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  1. I'm still hoping for a game like FO:NV, Vampire Bloodlines or a Skyrim-like game set in the PoE universe (or any other IP they'd like to come up with). I think Tyranny went into the Dragon Age 2 / TeS direction, which is also really cool and exciting for me. Honestly, as long as their games evolve the way they do, I'll be happy. I think the industry went away from cRPGs for a reason. It was nice to have something to feed the nostalgia, but PoE was enough for me. I was very glad that Tyranny moved on.
  2. NOOOO! I'm getting this bug as well, and cannot continue the quest I had the fight, but there was nothing after that. The fight just ended. I tried going to Stalwart and talking to the people there, but no one had anything to say. I came back and I can't do anything in the Forge room. The Forge is active and the Adra pillar is active as well, but I can only click on two Tables (which I already looted): I also got the achivement for activating the Forge. I have no previous savegames, it's Trial of Iron https://www.dropbox.com/s/e9ofsi4c56pki85/d937b56e34fd4a40ba4139e3dbc785fe%2012879218%20TheFoundry.savegame?dl=0 LE: I have updated to 3.02 beta. After that, I could interact with the Adra Pillar and trigger the dialogue with the dwarven spirits. Yay! Everything looks good now!
  3. I didn't play part I until part II came out as well, and I wanted to say that I notice an increase in quality over the original PoE, and that gladdens me. It started with "little things" like NPCs looking more like they're alive (like the villagers having mixed feelings during combat, some of them shouting "We can take em!", others fleeing for their lives even as reinforcements have arrived, or bringing buckets of water to put out a fire) and more voiced dialogue. I haven't gotten very far into the White March story yet, but what I've seen so far makes me wonder how I can go back to the original PoE.
  4. Yeah, for all the flaws of Dragon Age Origins, I thought their AI command system was pretty good. Choose what skill / item to use in relation to enemy HP / ally or self HP. I wonder, is that a hard thing to implement? I see it in very few games and I think it's quite a good system.
  5. I dunno, man. I would suggest you simply disable that and keep them on Defensive. This will allow them to get new targets to attack without moving around too much, which I think fixed a lot of the boredom you had to endure while micromanaging autoattacks every time a target died. You should know that if you pick any of the minor skills when leveling up (like the minor Ranger hobble on your rogue), the AI will never use those (I guess they're not recognized). I keep my tanks (Eder and Pallegina) on Aggressive behaviour, because otherwise they do not use knockdown / Flames of Devotion. With that behaviour, they don't use Vigorous Defense / Lay on Hand though. So either way you have to use one skill or another. Kana is too dumb, I really suggest just keeping him Defensive. He will summon things (he really prefers Skeletons even though you have better options) behind the party, where they can't reach the fight. I tried putting Aloth on Aggressive (with per rest disabled) so he would use Arcane Assault all by himself, but he's too bad at aiming it. He just uses it as soon as he's in combat, so usually the enemies will just move away and it will hit nothing. I absolutely do not recommend letting your mages / druids cast things on their own, they are awful at it. Durance is pretty bad with any AI settings. He really has no clue when / what he needs to cast. If you wait for the AI to cast heals, your party will be dead in no time. He casts Prayer against... reliably but that's pretty much it. I wouldn't allow him to use per rest abilities though. Ranged Rogues are the best at giving them AI behavior, they can't really screw up. Do NOT use it as melee though, they want to use Escape to engage enemies and it tends to get them killed.
  6. Oh, okay That's pretty annoying, the AI keeps using it instead of the Phantom. Will using IE mod still allow me to get Steam achievements?
  7. I am confused. I have retrained him 3 times now. I have never picked it while leveling up. Why does he keep having it every time I reload my save game?
  8. I didn't mind the old system and I don't mind the old one. If you need a spell you use it, if you don't, you don't. Everyone has nice per encounter skills you can start with and decide what you need to do next. It's obvious when a big fight is coming up and when you need to start by buffing everyone as soon as the fight begins.
  9. Bethesda should be ashamed. They had seven years to work on FO4 and Obsidian did an absolutely amazing job in far less time. What did Bethesda deliver? Radiant quests, FILLER CONTENT EVERYWHERE (Minutemen: Filler, the campaign), you have to do at least 6 filler quests for the Railroad before you get the ability to add ballistic weave to clothing (which is the only way you can look stylish and be protected at higher levels). The dialogue is a complete joke (you get 4 options all the time, no skill related options, no stat related options, and the amount of filler dialogue is just disgusting. You can say "I'm not sure" when an NPC asks you if you want a radiant quest. What the hell do you mean, you're not sure?! Either you WANT to do a menial fetch quest for me (no I won't tell you where anyway) or you DON'T! Ehh I have so many problems with FO4, I can't believe I made myself actually finish it. Meanwhile, I have played FONV 8 times and loved every playthrough. Obsidian is the best.
  10. Jesus Christ what an impossible poll. I went with Vampire, KOTOR and Fallout, in that order. Of course I wouldn't mind another PIllars of Eternity or NWN, but for me those 3 are simply a must. It's Obsidian's divine quest to make those games. Fallout needs to be saved from Bethesda. KOTOR needs to be saved from Bioware. Find a way, guys.
  11. I'd just like to say that there's no other game that would make me pay 70 euros for it. Kickstarter or not. I loved Bloodlines. Just promise us you'll keep it in development for as long as it needs to be. 10 years later and I'll want to play it. There has been no game like Vampire Bloodlines for me ever since. Fallout New Vegas was close, and now that Fallout 4 came out, everyone can clearly see which developers made FONV awesome.
  12. Great work peeps. Really glad we can respec followers when we get them! Balance looks better, was still hoping for some changes to Phantoms, Charm and and Confuse though :D
  13. I'd like to see none of those removed. Instead, I want some of them expanded upon so they can be better. Also, whining about Take Everything simply makes you a pretentious douche, lol.
  14. Pretty clear that it's a bash article, and bashing done with enthusiasm. I am seriously bored of people bashing on things for views, but that's "press" nowadays I guess. Unfortunately, he also did his homework and basically everything in the review about ****ty combat is kind of true. His comments on character creation could have been even worse if he figured out that you can MIN Perception on all your characters and you only get benefits from it. It sucks that it came out before patch 1.05 which is supposed to balance things. I wish Obsidian got at least this chance to make it right. Also, In all honesty, developers should read this article and decide what changes they want to do for the future. It could be a good thing, if it was a learning experience.
  15. Are you fighting the Adra Dragon? That is the only area where I have experienced this. Everywhere else, they behave normally. If there are only melee enemies, I usually put my people in formation and wait for them to come to me and it works without a problem. But in the Adra Dragon room, they all just start running to attack something unless they have a queue full of orders.
  16. Been waiting for this too, I thought it would be up this week :D
  17. I'd love MP, at least to have someone controlling the companions. Or at least a decent AI.
  18. I'm not really happy with game balance, but the game is perfectly playable. I have ran into bugs, and reported them, but honestly it was nothing even close to game breaking. I simply report them because I think it might help, not because it's crucial that they get fixed. Go ahead and play it till the end
  19. Once you hit level 11 on your Priest you will get a spell that casts pretty fast and gives you +50 defense against Charm/Dominate, in most fights you will be able to cast it before you get hit. Even with that though, it will still happen. At the end of the day, the random roll means a lot too. I was fighting a tough boss earlier, his attack targeted Eder's Reflex (132) with an Accuracy of 101, it rolled a perfect 100 and my high defense didn't do much anyway, because of random luck. It's the major crime of this type of game and the reason I don't really enjoy their gameplay.
  20. Wary defender (+10), Munacra Arret (+15), Outworn Bucker (on my Paladin, +5), The rest not sure, he has 13 Resolve and no Resolve bonus from items, Could have had more I guess if I enchanted for Resolve.
  21. 67 is low. My Eder has 89 base, plus 10 from Kana's chant, and Mental Fortress, and he still gets Charmed 100% of the time from Fampyrs. But don't take it too seriously, the more I play on PotD the more I realise that they took balance as a joke.
  22. When the fight starts, i have everyone run back so I can buff everyone before I attack the dragon (the dragon is active and following me). The problem is, for the first time in the game, the party members just won't take commands. They attack the dragon (or sometimes even adds behind the dragon) even while it's very far away (they run away from the place I told them to stay and move into range). They even ignore the command queue (I set them to buff themselves, but they just use one skill and then start running towards the boss), getting themselves killed. This even happens if I have everyone run back before starting the encounter, and simply having Eder start it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/q5hon9ln8k0e7bb/04bc26ce023841da9cb317f4a11affbc%2014219185%20EndlessPathsofOdNuaLevel15.savegame?dl=0 Here's a savegame. To reproduce, just aggro the boss, and run all the way to the back of the tunnel. Eder uses a Scroll of Protection on everyone and goes way in front and to the left as much as possible (so the dragon isn't facing the rest of the party, as much as possible). Meanwhile, with command queue Durance should be buffing everyone and Aloth should be stacking buffs on himself, the others drinking potions and Kana the Good Friend buff and scrolls. Things should start failing at the very beginning.
  23. Some magazines report that Skyrim sales on all platforms have reached 20m. Even assuming PoE should reach 1m after a few years, which I feel is optimistic... something about that ratio is terribly depressing . It often seems that the worse the game, the better the sales. probably 20 m across all consoles. also skyrim have alot more budget than PoE and it is watered down, simplified RPG that cater to the less intelligent mass, of course it sells more Such a shame, what the genre has degenerated into, that games like Skyrim sell that high, and the insult that they are consindered rpgames. I would be fine with a gaming industry where ES games appealed to a minority of the gamers, but such games being the trend... If I could describe it with 1 word, that would be 'disappointment'. I wish I could see it as a good thing for the future, that Bethesda would use the money to return to their roots and make another great game like Morrowind... but I doubt it. They liked the oversimplification of Skyrim, and I don't think they will stray from it. A pity.
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