man times sure has changed.
  9. You know due to the hostility in this topic i was going to stay out of it but : 1-Im new to POE but not the IE games,I got my introduction to mods way back in morrowind and have used them faithfully ever since. 2-Ive started POE over 2 or 3 times now(always seem to start over till i get the basics down) and so far i have Shaders of Eternity active in my game which make colors more vibrant and id love to get my hands on a random encounter mod that includes camping in its scope. 3-I see nothing wrong with what the op stated or how he stated.....im not a backer(because i didnt know bout it) but i paid for the game and plan on buying the expansion but you better believe that buying the game gives me just as much right as the backers when it comes to what i expect and accept. 4-To blantly attack someone calling thim arrogant,childish is well just rude and doesnt say much for POE's community which hopefully that will change. To op ive found the nexus which is pretty much where i spend my time go there check it out....check out Shaders Of Eternity cant believe the difference... qwert
  10. I found the Nexus but was wondering if theres any others out there......and how long before mods take off like a bat out of hell?
  11. I had to take the time to register so i can put my 2 cents in on this topic....i'd love to see random encounter put in...both wilderness and dungeon as well as camping in unsafe zones.
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