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  1. Wow, just reloaded and tried again and they worked (previous 5 times or so I tried them they did not). I wonder what was causing them to be bugged like that.
  2. No, I'm trying TeleportPlayerToLocation and AreaTransition. @pedroelm: which ones work for you? Even iroll20s is doing nothing for me.
  3. Seriously? You guys disabled all console commands that could be used as cheats, and now game-breaking bugs can't be fixed through the console when they occur. I'm currently trying to hexedit my save file where my character is stuck inside of a wall because I can't move him with console commands. Who cares if people use them to cheat? Anyone can cheat with or without console commands.
  4. The non-stacking is, well, nonsense. It makes almost all buffs and debuffs indistinct. Oh, he's Dazed, so no need to use Weaken. No need to flank him since he's blinded. Durance can have the +Reflex gloves since Sagani already has the cape. It's not logical and it just makes a lot of buffs and debuffs totally superfluous. There's already limits (time, per-encounter/per-rest uses, item slots) on how many buffs and debuffs can be stacked. If you don't want players to reduce enemies to debuffed drooling bags of gold or players to gear themselves into buffed, booted, and suited demigods then adjust the numbers. The current system just doesn't work and it detracts way too much from itemization and combat tactics.
  5. Looks like FindCharacter exists, but many others don't seem to work.
  6. I can't use console commands in 1.05b. My character is currently stuck inside a wall and there's no way to get him out. Very irritating.
  7. I suggested the same thing as the OP in a different thread. It would really improve combat and character build diversity a lot. Some people are just going to simultaneously complain about combat being static and hurting their min-maxed build. It makes no sense, so it's best to ignore them. They should just come out and say 'I like having naked wizards and gunners and don't want to think or ever lose', because pretending that they believe otherwise is just disingenuous.
  8. Hardened Veil and a quick swap to a shield can get a Wizard up to a Fighter's deflection. More buff spells can put him beyond that. A lot of these supposed problems only exist because of savescumming. If you were forced to make decisions based on circumstances and not just reload whenever something bad happens (e.g. your Wizard becomes engaged) then you'd see their merit.
  9. This argument is presented a lot and it's frankly silly. Imposing hard restrictions before playing the game is different from imposing soft restrictions while playing the game. How much resting is too much? How many items can I sell? How much should I be allowed to rest? These aren't questions of self-control -- the idea that I can just limit myself to not doing certain things in the game only allows the player to decide at that moment what to do or not to do. Future actions cannot be adequately planned for since they are unknown. A hard-coded restriction means that possible future actions have already been effectively decided by the game. The only time self-limitation works is when it is essentially hard-coded into the game already and the limitations are different in degree, not in form (e.g. playing a game with no ironman mode available but never savescumming). As an example: imagine I play the game with limited gold income. As I'm playing, I find a few enchanted weapons which aren't relevant to my current party members. I decide I don't want to sell them because I'm trying to limit gold income. Now imagine that I've hard-coded item values so that the economy will be more limited. Now, the game has effective foresight and has already decided how much gold I will acquire throughout the course of the game (imagine all possible randomization rolls being made and stored at character creation -- effectively the same as making the rolls on the spot). Now, I find the same weapons in the first scenario but decide to sell a few of them in order to enchant one of my current party members' weapons, but I have modified the game so that the economy stays relevant. (I realize I could buy and sell the items over and over to 'bleed' the excess gold out and accomplish the same thing, but that's tedious -- also, camping supplies and such wouldn't work with that method). Now repeat those two scenarios ad infinitum. In the first scenario, I will either never sell any items or I will only allow myself X amount of gold, or I will make some decision at that moment about whether or not selling the items is appropriate (based on little other than my personal feelings at the time and violating the premise that self-limitation is equivalent to hard-coded limitations since the game never allows any 'give'). (Gameplay-wise, this is boring too). In the second scenario, I don't yet know what will occur. Perhaps I find multitudes of useless items. Perhaps I find none. My decision at this moment can only be based on present knowledge, not some knowledge about how much gold I will allow myself to acquire in the game or knowledge that I will never have money issues since I will make some personal decision that selling items when in dire straits is appropriate. The second scenario is what makes games (and really, everything) entertaining -- it allows the audience to experience something that they did not fully expect. It allows them to effectively exercise free will. Omniscience, as in the first scenario, removes that element and hence removes (or severely limits) decisions. (At risk of being mocked, this is a philosophical argument of why free will cannot exist with omniscience). To show the silliness of the argument I can reduce it to absurdity: why play the game at all when I can just close my eyes and imagine my own game? Essentially, it's an issue of how much foreknowledge a player can have before a game becomes boring. This is at the heart of replayability.
  10. Hrm, yup, found the item values. Time to go through the process of changing all basic item (and Fine Robe) item values.
  11. Eh, I found the sequence corresponding to item values I think. Gonna test then just make all basic loot essentially worthless (as it should be). I can possibly make all inn rooms expensive as well. The only problem is the stronghold. Thinking about this, the game would be a lot better if it had some sort of time limit a la Fallout 1 so that you can't just freaking rest everywhere.
  12. At the moment I'm not able to hexedit currency values for items (needle in a haystack) so I'm just kindly asking the devs to at least include a 'No Unlimited Gold after Raedric's Hold' option that makes gold have more than a symbolic value and having to actually choose whether or not I want to rest or get a magic sword. Currently unlimited resources and endless XP kill replayability for me, and I can only seem to fix the endless XP. Related to that: anyone know how to hexedit item values?
  13. The engagement system is fine. It's great, in fact. The problem is that the AI treats all PCs and CNPCs identically in terms of disengagement (i.e. NEVER disengage). Changing AI behavior to evaluate whether or not to disengage is required and will help mitigate the static playstyle so many people choose since having a shielded tank with a blunt hatchet won't work when the enemy doesn't care about the piddly damage and low accuracy of the disengagement attack. That in turn will make people think more about defense on non-tank characters. But in regards the trying to finish the game: yeah, I agree. It becomes a bit of a chore in Act III since there's nowhere else to go but the eventual slide toward the end. Character development essentially stopping halfway through is the main cause, in my opinion. Even if the combat were more interesting it would still be a tedious and ultimately fruitless effort once characters become static.
  14. It's pointless for Vulnerable Attack. Rogue damage becomes so high that DR mods hardly matter. Why slow down attack speed when you're doing 50+ dmg/hit? Why add 10% (actually less when you consider crits) damage for a 20% slowdown in attack speed?
  15. I helped them for the bennies then slaughtered them when they didn't give me what i felt was fair. #raiderlyfe #deadfirearchipelago
  16. Consider making a more balanced party instead of having two tanks and a missile battery behind them (like I've said before, that gameplay style is *not* optimal).
  17. Bah, it currently won't allow quests to be discovered. I'll try to see if I can edit it to make it work.
  18. Hi guys, I modified the quest files in the game so that experience is cut by about 40% across the board. I'll play through the game again and consider making further changes (for example, cutting bounty XP by 80% or so). In the meantime, just download it and extract it to: Pillars of Eternity\PillarsOfEternity_Data\data\quests Link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wivcpvsy6jqeuys/quests.rar?dl=0
  19. Yes, these work for spells but don't seem to work for lash effects (weapons, Druid Wildstrike, etc.). I'm not sure if they work with chants, either. They need to be fixed to work with all sources of damage of that element type.
  20. The point of having rules in a game is to actually limit available actions. With no real enforced rules, there isn't much of a game. I mean, I could pick up some toy soldiers and make up my own game too. And I don't see how supply limitations can be 'abused'. There is no clear point when resting should be allowed and when it shouldn't, no way to judge how much resting is appropriate, etc. How can I abuse a system with no real restraints? The game allows me to buy camping supplies and rest at every inn. It even mentions doing such in one of the loading screen tips.
  21. Why do people pretend there's a camping limitation? There is absolutely no limitation. That's one of my biggest gripes with the game.
  22. My biggest problem with Backstab is that it sometimes just doesn't work (I think it's because you initiate the attack an inch outside of melee range).
  23. Maiming is a pointless mechanic since you have infinite opportunities to rest (camping limitations are pointless) and no real threat outside of fights.
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