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  1. I received the boots of stone while in Dunnage. I got jumped while walking from the tavern to the radiant court. The mobs that I killed dropped them.
  2. I'm running Sharpshooter/Helwaker with this Frost Seeker bow and it's the most obscene thing imaginable. I wish I were playing on POTD, but I'm playing on the difficulty just below it for the first play through. I literally instantly 1 shot the entire screen in every encounter off of a single arrow. The multiple projectiles from the bow + chaining from ranger + proccing extra attacks on crits from monk + bow effects (such as AoE damage on crit, which then procs additional projectiles again) leads to an infinite number of projectiles shooting around the screen. I uploaded a couple of scr
  3. By the time I was in act 3 I had over 100,000 gold and nothing to really buy. At which point I upgraded every building in the stronghold, bought some crafting items and hired some "hirelings" for awhile. I ended my upgrades at like 66,000 gold. I mean, I get what you're saying, but I cannot imagine really having money issues unless you're buying tons of potions, scrolls, etc.
  4. Certain mobs give me difficulty. In general, once I grapsed game mechanics and min/maxed a bit, I'm flying through hard. I rarely even pause at this point outside of my initial combat selections because things melt so swiftly. Like with a lot of RPGs, early game is difficult, but once you get going you start to feel pretty OP.
  5. My rogue is obliterating everything. Dual Wield, Very fast attack speed, 30% crit chance, another 20% on low endurance targets, high DR via Stilettos. One of my stilettos has "Jolting Touch" which absolutely CREAMS everything. Today it proc'd for 100 damage (plus 2 additional targets for 70ish), while I was critting 50+ with the basic attack for instantaneous 150+ dmg. I'm only level 7...in act 2. Playing on hard difficulty, I don't even really pause combat except for once to set my characters up, playing on fast speed, I just control the rogue while my 2 tanks soak everything and I dance
  6. I run a similar build to this and, while I cannot speak for the original creator, I don't run Backstab because there are far superior talent options. Backstab is situationally useful at best. While it is true that you can get a massive first strike, it often leaves your rogue open and exposed and, therefore, is more of a micromanagement hassle than anything else. For those running a build like this one, I strongly recommend acquiring the unique Stiletto found on the blacksmith in Act 1. The proc "Static Strike" absolutely OBLITERATES things. I am currently in act 2 on my rogue, playing
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