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  1. Yeah, it's rather dumb. It's especially bad for ironman games because there's no counterplay. All this reinforces is rest spamming since the best tactic seems to be to throw up trash summons so they stunlock beetles and stuff instead of party members. Just really dumb design.
  2. This Priest spell has been bugged since release. It casts fine, but the buff icon when it is cast reports that it gives 0 endurance on kill -- and it does just that, making it not work.
  3. I have to ask: have you actually checked most of your abilities? I mean, in the combat log and everything else? So many of them simply don't work or don't work correctly, interact with other abilities oddly, etc. It's all just bizarre and so unorganized that I wonder if the devs are aware of all the problems. New issues are posted in the bugs forum every day about this stuff. There are some devs noting the problems and working on them, but it seems like as interaction is fixed another is created.
  4. I just bought the expansion and hoped a lot of the existing stat bugs were fixed. Apparently they're not only not fixed, but they've multiplied. Weapon bonuses are bugged, passive abilities are bugged, modals are bugged, just everything is so bugged that it's impossible to actually create a character and play through the game because every level-up means I need to check to see if the ability I've chosen is bugged or not. What gives? It seems like a lot of this results from the suppression on stacking buffs and debuffs. I still don't understand this game design decision. It's probably too late to change every ability now, but effectively the decision to limit stacking of passive buffs/debuffs essentially means the best route is to always take active damage boosts and crowd control since, by default, they will stack. Why take two defensive passives when you can just take something like a charm and a damaging ability? All the current design does is to encourage players to take the best of buff(s) for some stat(s) and ignore everything else since there's zero benefit otherwise. This makes some classes and builds very useless compared to others. What makes it worse is the total lack of transparency and the sheer number of bugged abilities...
  5. Does it matter if we use the beta patch or not? Are any of the ongoing problems from beta fixed in the 'regular' 2.0?
  6. Did you install version 2.0 of the game? Given that you got an early copy of the expansion, you might not also have 2.0 (required)...
  7. Ranged weapons are generally worthless in this game unless you're lazy and/or bad (with some exceptions). Enemies just sit there while engaged so a ranged character can be doing more damage with a pike or staff.
  8. Your mobileobjects.save file is probably messed up. Not sure how it happened exactly (probably something with saving while alt-tabbing), but that's likely the issue.
  9. Plus, as reported earlier, Ectopsychic Echo is using the Cipher's Soul Whip damage multiplier, making it do much more damage than intended.
  10. The Priest spell 'Triumph of the Crusaders' also seems to not work (it gives endurance on a kill).
  11. Ectopsychic Echo is hitting for much more than its stated tooltip. It should be hitting for 21-31 damage, but instead it's hitting for: 30.2 38.2 37.6 Is Soul Whip's damage multiplier being added to these abilities? That could explain why they're doing so much damage. Seriously guys, instead of reading this as another 'nerf cipher!' post, actually check this out. Ectopsychic Echo reduces every encounter to nothing because it just melts every enemy. And no, Ectopsychic Echo does not hit allies. Antipathetic Field does, however.
  12. Both Ectopsychic Echo and Antipathetic Field are totally at odds with beam spells like Ray of Fire. Both of these spells do full damage every tick, making them completely over the top. A level 1 Cipher can do 60-120+ dmg to multiple enemies on average in every encounter over 6 seconds. Ectopsychic Echo is even more ridiculous -- it's easy to target an ally and move them behind a line of enemies and do 200-300 damage (!!!) to multiple enemies in EVERY encounter. Ray of Fire, meanwhile, hits allies, has limited uses, and as a level 2 does only 110-170 over 10 seconds. You guys already changed a lot of Cipher stuff, but this class still has tons of spells (like these two) that are completely ridiculous compared to other things in the game.
  13. I know, but that command wasn't working either. It just happened again. FindCharacter works, but nothing else. Screenshot as proof:
  14. The X-1 thing may be why Interrupting Blows seems to be adding 14 instead of 15.
  15. I'm playing as a Priest of Wael and Grimda doesn't seem to recognize this at all. Getting the scroll and then listening to Wael and hiding it results in Grimda ignoring me. So...I'm playing as a priest...of Wael...with Clever and Deceptive as preferred Dispositions, yet Grimda says something like [Deceptive 2] 'I should've known better than to trust you. You're every bit as wily as those thieves.' Uhhh...wha? Talk about odd dialog.
  16. I'm playing Trial of Iron so I don't have any other savegame files. I left Defiance Bay, went to Woodend Plains to retrieve the Wael scroll for the quest (so the stash was modified, I believe), then I noticed when I transitioned into Black Meadow that my hired companion was running around naked. My current save has the items again (I added them through the console) so I doubt it'd be much help. I'm guessing it's a save/load bug from the autosave upon transition. Hopefully it happens again so that I can narrow down the cause.
  17. Just had my level 5 fighter lose Eder's Saint's War Armor and a Cape of Deflection upon transitioning into Black Meadow. Everything else seems to be there.
  18. EDIT: Nevermind, just saw that now it's activated during combat.
  19. Yeah, the tooltip needs to be updated. The 29 could be a bug or a typo in the code. It should be a flat 15. I'll test it and see what I get.
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