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  1. Yeah. I corrected my post, realized it was erroneous, thanks for the correction.
  2. At level 3, he should definitely have Weapon Focus: Ruffian. I didn't see anything indicating that was changed in the recent patch so...maybe a bug report?
  3. Second Chance Allows a character to get back up after reaching 0 Endurance (1/per encounter) provided they are not also at 0 health. Oidreacht is obtained in Caed Nua by killing the Spider Queen in the lower left-room of the floor that Maerwald is on.
  4. This information is more-or-less accurate, except that the bonus for using a one-handed weapon without a shield is +12, not +5. (Unless that was changed recently. If it was, my apologies). Weapon enchantments also improve accuracy. (+4 for Fine, for example).
  5. I believe, and I'm less certain about this because I haven't been able to finish testing it, but I believe rings, belts, amulets and so on don't use percentages, they provide raw bonuses. So, for example, the belt that increases your piercing and slashing resistance by 5 is a flat +5 bonus to them, regardless of any other percentages or bonuses.
  6. I'm not sure you're entirely correct. It is my understanding that DR works as follows: Leather Armor has a DR of 6. This means that it automatically reduces ALL incoming damage (regardless of type) by 6 points. This includes slashing, crushing, piercing, freezing, burning, shocking and corrosive but does not include RAW damage (which always ignores DR). However, if there is a specific damage shown, then that value REPLACES the default value. So, for example, Plate Armor has a base DR of 10 but a shock DR of 6. This means that it only resists 6 damage of the shocking typ
  7. You will always have those in a crowd that complain that it is too hard. You will always have those in a crowd that complain that it is too easy. You have the group that maximizes attributes and talents, calculates every advantage and builds accordingly. Subsequently, these same individuals often find the game too easy because they've already maximized their character and party to the point that everything else is made substantially easier. You have the group that doesn't maximize attributes and talents (either intentionally or not) and so they often have "sub-optimal" builds that ma
  8. It's difficult to judge oneself fairly sometimes, but here's my attempt: Male Mountain Dwarf - Paladin - Shield of St. Elga Might: 15 Constitution: 16 Dexterity: 10 Perception: 13 Intellect: 13 Resolve: 16 Favored Dispositions: Benevolent, Honest, Diplomatic Disfavored Dispositions: Cruel, Aggressive Culture: Aedyr - Laborer
  9. The flail does change 30% Grazes to Hits which is definitely good. I'd argue it's one of the better weapon properties. "Wood" Elf racial is amazing for DPS if you're a ranged character.
  10. You needn't apologize, asking questions is how you learn. Good debuffers are Wizards, Priests and Ciphers. Druids are alright for it as well. Fighters can do knockdown.
  11. Excellent synopsis, I'd agree with most of your assessment as the Priest is probably my favorite, or second favorite class.
  12. I personally find Chill Fog to be less useful after its nerf (no longer foe-only). I find the Daze spell and Slicken to be excellent crowd control spells. Fan of Flames to be excellent for AoE damage. Wolken is spot on for the stats and race if you're looking for maximum effectiveness.
  13. Why would you put high lore on a Barbarian then? If it's bad for RP and immersion? Does your Barbarian need to cast scrolls? Is he going to have a lot of knowledge about obscure things? I'd say "no" to all of the above in general, unless it's a very specific character concept. The only mechanical benefit is casting from scrolls and the occasional conversation addition...which fits right in with the RP of the skill. Don't need it, don't take it.
  14. I have already started a build like this and I am half-way through Act II with it. It works very well, I even didn't maximize my Might and I still do enough damage with repeated crits to break through the DR of most enemies.
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