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    Do You like smilies? I personally like smilies. I think they make the forums more intresting to read.
  2. I just found out on the ABC 5 o'clock news that George will allow public accsess to clips from the Star Wars films. the film clips will be avalible on starwars.com. I think George is doing this as a way to keep fans intrested in starwars a little while longer before he introduces an adition to the star wars universe.
  3. I say episode V is the best. For once the dark side is on top.
  4. I think you will git more responses from the Bioware K1 forums then here at the Obsidian K2 forums.
  5. I finally got to making a new user. I have to remake all the shortcuts but at least there not disappearing anymore. So I guess the problem is fixed. As to turning the desktop icons invisible. I've had XP for years now and have never come across it nor ever heard of it.
  6. saorry gorgon but your wrong the Discovery Chanel does have a wide varriety of shows. And those building shows you mentioned are now on TLC. The discovery network is several chanels sum are discovery chanel, discovery health, the science chanel, TLC, the military chanel and a bunch of other chanels I can't remember. I'm guesing the wwII shows are now on the military chanel. In sumation it seams you do not watch the Discovery channel.
  7. I encountered a simular problem. It turnened out that my pc's apearence sum how got deselected. So I sugest that you use KSE to change your apperence back to one of the default aperances. I've heard some of the mod aperances do not work when landing on Telos. I think the problem is that the game puts clothes on your pc but the mod doesn't have an apperance for those clothes.
  8. sinse lightning shoots from the fingertips it would first have to move from vader's fingertips through his gloves and then out to the target. Maybe you need real hands to use lightning, and since Vader doesn't have those anymore he cant use lightning. The simplist explination is that Vader simply never learned to use lightning
  9. sarry, but that just dosn't make sense. Why would somone want thier desktop icons to be invisivible? What purpose would it serve? I havn't had a chance to make a new user yet so I don't know if it will work yet.
  10. I think it thought that you were to ugly to saved.
  11. If vader used Force Lightning he would short himself out
  12. I've expirenced this glitch before. I was a sith lord with darkside corruption and only a litle influence with Bao. If I did a DS act Bao would switch to his Slight DS look but when I entered a new area his allignment would be shifted back to neutural.
  13. I had a simular bug before but after about 15 secands the game would close down with an error. I louded my game in KSE and it turned out my PC had no appaerence selected. I solved the issue by selecting one of the unmodded heads and bodys. After that the game returned to it's normal function.
  14. Ok I used the file searcher to look for the files on the C drive and there there. However when I make new shortcuts thier gone when I restart the computer. I'll try to create a new user and see if that fixes the problem.
  15. I tried to refresh the desktop but it didn't do anything. What I lost was everything that was on the desktop. Everything that was in a folder stored on the desktop is now gone.
  16. Anikan looses the ends of all his limbs throughout his life plus is entire body is burned. Douku cut off Anakin's righthand in thier fight on Geonosis. Obiwon cut off Anikins left arm and his legs from is knees down. As far as a fight between Vader and Grevous, Vader would have to reliy hevaly on the force because his machine body is too slow and cumbersome to keep up with Grevous.
  17. no I didn't refresh the desktop. Are you saying that might restore the desktop, or are you saying that it deleated it?
  18. I was playing RCT3 on my computer when the mouse froze for some reason. I then closed the game whith windows task manager. My computer then for some reason froze. I thought if I turned off the computer it would be alright but, the only it would turn off was if I turn of the mainpower switch in the back of the tower. So after hiting the switch off and back on I turned the computer back on. When the cumputer loaded up I found everything on the desktop had bean deleated. Luckly everything directly on the hardrive was still there. So what happened to my computer?
  19. The situation is that your in some sort of Horrendous accident and your left with about 30% of your body still intact. You are given 2 choices to live Do you become Darth Vader? Or Do you become General Grievous? I would choose to become General Grievous because he's faster and more agile than Darth Vader. Plus having 4 arms would be pretty cool.
  20. In K1 I prity much only use Bastila and Jolee, and latter use juhani when Bastila is gone. I always do korriban last because you can't use Bastila there anyways. Candurus can be useful if you powerup his repeating gun and give him master rapid fire. He'll deliver someware around 7 shots. In K1 you had too many Jedis that could esily kill anything and had decent skills. This made using the non jedis seam pointless. K2 I usually use Visas to hack everything down with fury with her db. She would be evan better is she could use Juyo and furry. I also use Kriea for all her force attacks and buffs.
  21. My favorite character is Jolee. He is one funny giy. but GOTO is at the worst charecter of any game I've ever played he's completly useless.
  22. I think you need to have bought the more expensive package. I think you need the hard drive to play xbox games on the 360 but I'm not 100% sure.
  23. Hay I was only making a joke, because spam is also potted meat. I intended to start a discussion of spam (the meat) with a joke. Besides I haven't gotten any messages from the mods condoning the thread.
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    This is a discusion on spam. I prefer my spam slow roasted on a rotisory over an opeon pit fire. LOL So please add your thoughts about the delacasy of spam
  25. fighting with two db's is possible for the game to do. The game has to have a position for a db on each side of the body. the game has to have similar positions on both sides of the body. when duel wielding 2 db's your using both the left side animation and the right side animation. The back end of the lightsabers don't harm the user because the db animation prevents it. The front side of the lightsaber isn't a problem because the game uses duel wield lightsaber animation. the game then then combines the attack animations into one proper looking animation. Ok it's confusing and maybe not 100% correct but it at least is close to how it works.
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