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  1. The word "Herald" with no further description when you hover over the item is not good enough information. It should be thoroughly described in the item's main description. Write that down as a customer's wish.
  2. Hi, I'm not sure what you mean with right before accepting Eders quest. When you visit the records archive in Defiance Bay? When you speak with Maerwald? When the Fragments of a scattered faith quest begin right after Eder joins the party? This savegame is from right before the quest conversation with Eder in Clîaban Rilag that triggered the bug, and where the Steward can be interacted with, the entrance to Heritage Hill is open (because of the Crucible Knights task), and maps are not reset: https://www.dropbox.com/s/8f0fzvvcoelrubd/8131c6d20ca4438fa3ae0255796f92fe%2014214682%20ClabanRilag.savegame?dl=0 This savegame is from right after that conversation with Eder, and here the Steward cannot be interacted with, maps are reset and Heritage Hill is closed: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jlxa1b55boj69vb/8131c6d20ca4438fa3ae0255796f92fe%2014246398%20ClabanRilagLevel1.savegame?dl=0
  3. This got sense, i got the same problem and eder keeps waiting for some talk, but, already used all the options of the conversation. Same here, there's the speak symbol at Eder's avatar, it won't go away. I'm playing from a savegame before this now. Lost many hours of gameplay...
  4. I think I have the same issue. I installed the White March expansion when I was early in the game. Now (act 2)The steward of the stronghold can't be interacted with, previously cleared monsters are back and the door to the lower levels in the Stronghold is closed. All maps are reset. I can't reenter the Heritage Hill area to continue the main quest (the door is now closed and requires a key to open). I have checked my older savegames to find out when the bug appeared. (SPOILER)The bug appeared when I fullfilled the Eder quest (Fragments of a Scattered Faith) in Clîaban Rilag after I picked up the Readceran Standard Piece and had the following conversation with Eder.
  5. Yesterday I bought The White March upgrade at Steam. It was the Pillars of Eternity: Expansion Pass (contains both The White March: Part I and Part II) and now The White March: Part I as well as a "Pre-order item and pet"-module was ready to install from Steam. So I installed these two modules and started to play. Now perception gives accuracy instead of deflection. My main character had dumped perception to 3 for a -7 modifier to deflection, which is now a -7 modifier to accuracy. I tested some perception-boosting food and can tell for a fact that it boosts accuracy in the character-sheet and the combat log (during combat) What's going on?
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