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  1. I . . . just, why? Why is MP so critical for a purchase for people in this type of genre? I mean, I really don't see the appeal. PoE is a story-driven, character interaction focused CRPG. What possible benefit would there be to adding Multiplayer, and how would it even work considering the nature of the Companion characters and battle system? I mean, what would MP PoE look like? I hop into someone else's world, where my PC, Eder, Aloth, Durance, Sagani, and Kana team up with another person's PC, Eder, Aloth, Durance, Grieving Mother, and Hiravias so we can double team Xaurip mobs in Caed Nua? OK, setting aside the fact that we've now got a bunch of doubled clone characters - how does the battle system work in real-time online? When I pause to issue commands am I on a timer? It pauses the other player's game too, right? How many more enemies do we have to add to fights to make them not totally steam-rollable with 2 different party's on them at once? 4 times as many enemies? Or is it just an arena mode so I can take my level 12 team of heroes against your level 12 team of heroes? Like, that's not even that bad of an idea if there were to be PoE MP, but is that REALLY so appealing an idea that it becomes a make or break decision on whether or not to purchase the game? I just really don't understand the "MP or no purchase" mentality I guess. Like, do you need MP in Telltale Adventure games too?
  2. After looking at both Luckmann's post here and his original huge post of balance change stuff from April, I have to say I agree with pretty much everything this man's saying, and if this were a council meeting, would second his motions and suggest the rest of the board adopt them in toto. However this is not such a council meeting, alas. I'll have to settle for signing up for the Luckmann Newsletter of PoE Griping. I think the idea that constitution could add an armor penalty modifier is great actually. Since Might is now relegated to the idea of "nebulous power of the will" rather than sheer burst muscle capability as Strength would be in most RPGs, it really leaves Constitution as the only attribute that conceptually governs physical strength. Considering CON kind of sucks at representing this idea currently, it really does need more of an oomph, and having high Con characters being able to move more freely in armor fits rather well. That said, if we're looking at alternate modifiers to the game that could be added to various Attribute scores (not just Con), here are some things that aren't covered by the current attribute system to consider (some were covered in earlier versions of the game). - Range of attack modifiers - I for one am down with increasing or decreasing the range due to base stats. Perception makes the most sense, then Intelligence, but both of these Attributes are already pretty beefy and useful, especially if PER is going to start affecting Accuracy again. - Movement Speed Modifiers - I'm surprised that there are no modifiers on in battle movement speed to be honest. It would make a lot of sense if a high Dex character could just move faster than a low Dex character. Even if it were a +/- 0.2 Move Speed Modifier per point, that'd mean your 15 Dex character would have a noticeable speed increase over an average Dex character at 10, and could outpace them in a chase scenario. Which will be very important I'd think once Individual stealth is in the game. - Disengagement Defense Modifiers - Another possibility for CON buffing instead of Armor Penalty, what if a high CON character just got a much higher Disengagement Defense bonus? Like a +/- 1 point per CON. So you could gain an advantage for CON by being able to move around a battle a bit more freely? This would probably also need to be buffed by another Attribute, like Resolve too, so a High CON, HIGH Resolve character could potentially move around a battlefield a lot more freely than the average, and dumping both stats would mean even picking Talents or Gear that raise Disengagement defense would only bring them up to par. - Range or actual Fog of War clearing - I'm a fan of games where each Stat/Attribute has an OBVIOUS in-game effect so you can know that altering it works in some concrete way. I'm rather surprised that no one is considering the size of the player's Fog of War Clear bubble as an effect that could be altered by PER or INT as well. All that said, the big question I'm having right now is this . . . if PER is going to affect Accuracy again in 2.0, potentially at a 1 point per PER rate, then is MGT going to affect Interrupt as proposed in Luckmann's Attribute System of Solidarity (heretofore referred to as LASS)? It seems like it's going to kind of have to, because if PER is going to get the Accuracy buff, then that Interrupt buff has to go somewhere else lest PER become way too strong a stat (as many in this thread are theorizing it will be).
  3. I thought the guy riling people up at the front of Defiance Bay and who acts as an informal tour guide for newbs mentioned Hadret House as the home of Dunryd Row in Brackenbury? Side note: I wish that guy and that crowd would go away after you get further along in one of the Defiance Bay faction quests. It just bugs me that he's ALWAYS there in the same spot with the same crowd of people, riling them up in the same way. I mean, with the actors in Copperlane it makes sense - there's only the one ampitheater for them to perform in and all, but at least they're always doing different plays (and it's amusing to hear your party comment on the plays if you stick around to watch them). But that guy riling up the crowd in that exact spot feels a bit too artificial to me. We should be seeing him popping up in different parts of the district on different loads, riling up different crowds at least.
  4. Not only that, but Durance gives a big speech when you first meet him about how he's beyond all the petty politics of the world, and is just going to follow the player because he thinks it's what his goddess wants of him. He has a whole "I don't care about your race, sex, or politics" thing he says, and is very adamant about it. I mean, Durance is adamant about EVERYTHING, so no surprise there, but he seemed especially adamant about this part.
  5. The easiest analogue for Raedric in my mind is Stannis Baratheon from ASOIAF/Game of Thrones. They're both very lawfully minded characters who will neither exempt themselves from the law nor anyone else, in part because they feel justified in whatever it is they do because they include themselves in the category of "MUST follow the letter of the law". It means they're highly unyielding characters who, when circumstances don't go their way for too long, tend to break rather bend and adapt. You can totally see that with Raedric. Everything went to **** after Waidwen got blown up and he tried a bunch of things and absolutely nothing worked, so now he's in broken "kill everything until this nightmare ends" mode. But he IS honest about it. That's what people thinking Raedric supporters are evil aren't weighing as heavily I think. It's that fundamental honesty of the situation. Raedric's a definite detriment to Gilded Vale, for sure, but Kolsc is constantly lying to the player, the people around him, and using them toward his own power-hungry ends. There's so much manipulation there that I tend to think people who support Raedric are doing so mostly because at least the despot deals squarely with them. An honest **** being better than a dishonest one and all that, even if the dishonest one is probably the better choice in the long run. Also, I think there's a game mechanics inspired backwards justification going on here too. I know when I first started out, I tried taking on Raedric a few times and just couldn't do it, even on normal difficulty. That party around him is just too high level, well equipped, and well composed for when you can get to Raedric early on, and Kolsc is so much easier to take down and finish the quest. In order to take on Raedric you almost certainly have to leave and come back to him later on when you're better equipped and have some more levels under your belt. Since that's the case, it does seem odd that we can't imprison either Raedric or Kolsc in the dungeons of Caed Nua. I mean, there's really no way to beat Raedric until you've at least obtained ownership of Caed Nua in a progression, so it's strange that he's not "prisonerable" in my mind. Hell, he'd seem a prime candidate for a person you'd WANT to imprison - the rightful heir to a province that needs some time in a dungeon to cool off and reflect. Maybe some time in a dungeon would give the guy some perspective on what he's actually done rather than either feeling continually justified in his choices or dying rightfully thinking it was all a plot from a power-hungry relative. I'd even nominate that if you went down that path, Raedric would make a fine candidate for a party member. If you break him down in a dungeon for a while, he could see that he has to redeem himself for what he's done, and to actually pursue the causes for Waidwen's Legacy with the player, since most people who get to know the new Watcher in town do eventually seem to realize that the PC is probably the person best on the path to actually solving the Legacy more than most. Other thoughts on Raedric: 1. Since there's obviously an animation of Raedric sitting in a throne, this should be cannibalized so the player can sit on the throne of Caed Nua. 2. I love that if you side with him you can mention later on in the Blood Legacy quest that you "know a certain noble who's recently single". Dark humor at it's finest.
  6. I actually agree with this post, but I also think that having new skills could enhance the game. The only thing is to have skills that make sense and are both useful and interesting. I wouldn't want them to include new skills unless those skills added something substantial to the game. Otherwise, just put the effort into doing something else in x-pacs and sequels. Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm thinking too ultimately. I mean, the skills that are all in the game have plenty of use (survival feels like it could have a more active effect sometimes but as a passive skill it CAN be very useful if you plan it right, especially for fighters) and they cover almost all of the bases I can generally think of, but I'm also trying to think long term here too. If there are going to be four expansions raising the level cap by two levels each, and each level gives you 6 skill points that's 4x2x6=48 more skill points per character by the end of a full playthrough down the road. While the costs of the skills to rank up do get quadratically higher, it's still going to mean that by level 20, most every character's going to either be having sixes - sevens all around or max out a couple of their skills. While some skills certainly have value to be maxed out for one or two characters - you're always going to want to have one person with maxed mechanics, and one scout with rank 10 stealth will always be handy - often you just don't need to max a lot of them for the most part, especially with Athletics hitting diminishing returns very quickly. Having one or two new skills will bring back more of the deliberate character building choice into the picture - do you specialize this character, or make them a generalist all around? But yes, whatever skills that might be added would have to bring some true utility or allow for playing the game in a new way or with a new angle, or why add them at all? So the question becomes, what's a good skill to add to PoE in addition to what's already here - Stealth, Athletics, Lore, Mechanics, and Survival - and which isn't already a mechanic based on primary stats - like concentration or conversation modifiers that effectively account for most "social skills"? Since it's a CRPG of a very tabletop mold, I'm trying to think of what's in your standard tabletop game that's not represented in PoE too. So far, all I've really got is Appraisal. It's a bit weak perhaps, but it could be multi-functional for any character type and useful if it did multiple things like I was describing above. Healing/First Aid would be a good skill to have, but it's already a Talent (though I think it would probably be better served as a skill that uses a limited use item). There aren't mounts, so anything like Animal Handling or Ride is out. Crafting would be cool, but most of what could be crafted as a skill is already available freely in the game for the most part, and so would only make sense to be added literally to create weapons or armor. Grappling could be a skill. But that would involve adding some kind of complicated grappling combat sub-system and would be entirely dependent on that (in addition to maybe modifying climbing interactions). If someone had an idea on how that could work I'd be down to hear it. I'd have to think of a way for that to work for a while. There could be a skill that kind of functions as a general modifier to the engagement system - Tactics. It could raise disengagement defense and add extra disengagement attacks for enemies that disengage as you raise it generally, and allow for enhanced awareness on enemy spell aiming and movement pathing outside of combat (when in search mode you could see little directional arrows coming out of wandering enemies showing you where they're headed before they move there). I dunno, that's sort of a nebulous add on idea. I dunno. I feel like there's at least one potentially good skill out there, and want to see if anyone else has an idea.
  7. So I've been thinking of starting a few threads about stuff the community would like to see in the upcoming expansions/DLCs going forward under different various topics. I think it's safe to assume we're going to be seeing 4 DLC's/Expansions at a minimum, due to the level increase increment stated in the White March Part 1. If it's raising the cap by 2 to 14, it can probably be expected that Part 2 will raise it to 16, and I doubt we'll see a stop there and assume that the final level cap will be at 20. So that's a lot of content coming down the pipe, and plenty of time to suggest/opine/discuss stuff we might like to see added to the game now that we've had some time with it. So . . . NEW SKILLS! One of the things I'm especially wondering about is how the Skill system is going to stay balanced as the higher levels come in, especially since the current soft cap of 10 levels in any skill is more than enough for anything you could want to use that skill for. I mean, if you max out Mechanics at 10, while there may be some new level 10 traps and locks here and there, are they really going to be adding level 11 and 12 locks and traps? While Lore going up makes more sense (for higher spell level scrolls), what's the real benefit for going higher than 10 in Athletics or Stealth. At those levels you're already way beyond the skill's average utility bonus. But you're still going to get six points for skills every level, and so it seems like every character is going to just max out all their skills by the time they reach level 20 once all 4 expansions are done . . . unless new skills are added. Adding new skills is really the only way I can foresee making the Skill system going forward into the higher levels stay relevant, so what are they going be? What do you want to see? What would make for a good skill in PoE that isn't already in the game that would match how the skill system in PoE works already (as in, there's both a definite Conversation possible effect AND a definite in-game mechanical effect, either passive or active)? For myself, the skill idea I've been mulling over is skill to affect the trading aspect of the game (not that you can't get enough money already, though I tend to think the in-game economy needs to get a bit of a rebalance to maybe make it tougher to get quite so much money as you can currently outside of quest rewards and potentially Stronghold taxes, and there DEFINITELY needs to be a system in place for merchants to clear their inventories since they pile up with the junk you sell them). Mostly because trade skills always feels very tabletop-style RPG to me. At the same time, since Perception doesn't seem to affect mechanical detection values (only conversation detection, whereas MEchanics affects ALL other detection values) a skill that ALSO makes some sense to raise there could also make sense. So I'm thinking something along the lines of Appraisal or Assessment might be a good idea for a skill. It could give a direct bonus to cash values (both buying and selling) when trading goods worth over 100 coppers (so it won't work to help raise values on a single sword, but it can on a decent set of armor or a fine or better weapon), and it will split off the detection of hidden caches from being related to Mechanics (which makes sense for detecting traps, but not necessarily anything else that's hidden) and possibly Stealthed enemies (if they're ever added to the game, which would be pretty cool if they were in my opinion). Now I have read from earlier Fallout related stuff that Mr. Sawyer doesn't like boring "Barter" skills that just give you a flat cash modifier. So I'm thinking Appraisal/Assessment could be related to a new, more active ability - Haggle. A per rest ability that allows the player to attempt to raise or lower the prices on a trade with a merchant based on a skill check: of the Appraisal skill. The idea being that when you make a trade with a merchant, rather than just buying the goods at the agreed upon price as normal, you can also try to haggle with them instead, and then the game will make a roll here - if it fails, the price you pay goes up rather than down by the potential modifier, if it succeeds you get your Appraisal modifier added to the transaction and if you critically succeed you get your modifier doubled. Haggling would be an alternate option to just buying and not back out-able (once you select it your stuck with the results), and like I said, you'd only get to use it a certain number of times per rest (based on the PC's Appraisal skill value). The total potential modifier amount would be affected by the whole party's total Appraisal skill (so there's a reason to potentially raise it for characters other than your PC). It would look something like this: Appraisal Rank 1 - 1 Haggle Attempt per rest at a 5% modifier, Detect Level 1 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 2 - 1 Haggle Attempt per rest at a 10% modifier, Detect Level 2 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 3 - 2 Haggle Attempts per rest at a 13% modifier, Detect Level 3 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 4 - 2 Haggle Attempts per rest at a 16% modifier, Detect Level 4 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 5 - 3 Haggle Attempts per rest at 19% modifier, Detect Level 5 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 6 - 3 Haggle attempts per rest at 21% modifier, Detect Level 6 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 7 - 4 Haggle Attempts per rest at 23% modifier, Detect Level 7 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 8 - 4 Haggle Attempts per rest at 25% modifier, Detect Level 8 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 9 - 5 Haggle Attempts per rest at 27% modifier, Detect Level 9 Hidden Objects/Creatures Appraisal Rank 10 - 5 Haggle Attempts per rest at 30% modifier, Detect Level 10 Hidden Objects/Creatures But then, that's just one idea for potential new skills, what are yours?
  8. More like Paladin Josh Sawyer, from the Order of Balance. I really hope that breastplate becomes an item somewhere down the line. Yeah, while I'm sure people will actually play as Barbs with breastplates on and such, for the portrait, a big honkin' breastplate does not "Barbarian" yell. Also, I didn't realize that was supposed to be Sawyer. Neat!
  9. So, after I saved the Vailian merchant from the Doemenals and they started their war against me, and after having dealt with hit squads coming from them for a while I decided to return the favor and wipe out the Doemenals at their mansion. I did so, killing everyone in Doemenal manor and then looted the place clean, except for the safe, due to this strange skill check requirement bug. Basically, I have a Rogue-like Priest of Skaen in my party, who has a Mechanics level of six, currently (I think he's sixth level, as he's a bit behind the rest of my seventh level party since he was recruited after my actual rogue died to a trap - playing on Triple Crown mode - Path of the Damned, Expert Mode, and Trial of Iron). The Skill check on the Doemenal safe is for level 7 Mechanics, or level 6 but with 7 lockpicks. I have 10 lockpicks currently possessed by my Rogue-like Priest, so this shouldn't be a problem, but whenever I try to pick the lock, it fails. I tried quitting and reloading in case it was some kind of weird issue on loading into that area that time, but upon reloading the problem persisted. This seems to be a bug, as I've picked other level 7 locks with lockpicks prior to this action. I don't know if the bug is a mislabeling of the Safe's skill check (i.e. that it's actually a level 8 skill check labeled as 7), or that there's just something broken here. I was able to disable the trap on the safe already however (I think it was an arrow trap). Steps to reproduce: 1. Create a character with Mechanics skill level 6 or get another character to Mechanics skill level 6. 2. Go to Doemenal Manor, and proceed to the 2nd floor (if hated by them, this may involve fighting). 3. On the second floor, to the east side of the manor, there is a safe, go into sneaking mode and disarm the trap on the safe. 4. Ensuring that you have more than seven lockpicks, but only a character with Mechanics level six, attempt to unlock the safe which is labeled as requiring 7 Mechanics Skill or 6 Mechanics skill and 7 Lockpicks. 5. Notice that despite meeting the 6 Mechanics Skill + 7 Lockpicks requirement, the lock refuses to open up. Screenshots attached.
  10. Right. Prone just means "lying on the ground." If drakes and such were immune to Prone, that would preclude the image of a fighter leaping into the air and smashing them into the ground with a single blow, as well as elegant spells like Call to Slumber. That would make the game less awesome. If the price of being awesome is that I have to assume that Slicken coats a Drake's wings, making them unable to gain lift, and that makes the game even more awesome ... awesome. Well, then what's needed isn't a knockdown immunity for drakes, just new unique animations for certain ability scenarios. I mean, you just described something I now totally want in the game - leaping fighters bashing dragons into the ground! That said, ghosts should probably be immune to knockdown considering they're kind of always floating. I can buy physical attacks slowly dispersing their ectoplasmic forms just fine, but they're basically already masters of levitating. And in general, some enemies having certain immunities and particular weaknesses often not only makes sense in a "logical" way, but yeah, it also improves gameplay complexity and can make fights a LOT more interesting.
  11. This was all in some earlier version of the game for sure. You can definitely tell because of the upgrades you can make to Brighthollow which are totally functionless in the release game would only make sense if these restrictions were in place, hence why they were originally made. I for one just think both systems need to be in the game, just as restricted stash access is in the game, and flipped on or off in the options menu. I mean, they already have like, 98% of the system in place to restrict enchantments/upgrades in the game. They just need to make them a set of conditions that can be accessed by the player, perhaps with a couple new UI buttons in some places (like one so when you camp there's a "cook" button next to "stash", "rest" and "cancel", and probably some unique access art for hearths in the game, forges and the like. If restricted enchanting/crafting were in place it would give so much more importance to certain choices in the game. For instance, which of the 3 main factions do you choose in Defiance Bay? Well, one of them has access to a huge impressive forge that probably means you can upgrade quality to max status, so there's a good reason to choose them in a mechanics sense rather than just a "I like these guys" sense. Similarly, if they restricted Build a Party member recruitment at inns so that you could only get one at any inn in the game with the exception of the Adventurer's hall in Defiance Bay, it'd give choosing them a lot more meaning too. In general I tend to find that restrictions bring a sense of meaning, removing restrictions is only good for convenience. I tend to think meaning is more important than convenience in an RPG centered around player choice, myself. Also, while on the subject of requests about enchanting . . . CAN WE PLEASE GET SOME MORE SHIELD ENCHANTMENTS???? I mean, three things: #1 - Shield Bashing is in the game, but so far as I have found, only occurs on one unique shield. Which is ridiculous. How in the world is it the case that a shield needs unique properties for me to shove it in some Xaurip's snout? #2 - These stick out like a sore thumb as something obviously not consistent with the rest of the enchanting system. #3 - In case there need to be some suggestions for "well what would you enchant a shield with, anyway?" here: - Absorbing (Damage Type) (Lesser/Greater) - Shield absorbs some small percentage of attacks from one of the elemental types as endurance for the wielder. - Reflecting (Damage Type) - Shield has a percent chance to reflect assigned damage type back at enemies. - Bashing (Damage Type) - All Bashing does base crush damage, but you can add a bash lash onto shields too, but this only applies to large shields. - Hurling (Damage Type) - Allows user to throw their shield at enemies as an impromptu attack once per combat, but only small/medium shields - Unique enchantments like "Charging" which absorb energy attack energy to grant more Cipher power or refresh an expired ability et cetera, or "Taunting" which makes the wielder of the shield higher as a target priority.
  12. As far as I know, no. There's portraits, and a few people have made or are making voice replacers. On the Nexus there are a few mods that are more technical, a couple of personal balance shifts roughly hacked in, and a save state editor, and I think one person managed to make a way for people to look at and edit dialogue files a bit more easily. But aside from those things, there are no major mods due to the way the game's been constructed. Pre-rendered backgrounds made mostly in Maya and not with tilesets but unique art means only a seriously pro artist could possibly make new maps, and it seems you'd need to have a full version of Unity 4 and a strong working knowledge of programming to alter a lot of the core mechanics. Basically, if you have the skills to mod PoE in the more fundamental ways, you'd probably be better off just applying for a job at Obsidian and working on the game officially, and you're probably a person already busy making your own games anyway, so why mod it?
  13. I feel like you don't really get it. This isn't an MMO, it's not an FPS, it's not a tactical simulation, it's not The Witcher, etc. I believe that the vast majority of people aren't playing this to "beat it", top the leaderboards, find the best race/class/talent tree/etc combo, snipe some guy in the head, or whatever. Maybe I'm wrong. It doesn't matter because even if they are, this isn't that kind of game. This isn't that kind of game. "Common sense" means all wizards studied in a white tower, all elves are archers from the forest, and there's no such thing as soul power. This isn't that kind of game. This is a computerized version of a table-top role-playing game. Let me say that again: This is a computerized version of a table-top role playing game. I'm not trying to be a pedantic jack-a**. Honestly, I'm not. I trying to suggest the correct mind set to you. No one is disagreeing that your ideas and assertions aren't correct in certain contexts. What we're saying is that this isn't one of those contexts. I could probably write a multi-page post explaining what the developers are trying to achieve, the target demographics, financial and marketing concerns, the historical development of the series and it's predecessors, the history of table top rpgs and subsequent evolution of crpgs, but neither I, you nor anyone else likely wants to read that. I certainly would rather play my estoc wielding barbarian instead. So, I'll just say this: This isn't that kind of game. Look, I'm coming from tabletop too, so it's not like I don't get the "purpose" behind this game. So let me put this another way: aside from money-making/marketing reasons, why do you think there are updates to table top rulesets? It's because sometimes certain ideas don't work, whether for balance reasons, or for the current ruleset not promoting the intended style of play that the game's writer's wanted. I get that there's a philosophy in PoE to allow total weapon use for all classes. That sure seems like something I've read from the devs online. Specifically Sawyer saying that (though I can't remember where I read it, to be fair). What I'm talking about here isn't about altering this philosophy, but just balance, pure and simple. Stilettos have a DR ignoring ability along with a fast attack speed that makes them particularly effective for the Carnage ability; I can see why that might be a balance problem. That is if, and I agree that this is an if here, the devs would agree that this may be an oversight/balance issue. I'm not sure of it myself even because even though I have rolled a Barb, I didn't use stilettos with him (I might now though). If the devs don't think it's an issue, then fine, it isn't one. But saying "you just don't get it man" because you disagree that it's a balance concern is pretty presumptive. If you think this is a game that doesn't want to stay balanced, then I'm afraid I'm not the one misunderstanding what type of game this is. Every decent game designer I've ever met, read, or listened to understands the importance of a balanced game, whether single player or multi-player. If this game didn't have a modicum of balance in mind, then every fighter should have unlimited knockdown attacks that have a 100% hit rate, friendly fire should be turned off, and you should be able to win any battle with your one magic spell "Greater Battle Winning".
  14. OK, so this list is great and all, but there are a lot of ??? sections on it that I think I might be able to clear up. I've been going through the player VO files today, and after some comparative analysis of the different audio files from the personality sets I think I've figured out some more specificity on parts of the VO line list. Which I bring up because it might be a bit problematic if anyone wants the above list as an exact guide to making their own VO's for their characters (which is something I'm working on for myself right now), so I figured I'd help out and do a little clarification on some of the vaguer sections of the list if anyone wants to follow this up on their own at home with a mic and wants to strive for maximum accuracy (which I do for myself anyway). To be fair, these are in a couple of sections where you put up question marks primarily, and these audio files are certainly NOT clearly labeled with the related actions, so it's still a bit of guess work on my part based on the the context of the VOs themselves and from playing the game for a bit. But I think I have at least a few things figured out that add on to Rokem's earlier list. So . . . VO's 1-21, as far as I can tell, Rokem got all of these dead on the money. I do think VO lines 10-12 "Wounded" and 13-15 "Taking Hits/Damage" have more specific triggers than those listed though. Because later on in the VO lists, on lines 45-50 there are also a bunch of "taking hits" sounds. Near as I can figure, the 45-50 lines are specifically sounds that play when the character takes hits in melee engagement that aren't special attacks or critical attacks from enemies, and only from normal hits, while the 13-15"Taking Hits/Damage" are from either critical hits, or enemy special attacks/spells. I'm not sure whether or not the "wounded" VO's trigger on hit or when the player's HP/Endurance hits a certain threshold though. The big area on this list that needs more clarity are VO lines _0022 - _0029. They are NOT all Ally falls messages, or at least, not exactly. VO Lines _0022 - _0024 are I think, much more specifically when your ally actually DIES, or is maimed. These lines have a lot more urgency and worry in them (except for the Sinister voice set, who consistently has the opposite reaction from the other four sets) and more than one refer to death specifically. Line _0025 isn't an "Ally falls" line I think, but an "ally at low health" or possibly a "heal ally" line. They all sound less about an ally going down, and more that they need to rally. Lines _0026 - _0028 are "Ally KO'd" lines that play when allies get KO'd in combat, but not killed. There's a lot less urgency in these lines, and I hear these most often in combat when playing myself, while I'm pretty sure I only ever heard the 22-24 lines when I had a character die a couple of times (once Eder got maimed in my first game, and then I lost a Rogue I made to a nasty trap the other day on my current game). Line _0029 is definitely not an "Ally falls" callout. It's the "Can't get through Enemy defense" callout. I've heard this enough in-game to know for sure something was wrong with the above list when this specific callout wasn't on it. And oh my god, I wish there was some variation on this callout. You can hear it all the time on Path of the Damned. Line _0030 I think is more specifically for a Special Attack or Critical hit confirmation, like a Fighter knockdown, or rogue Blind attack. Perhaps even a critical hit kill. Line _0031 is more specifically for a special attack or spell miss/failure, not just a general attack miss. Lines 32 - 62 are accurate as far as I can tell. A couple of these lines are weird in that I don't think they'll actually play in game because I don't think the conditions to allow them to play exist in normal functionality any more. Specifically the "Leaving Party" line 42, since you remove group members through menus rather than through some kind of dialogue system and it automatically exchanges them while the game state is frozen, and line 44, "Retreating" since I don't know how one can actually trigger a "retreat" condition other than running away from an enemy until you get out of aggro range, and whenever that's happened in my game, I've never heard the line play. Line 32, "Encumbered" is a strange holdover that still has a play condition in the game, even though it's rare as hell, because you only ever trigger it if you forcibly try to add an inventory item to a party member whose personal inventory is filled, which since the game auto-stashes things when inventories are full, is a very rare event. I'm ALSO not sure what exactly lines 63-65 pertain to. They seem to be battle cries when the PC is in a kind of spirit form or hyper-mode. However, after looking at some of the generic_male_paladin files, I think these are exhortations. I can't confirm until I get a Paladin myself into a higher level, but this seems correct. 63 and 64 are team focused Exhortations, and I think 65 is very specifically the Paladin's Sworn Enemy yell. Lines _0066 - _0068 are definitely chant phrases, not just normal spell call outs. Likewise, _0069 - _0071 are Chanter invocations. All of these chanter VOs are all also very specifically the same words for all of the voice sets (the same with the earlier spells too, actually). I'm pretty sure these are Chant phrases as opposed to normal spell magic words primarily due to the male_noble voice set, which you can hear a stronger sense of rhythm in these cast VO's than in the earlier arcane spell VOs. 69-71 are all also very quick, so they seem to only really fit the shouts/invocation commands. I have no idea what Line _0072 is more specifically other than "long spell" either. It might be the longer chant phrases maybe? Oh, and fun little thing I noticed: the sinister sets (both male and female) have an extra 73rd line compared to the other sets which stop at 72. It's of them groaning/sighing in disdain, which might be a little hidden VO for clicking on them repeatedly maybe? Anyway, hope this helps anyone else who might be thinking of making their own VO's for the game!
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