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  1. It always cracks me up when I see people state stuff like "till you get the gear off the most powerful creature in the game". Well there are plenty of +2 items extremely earlier. We are talking beginning Act 2 as soon as you get to DBay. You can purchase Might +2 items, extremely easy. And you can easily bull rush Act 2 and then back track to do all of the Act 1 side quests. Plus DBay has plenty of Dex Items +2 and +3 and +2 Int items. Plus the shawl from the light +3 perception. So you are getting "Gear" way earlier. Ok the +3 might ring is kind of late but +2 not a problem
  2. It always cracks me up when I see people state stuff like "till you get the gear off the most powerful creature in the game".
  3. I think removing gear is a bad idea.. because gear is a factor. So is growth and tactical options. Being good at killing a pair of puppies doesn't necessary mean your going to have easy time in the long run.
  4. It's ok! I just think it's funny people never want to see guns in medieval style fantasy, yet are fine with full-plate, dispute historically both seeing each other plenty.
  5. Funny fact 74: Gun's and platemail spent plenty of time with each other on the battlefield historically. I can't remember the exact dates, but gunpowder weapons in a medieval setting is more realist than most people like to think... even if early guns basically sucked!
  6. I might try a monk build then, stealthing into the keep wasn't too tricky, but the fight inside the main hall does seem unavoidable due to the statute.
  7. So it seems you got most of the deflection you need after 80, and getting a bit over 100 is likely all you will ever need with a bit of management. I just remember a tip from another game that killing your opponent faster than they can kill you is a valid tanking strategy, and it seems if you focus on dps after you hit the golden zone... you probably be a better tank overall.
  8. Tbh I think a party of one super tank and five glass cannons is asking for trouble, especially on iron man mode. Since all it takes is your tank to fail to stop one foe and you could end up with shattered glass >.<
  9. I'm trying to figure out a way to do a party of fighters with the solider weapons set up that are all the same you see Obviously I got to try and make them reasonably balanced in aggression/defense sides of things and since I want battle to go reasonably quickly I can't follow the traditional line of fighter thinking (max tank). 6 guys with greatswords and decent accuracy should let constant recovery and the odd potion keep me alive.. as long as my deflection is keeping the hits down to reasonable.
  10. So I was wondering what the big deflection milestone are, in general and by act for the versus difficulties? I seen a lot of just max it out at the expense of everything else, but I'm trying to figure out what kind of deflection scores you can get away on more complex builds, like say a more aggressive fighter setup, and which creatures are the ones to pull out the hatchet!
  11. Hits hard, hits fast and doing so with a pike.... should do well, just don't throw too much armor on and try to avoid getting in front of the tanks.
  12. Jack of all trade's tend to shine when you need someone to cover several bases in your party for versus reasons.
  13. Give it a few expansions. At the moment there mostly A and B routes for most of the classes, through I think the difference between the truly great builds and the average builds aren't too big... look how messed up the npc builds are.. and the game still very winnable with them!
  14. So for a Hard Run I thought I try something a bit different than a perfect party. The basic idea to have one leader (likely a priest) and 5 fighters with identical stats and talents who all are armed with guns for the giggles. And yes I know characters should be optimized towards tanking or dps... but the challenge of this is besides the MC, there all clones. >.<
  15. Something that would be nice, especially for the latter levels, if there was options to make paladins team buffs better. It be really characterful if your faith and convection bonus became a team buff at half effectiveness at level 9 or something like that.
  16. Not that much of a tradeoff, actually. The +5 to all defenses includes deflection, making the shield effectively +13, only 3 points behind a large shield, and you can enchant it to be fine/exceptional/superb in order to keep up high quality shields. Plus, as a small shield, it doesn't have an accuracy penalty, which is nice if you're leveraging Flames of Devotion. Personally, I really like Lay on Hands. Even with minimal Might, the damage healed is still significant for the first five or six levels, and a high Intellect gives you more ticks of healing to make up for the lower per tick valu
  17. They get nice auras, a early heal move (that scales badly, but kicks arse early on) and a late in battle raise move. Not really sure about all these on kill feats.... paladins aren't going to be doing the lion shares of killing.
  18. Paladin can be fun. They use perception and resolve, plus there faith and convection ability rewards you for consistent rp.
  19. Lower numbers mean it's easier to hurt, since that's how much damage is taken off of the attack.
  20. Barbarian seems best off with a reach weapon and next to no armor in my experience. Stick them behind the parties fighter and watch the the enemies struggle to break through the fighters defense while your barb tears them apart.They have nice high hp too.. which keeps them alive when things go wrong long enough to lets you react.
  21. So I'm assuming a dex and might based ranger the way to go, but are there any tricks to get the most out of dps based shooter?
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