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  1. When this spell 'hits' it does 0.0 sec duration on a prone effect. Whats wrong with this?
  2. Im a bit bored at hard. ~level 8m around level 12 Caed Nua it is a breeze everything gets flattened.
  3. Also confusion is good maybe they just need to reduce damage done from x4 to x2 or x2.5 thats all Even if someone dies you rez and he s up and running with all the buffs he had before.
  4. Its not save or lose, resurrection scrolls are available everywhere and you can even craft them. When one or two of your chars die, its not the end of the game. maybe you just need to adapt to the thought that fort is that much more important then everything else and maximize it. i e take paladin class, take the talents, at least two of which improve fort and fort vs petrification. max con/might. improved faith talent etc
  5. Some workarounds: have a paladin with proper build, have more people maxed on might/con, take the talents like fortitude and body control and most importantly have multiple sources of healing and resurrection. petrify is stronk... no denying that. It may be that fort is just a much more important save then everything else. The way the game works? meta Im just curious how much acc do these attacks have endgame and how much fort can you get. Need a proper test for that.
  6. Spreading plague (druid spell) debuffs will and fort by 20, no save allowed and its also available through a magic item in the Ondra's Gift Defiance Bay. Some sort of gloves which give you 3 per rest plague and 3 per rest someting else. Anyway, maxed might/con character, especially paladin with proper talents including body control should have very little trouble with petrification. Build your characters appropriately then complain :D
  7. Resting should go away just make the partyb fresh after each combat and reduce the trash fight amount, need some decent fights. i ve been hearing that lighthouse is difficult etc, then i just walked over this fight... losing interest rapidly 2 rest + loading screens time wasting + ironman = gg wp i just iroll20s rest
  8. But then you just confuse a bunch of things and keep smacking them while they are standing still and looking stupid Im curious whether they can attack YOU under confusion or not?
  9. Disciplined barrage is a bit short lived with 1 x encounter 15 seconds. You may want much more then that in the big boss fights. Its like 3-4 2h hits? Now, the accuracy system isnt very explained in the game and you may want to know how much better is +10 here you go: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421746362 If you take fighter w/o disciplined barrage (lasts for like 3 hits?) and compare with the sworn enemy pala, the pala will be getting like ~1.5 times better DPS against the Adra dragon. I think Pala could qualify as a single target assassin with a bunch of support abilities. Btw how many res scrolls can you buy throughout the whole game?
  10. The ability gives pala +15 acc (for a total 10 above fighter's) and i think 1.2 x attack speed vs selected target. This can be extremely much more dps esp against high deflection opponents. Like you know 2 times diffirence So pala can make a very good focus attacker especially when maxed on dps. Against the bosses you want to defeat especially . res power on a priest is ~ 2 character levels later then on a pala btw the +6 attack aura is bit redundant with the priest,s lv1 spell
  11. Can the opponents do anything to me at all if i make them confused and then even attack them overriding friendliness(A key)?
  12. The paldins have sworn enemy which is ballzy especially against the single tough bosses. Accuracy and damage way ahead of the fighter. They also have a nice healing power, resurrection power, kinda weak but still nice aura and the sworn enemy is very ballz. I have 2 fighters and a paladin. The paladin is might/dex/con/int maxed 2 handed damager. And it isnt trying to simulate a fighter tank, instead it went for max damage. maybe the revive scrolls are a bit abundant for the game as a whole and the resurrection the paladins get isnt this valuable as a result. Palas could ve been more useful if you couldnt buy resurrection scrolls. But still res power and negame afflictions power are good.
  13. Deflection wizard is just sitting there under alacrity spilling magic everywhere godmode on. No idea what you are talking about. 170 deflection anyone? lolz every serious fight becomes a cakewalk 210 deflection disengagement. That Adra dragon and the final boss cant hit it?
  14. I like the writing too and the locations are gorgeous. The biggest gripe is that there s too many boring fights. Everything s great but few things: 1)many boring trash fights 2)some spells are bugged (woodskin) 3)bad balance (prone spells imba, even slicken). Priest seals usable mid combat with +30-40 accuracy bonus because reasons? 4)pathfinding
  15. 1) Woodskin (lvl 2 druid spell) doesn't give shock resistance +6 when you are wearing full plate armor. 2) Priest seal spells can be cast in combat and act as ordinary aoe nuke/CC but they seem to have ~+30-40 accuracy for some reason. I suspect it being hazard aoe. This is a big balance loophole. Also.. could you guys rebalance Prone spells a bit. Only the later spells should actually do Prone. like the Druid's Maws spell. Slicken at level 1 is bit overpowered.
  16. Slicken is bit op i think as well. Really, all huge aoe prone spells seem to be OP. Even more so if it is level 1 spell lol!
  17. THey must be very good damage dealers because they have max acc like rangers and monks and they have weap specialization perks.
  18. Slicken is OP, fan of flames is solid, expeditious retreat is awesome for that disengagement bonus and outrinning everything. The +15 spell is important as well. lvl 1 is still weak because.. its lvl1 but it has its spells which see use all game long.
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