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  1. While i got the same impression as aname, i also read a few other things between the lines. It seems Chris enjoys the more hands on parts of game writing, with seeing an idea of his through development from start to finish. His work schedule puts heavy emphasis on the creative aspect of writing, which suites itself well for writing all kinds of stuff from companions, side quests or main storylines (or working as a living stretch goal). However, he seemed to only consider the more boring managing tasks in the evening, when is creative mind ran empty for the day. This seems to be contrary to how he describes his daily duties as creative director. So to me it sounds like he realizes that it's the creative hands on tinkering with individual writing aspects of a game (or novel) that he enjoys the most. And he climbed the ladder too high at Obsidian to be able to continue to do it (and maybe got into a position where, despite being a founder, didn't allow him to force any of his creative ideas, for better or worse). This whole situation might indeed explain why we saw him a lot and joked about him appearing as a living stretch goal. He seems happy with his decision to actually follow that career. I'm eager to see what becomes of his new endeavors
  2. May i ask why 35.3 degree, no rotation constitutes 'true' isometric? Edit: found it.
  3. Isn't this whole thread a rhetorical question? "How many roads must a man walk down?" A: Yes, we want a mod manager, Unity games are in dire need of one
  4. And romance options, don't forget to demand romance options if you are out to troll this forum. as it stands, i give you a B+, but only since many seem to have fallen for your ruse.
  5. Azureblade, i think it means that if you are not in sneak mode, you still do trap detection checks, but not with your full mechanics score. It's a bit like in neverwinter nights now, if only we would be able to make automatic mechanics checks at full level when standing still (that's how nwn does it, on top of the things we now have in PoE)
  6. The game is very shallow, 3d would have added more depth! (i'm joking, i'm joking )
  7. I would've just tried to govern really well to prove my worthiness. Oh well, I guess I just wouldn't be fit for soviet politics. or any politics I would say
  8. and you need to make up for how ever high the carnage damage reduction is... which is my whole point: not sure the sabre is better in any case, and certainly not on every build throughout the most part of the game. is it in principle the better weapon? yes. considering there are places where the axe still shines, especially in some builds and when taking the weapon focus and the other weapons that go with that specialization into account, I hardly see the problem as even remotely as big as you try to make it be. would the axe benefit from increasing the multiplier to +70% or +100%? sure. is the weapon a complete disaster no one would ever use? no.
  9. Sabres are better on rogues than battleaxes? Shocking. Never seen that before in a rpg. Where's the break even point for a barbarian carnage attack though?
  10. It means the aoe (area of effect) spell will only hit foes (enemies) and not allies such as you companions. They can stand in the blast area and not take any damage.
  11. I thought that animation didn't look good at all in the video they showed and am glad it wasn't implemented on a large scale.
  12. Embrace it! Not the Game (even though this, too), but yourself. I, too am a reroller. It's how we roll . Seriously, i also hardly finish any game, yet i get massive amounts if fun tinkering with character builds. You need to accept, that this is, what ultimately draws us to these types of games. Buy it, learn it, build characters, than maybe start making balancing mods, ton's of fun!
  13. ? The kickstarters did get the game, so it's not like the 4 million were free money...
  14. I don't think that site that's quote here has reliable numbers. I lists Skyrim as ~ 8 million users, while we know that this number has been the last official one (i.e. more than a year ago, Bethesda announced they had sold more than 20 million copies. compared to the number of retail sales for the consoles (which are not as high a secret as the steam sales of skyrim), this amounted to ~ 8 million copies of Skyrim sold for PC. I doubt, that number hasn't risen since then. somethings off with their way of calculating these. do they even quote sources?
  15. probably for style. I also liked the idea to either get in defensive or offensive mode with a modal and a short term buff each (Defender+vig.def or savage att + dis.barr). but thanks for the suggestion, i'll take a closer look at the two classes, to maybe get a better feel for them. is the barbarian tanky enough to fill the role as a "real" tank, should the situation require this?
  16. I always envision my main as being this flexible melee guy, who can take what ever role is most needed at the front. pure tank is boring, and pure dps is too squishy to really feel like a leader guy. In NWN I would usually go with a Fighter/Rogue, that could tank and KD/sneak attack. But admittedly, the PoE system and the low amount of talents each character can chose (currently) make it tough to fit everything in, so it still works at 3/4 efficiency in either role .
  17. he basically suggested not taking vigorous defense, disc barrage and bonus KD and focus on modal abilities, damage talents and higher stats in might, con, per and res
  18. Stop being a bunch of apologists already. The fact they decided to make it look like a game from 20 years ago already highlights how lazy there were. Cutting all the things that might have given it a glimmer or visual quality only brings that truth home. compare the graphics to those of Wasteland 2, and you get a rough idea, of what we would have gotten, if Obsidian decided to go for cutting edge 3D on a budget. this is not apologetic. PoE is a stellar looking game, and certainly one of the best looking you can get for 4 million. the only games looking better at a smaller budget these days are highly artistic/minimalistic looking games like journey. Not that I would mind playing any of these 3 games, they are all great games. the latter two of them are also good looking. *shrugs*
  19. oh, didn't know the average defenses in PoE were that low, I can see now, why acc and DR aren't as important. sadly, this makes modals such as savage attack really no-brainers. there is no reason not to use it all the time. it thought it would at least be somewhat situational.
  20. I see, basically you suggest more raw damage output, less micromanagement/per-encounters. Wild Orlan I though would be a good choice because of the passive defense ability. Also, I like Rocket But yes, the Race it still open to debate. Mace I thought would be a good option to bypass DR, I like the style, and with dagger and rapier, I have two high acc, fast weapons as an alternative. two-handed and ranged options are missing from noble, sadly, totally agree with your reasoning. Ruffian does look good as well imho, though soldier is definatelly nice as well (mainly because warhammers are nearly as badass as maces imho )
  21. Hello Theorycrafters, I'm thinking about running a Hybrid Dual Wield Fighter as a main. The idea is to use Dual Weapons and KDs as crowd control in one slot, while still being able to tank when switching to a handaxe and shield in the second slot. I do intend to run a main tank alongside him though. anyway, currently the plan looks like this: Might 14 Constitution 06 Dexterity 18 Perception 14 Intelligence 10 Resolve 16 Level Ability Talent 1 Knock Down 2 Bonus KD 3 Defender 4 Wary Defender 5 Disciplined Barrage 6 Two Weapon Style 7 Weapon Spec 8 Vulnerable Attack 9 Vigorous Defense 10 Weapon Focus 11 Into the Fray or Clear Out 12 Weapon Mastery I'm leaning towards Wild Orlan and Maces/Noble weapon Specialization. As it stands, the build will come out 18 points short on deflection compared to a dedicated Tank fighter and a few points short on other defenses. On the offensive side, his damage increasing talents hit late and are few. though from the whole fighter set, what I miss out on is only savage attack and confident aim; and of course 6 points of might. Of course, the fighter is already a bit short on +% damage talents compared to other classes, but then again, most of it is covered by enchantments in late game anyway. I know, PoE isn't the best game if you enjoy hybrid builds, but what are your thought on the build? viable (I know it's playable, which build isn't)? Any comments for improvements (aside from: stop trying to make a hybrid of course)? Thanks and happy discussing!
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