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  1. It really just should scale with level. Like OP said, it's useless outside of Act I. Don't make players regret choosing what through careful consideration seemed like something useful.
  2. I think part of the issue was that videogames became less of a niche market and more of a huge industry. When PC gaming was in its infancy, games like Daggerfall (Bethesda) and studios like Black Isle and Origin and such were daring and required mature audiences (most of whom were smart/nerdy enough to understand how to run them on PCs back then). But when games became a bigger market (chicken and egg scenario regarding societal change and gaming change) and people could do more than play Mario Bros., CRPGs were now too small of a market because only those same smart/nerdy people will (be able to) play them. Why spend money on writing, art, general world-building, etc. when you can license a sports league or make a generic shooter that works cross-platform and appeals to a much larger audience?
  3. Everything in this game is done very well except for economy of supplies. There's never a point after the first 15 minutes of the game where you decide what your party will need to advance. They will always have everything. Every magic item. Every rest stop. Everything. It makes the game ultimately trivial and makes replay value considerably lower.
  4. Rangers are a dumb class IMO. They always do one thing. This game tried to make them a bit different, but in the end they just do one thing still. I also don't understand why every developer needs to include a standard pet class. I can't imagine the cat lady market for CRPGs is that big.
  5. I don't even see the purpose people have in saying that they want the game to stay as is. What do you lose if the game is made more challenging? You can just select different difficulty options. People that think the game is too easy can't change anything without a full mod. Anyway, the real problem here is the XP gain. When developing a character in a game, it doesn't make sense to force players have to skip large parts of the game that develop their character just so that their character isn't fully developed well before the game is finished (and so other parts aren't trivial and it's just a rush to the end) -- and that's exactly what's happening here.
  6. I've come to the conclusion that prone effects can become bugged for some characters. Aloth in my savegame file always inflcits a prone of duration 0.0 seconds. Now that I realized that after seeing that he always inflicts the 0.0 duration effect from both items and spells, I tested other characters. I see now that Eder also has this bug and will always, regardless of item or ability, inflict a 0.0 duration prone effect for any item or ability that causes prone. I can't seem to remove this bug from them once they have it. Very annoying.
  7. So completely stupid and irritating? Not sure if emulating that is a good idea.
  8. This item has the Overbearing property meaning it should inflict prone on crits. The problem is that it only inflicts a prone of duration 0.0 seconds, making the property useless. Other items with this property seem to work, so it's not the property itself. EDIT: Nevermind, it seems my Aloth is bugged. All his prone effects (Slicken, Call to Slumber, this item) inflict a 0.0 duration prone effect. Will have to see what's causing this.
  9. Not sure if this is limited to equippable items only, but I have the movespeed bonus from equipping the item. After an encounter, the bonus is gone. I need to re-equip the item for the bonus to appear again. Edit: nope, not limited to equipped items. The Fast Runner talent also resets after the first combat, making its movespeed bonus not work.
  10. It stats are: +10 Fortitude +10 Reflex +10 Will +4 Fortitude +4 Reflex +2 Resolve The highlighted stats are suppressed by the item itself. Kinda dumb.
  11. Resting needs a real limit and resting should have actual strategic consequences. Unlimited resources in this game are its biggest downfall -- unlimited money, (essentially) unlimited XP, unlimited resting. These all need to be changed. The game loses fun when you can buy any item you want, rest as much as you want, and be maximum level 2/3 into the game. The funniest thing is that resting more not only has no negative consequences, but it actually has positive ones -- more visitors selling items, more money from taxes, more item restocks at vendors, etc. C'mon. A similar thing happened in the Fallout series: in Fallout 1 the First Aid and Doctor skills mattered because you needed to heal up or fix injuries and move on before the Master completes his plan. In Fallout 2, you could just rest as much as you wanted to heal and it made Doctor and First Aid completely pointless. That's bad design.
  12. Well the safety net is the figurine tanks, although now the price has been upped they're far less accessible which is good, as well as Durance's intervention spell. I'm currently building Eder as a Two handed dps/offtank in a new playthrough and it's a bit more fun, also ditched aloth so no fireball spam and ditched Durance. How do you build a respectable non super deflection tank without deliberately making him crap? I realized after a bit that having deflection beyond a certain amount on a single character is pointless due to the encounter system. You don't need to not take any damage -- that's overkill. Taking defensive options on different characters (especially using modals) and weapon swapping is more reliable. That way if a spirit jumps on your back line, for example, they can defend themselves and the frontliners can actually deal enough damage to kill the spirit. It also makes the game a lot more fun.
  13. That doesn't sound very tactical at all. It's just a trivial decision to click on a different spell.
  14. I prefer this game's system. Immunities are pretty lame.
  15. The game is too easy, but for you guys making super deflection tanks with ranged damage dealers: lolwut. I realize it's brainless and seems to work, but it's not overly viable without savescumming when the enemy gets to your back lines, making it pretty unviable with Trial of Iron since there's no 'safety net' for when things go bad. Plus it's boring and slow compared to other things.
  16. I'd like to see the money bloat eliminated too. And make resting less of a tedious exercise and more of a conscious, planned decision -- but that would require some major game design changes.
  17. Seriously? Who designed this? It's a dumb stat and rng battle. It flies in the face of everything about the combat system. Oh, he decided to do wing slam and got 5 crits, instakilling anything with less than 200 endurance. Maybe he won't next time. Oh good, he just autoattacked instead. For what it's worth, I beat it by getting the dumb dragon stuck on its minions and spamming paralyze from out of its range until I paralyzed it for 20 seconds then I beat it to death. Then let's not talk about how lame it is to have...nope...not a drake like on level 5...not the Sky Dragon at Northweald...a dragon made out of ADRA! How inspired. Really dumb.
  18. These are really, really lame. I get the point that these big fights should have some introduction and a way for the player to play his character. It improves interaction -- great from a roleplaying standpoint. But from a gameplay perspective, these just suck. They're not anything like any other encounter in the game because they force you to just stand there like a dope, frozen in the position you're in when you first walked up to some arbitrary point where you'll be frozen until the start of the encounter. On a first play-through Trial of Iron (or simply to avoid savescumming at nearly all these events) these encounters are unavoidable traps. Key party members are often scattered or out of position while the enemy walks right up and party members stand there like idiots. Then the fight starts and a barrage of spells all hit at once. Really lame.
  19. Sometimes when party members lose control due to these spells the player loses the ability to move the character. They can do all other actions, but they completely lose the ability to move them even after combat ends.
  20. Similar to my other thread( http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/75176-master-list-of-talents-that-do-not-work-correctly/?hl=%2Bmaster+%2Blist+%2Btalents) about talents that don't work or don't work correctly, I'm making this topic to list spells that are wrong as well. Priest: Prayer Against Bewildernment: doesn't reduce duration of effect of confusion (probably because the spell doesn't target confused allies who become enemies due to spell effects). Prayer Against Treachery: see above. Wizard: Call to Slumber: inflicts a 0.0 duration prone effect, making this spell do absolutely nothing. Druid: Twin Stones: testing this still, but its hit criteria are not working as indicated. Cipher: Ectopsychic Echo: Pretty sure this isn't supposed to do the full duration damage every proc. All other 'ray' abilities state the full damage they'll do over the duration of the spell. Ectopsychic Echo, a level 3 spell, does about 20-30 damage per second for 10 seconds, making it a Foe AOE spell that that can be learned at level low level that easily does 250+ damage to whole group of enemies.
  21. I got a shield with Minor Spellbind: Winter Wind (yeah, really awesome) and it had 3(!!!) uses per rest. But it doesn't reset correectly, because after resting they didn't appear. I then unequipped it and re-equipped -- nothing. Then I exited the client and re-loaded and they weren't there. Then I zoned and they showed up. Now I have a rod with Minor Spellbind: Restore Minor Endurance and the spellbind disappeared on this as well (without even using it). I'm going to try to figure out the method to correct this so hopefully you guys can track down the cause of the bug. So far it seems to only be occurring on weapons.
  22. For what it's worth, I agree with Sawyer about prebuffing -- it's tedious and the game's challenges shouldn't be balanced around tedious rituals. However, I use consumables before fights that look tough. I'm on my first full playthrough of the game playing on Hard mode with Trial of Iron. My last go-through ended right before Act II, so I'm taking precautions this time. It was getting annoying having to do constant inventory management just to get some minor stat boosts. Thanks for the tip about dropping on character portraits.
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