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  1. I enjoyed Serpent in the Staglands. The combat system becomes broken when you can get attack speed down to 0.01 and such, but it's a solid game in my opinion. Age of Decadence is all kinds of awful. Just terrible, terrible design. It makes me want to vomit when I think about it.
  2. Camping supplies ARE limited. There isn't an infinite supply of them. What game are you playing? Camping supplies respawn at vendors.
  3. man sounds like the game just hasn't really sucked you in. I highly doubt you play on super hard settings. Why power game it and complain about it. Don't respect characters, I wasnt even aware of this option and i'd never use it. Load your party with companions you like regardless of classes. NEVER go back to town to restock. ROLE PLAY. Play as a character, that's what I do the game is perfect for that. Camping supplies seems like 2 or 4 is a barren wasteland when u dont go back into town during an adventure. I highly doubt after u break into a place u could leave for a week and come back. So I dont play that way. a person wouldnt just change stats and skill set over ... so i dont play that way. An easier quest option by selecting a dialogue contrary to my character.... I dont click it. play the game like a table top RPG and you'll have more fun. I have 250 hours in the game playing on hardest setting (no expert because all it does is add tedium). Most were played when the game had a design vision and before I found other games that actually made me choose strategies and provided actual challenges within well-defined game rules. Crazy really, the idea that games exist where a player is challenged by the developer rather than himself and so accomplishments actually feel like accomplishments -- where unexpected things can occur that force me to re-think my strategy rather than spamming Slicken.
  4. PoE is pretty boring because there's never any real challenge. Every fight is more or less the same, resources are unlimited, and with endless respecs (why even make them cost gold?) there's never really any strategy, adventure,or even character identity. It's just load area -> kill stuff -> load next area. I've wanted actual limited camping supplies for some time now and Obsidian seems to be going in the opposite direction in terms of design and it makes me sad. Edit: I can't believe there are actually people in this thread acting like camping supplies are limited. The only limit is your patience for waiting to load a town then an interior before continuing to play the game.
  5. It just happens whenever the effect procs. Sometimes the character can still attack but can't cast spells, sometimes they can do nothing. It's weird. Restarting the game fixes it.
  6. The 'move while engaged' option has existed for a few versions. Pathfinding wasn't this bad when it was introduced.
  7. Didn't they upgrade the engine? Could've sworn. Regardless, performance is terrible.
  8. There's a framerate limiter in the game options. Make sure that it's not set really low. Otherwise, when you press Ctrl+Alt+Del what CPU/memory resources does it show the game using? Finally, do you have issues with any other Unity engine games?
  9. I don't know if it's because of White March Part 2 or the upgrade to Unity 5, but load times and general performance is terrible at the moment. I assume it's due to Unity 5 since the game seems to start loading assets as they appear/are used, resulting in horrendous slowdowns until the assets are loaded into memory. Entering new areas, for example, tends to make this especially apparent. What's especially weird is despite that the engine seems to try to load things on the fly, the load times I've been experiencing are at least twice as long as they were before the engine upgrade.
  10. I've had this same issue. PoE combat is getting to be really tedious since party members tend to just 'stutter' in place and I have to manually move each one a few feet to get them to actually move where they should. I don't remember it ever being this bad (or really, bad at all).
  11. As long as the rest system is broken this doesn't matter at all. The rest system is integral to Vancian casting and other large fundamental parts of the game as well (combat fatigue, Athletics, some consumables, etc.) yet it remains untouched and it so obviously sloppy and unfinished.
  12. Just loaded up a POE save, figured I'd do the Adra Dragon fight. Reloaded twice because my Petrify and Paralyze spells didn't hit. Closed the game. Not in the mood to do this reload crap when I wanna just play a game.
  13. Posted this in the bugs forum a while back. It's doing an extra 50% damage that's almost always blowing right past damage reduction because the Crush damage is benefiting from Soul Whip. Yes, it's crazy OP and makes the game trivial.
  14. Yeah, I also would like to see a future game set in the Vailian Republics.
  15. For those saying 'you should need to reload once in a while': I disagree entirely. When the game has an ironman option that forces the player to prepare and adjust to fights when things go bad, throwing a bull**** encounter at him that's nearly impossible is really bad design. The problem isn't that the dragon fights are hard, the problem is where the difficulty comes from. They aren't hard because they force you to rethink tactics, they're hard because the difference between wiping and not wiping more often than not is based on a d100 roll that influences if and how long the dragon is paralyzed, petrified, or otherwise CC'd. They're hard because the dragons do 150ish damage with their main attack, but if they randomly decide to do a breath attack, tail lash, or the wing attacks then they do 200ish to the entirely party. They're hard because their AOE attacks seem to be targeted, meaning when you see the dragon using an AOE attack even teleporting out of range or a supposed arc of fire doesn't work. There are no advanced tactics to beating them, just dumb cheese that breaks the game.
  16. I was wondering that too. I *thought* I had them all.... didn't notice anything "special" - I had the amulet, gloves, and boots, but maybe there were other bits I didn't somehow run across? You need to find his toupee. It's guarded by the Bald Dragon.
  17. For the love of god, at least tone down the AOE attacks. Why do they so as much (more?) than just standard attacking? It totally kills immersion (and again, the purpose of ironman mode) when savescumming is an absolute requirement. These encounters go completely against everything that made POE good and different. THEY'RE NOT GOOD DESIGN.
  18. I wasn't really referring to potions and scrolls (which are unbalanced in general, I think), but to food and drink. Ale/mead/beer, for example, don't stack with other DR buffs. Why?
  19. Thee adra/ice (and sky in a way) dragons have to be some of the dumbest encounters in the game. There's absolutely no strategy besides pure cheese. Just set up traps and start blasting CC everywhere and hope the dragon falls, otherwise he's going to one-shot you (or better yet, get the dopey minions in front of him so he wanders back and forth due to his large footprint and bad pathfinding). If he randomly rolls to use one of his AOEs, then he's probably going to take down a few. I mean, what is the point of these encounters? It's just rolling dice against a stat pile. They're all beyond lame. For future expansions (or if you feel up to it) please change these so that they're: a. correctly placed according to progression (i.e. ice dragon isn't among level 8ish critters) b. actually challenging in a way that requires more than cheese and luck c. rewarding in a way so that players don't feel obligated to hobo-bash them in order to get the phat lootz
  20. The item is supposed to steal attack speed and lower enemy buff timers. I gave it to The Devil of Caroc, yet when my player character was attacking the same enemy as The Devil of Caroc, Spelltongue's 'buff steal' property was applied to my player character. It seems to just be a cosmetic issue, but it's still wonky just the same. Savegame: https://www.dropbox.com/s/3131t3rx5nfyygx/7785cdf9c6fa42b4b2c7b0440e59e286%2013819569%20LongwatchFalls.savegame?dl=0 Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/Vb89T9b.jpg
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