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  1. Cipher is the go to melee/magic class it seems - I haven't played around with then enough to offer a really solid opinion though. If you're game, you could try a dps fighter and put a heap of points in lore. I know a lot of people here would scoff at the idea but it's pretty interesting in my opinion.
  2. I played a Moon-Godlike Monk and found her to be a pretty consistent damage dealer. I went the unarmed/fists route. Downside - I found it hard to become wounded as the game progressed and my party became stronger. It got to a point where I'd go into battle and had no chance to use my special abilities. I ended up sending her in with Eder, just so she could get hit. Even then it didn't always work.
  3. I've tried swapping them around, and found that Intellect was the most useful for me. I think duration of spells makes a huge difference in a battle - kind of annoyed me when a spell fizzled too early due to a lower than optimal Intellect score.
  4. Try not to pay attention to anyone's advice regarding class/race/attributes etc. You'll have a much better time choosing a character you're drawn to, and experimenting with your own choice of skills than trying to replicate someone's idea of a 'good' build.
  5. Actually, I found a number of pieces of music to be memorable. I remember the sounding a lot like music from the BG1/2 games. I agree. I actually love the music in the stronghold. I sometimes travel there just to listen to it
  6. The cap doesn't bother me so much - as long as there is still enough to do in game. I'm still not near completing the game. I've been having shocking cases of restartitis.
  7. Could have sworn there's Rauatai checks with Kana. Or are they considered redundant?
  8. I support this simply because I'm bored of fighting spiders in RPGs! I hope for the sake of our arachnophobic friends that a mod emerges.
  9. So far I've used a mixture of both. I'm not a huge fan of the companions provided, and may even restart with a custom party. I like the idea of making a party of dwarfs, and giving them all the same culture - kind of like a LoTR adventure party.
  10. Your point could have been so much better without the hostility and insults.
  11. I paid 47 AUD for it. I was a huge fan of the old IE isometric games, so for me it has been worth every cent. I'm actually a long way from finishing it, but have gotten enough solid enjoyment going through trying the different character styles.
  12. Hmm this is interesting. For me, enemies are rarely lured away alone - most of the time they have the support of their mob stroll in from fog of war. Maybe I'm just terrible at luring?
  13. Well, when you think about it your choices in character creation have made a huge impact to your experience. You dumped perception and resolve and your front line warrior is getting knocked down a lot. I think it's unreasonable to assume the developers should have regard to the millions of different potential role play ideas that people may come up with. I always have a general idea of the way I want to role play a character. The only thing you can do is adjust the attributes as close as the game allows.
  14. I think you have to be careful to choose the right skills with a ranger. If you do that, they can be pretty powerful. No complaints here.
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