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  1. Freedom to roleplay has nothing to do with spamming 50 traps at once. But you do have the freedom to type iroll20s into the console, which is the equivalent. Hyperbole is real with this one.
  2. It s not your place to judge how someone wants to play. Players need freedom to roleplay.
  3. This is already in the game. You just need to have these skill points on separate characters. Hoy joyful... instead of one skilled engineer we have full squad of PhDs and tons of completely unnecessary play with equipment slots. A solution to a problem that doesn't exist. And here you are whining over people wanting to have zero challenge that doesn't exist, which if present, could be easily avoided. GG.
  4. So you want to add a completely unfun feature like encumbrance yet limiting traps is not ok. Haha. Traps are useful free damage as is and if you want to spam 6 of them (which will completely win 95% of the encounters in game) take mechanics all on your party members. If you want to spam 30 traps then mod. People proposed elegant solution where you can put more traps if Mechanics level is high enough. Also if, god forbid, we would have the freedom to use items we gather as we please there is a simple solution for you to avoid spamming traps to have "zero challenges" skirmishes... Just don't do it Crazy idea, I know xD
  5. At some point in history 3D was just in demand. GTA 2 had problems because it was not 3D while competition made that jump. imho fall of cRPGs is separate matter that just happen more less at the same time. Anyway I am glad to live in the times where there is little something for everyone: Pillars of Eternity, Shadowrun <3
  6. Don't forget music. Not only it is poor (why, on good old earth, they didn't stick with gentle theme we can hear in first few seconds)... it also restarts after every load
  7. To have a lot of cash you need to: 1. Play with that unlimited space easy access storage (because I do not believe anyone would go back for 5p junk) 2. Do all quests 3. Murder everything Then sell all you collected, every shop has unlimited monies after all. But you are right of course. Upgrading keep should be worth something. Investing in it should at least leave you with tons of cash. Well, at least one can count for achievements on Steam, right? Right?! Well, they refuse to kick in, at least for me Interesting thing, I have one for finishing Act II but nothing for Act I, my character has some serious powers :D As for possible add-on.... I seriously hope it will be after the main adventure instead of BioWare's Mass Effect parody, where they just put additional stuff under main story's skin... including having a party while whole universe burns.
  8. Yeah, but traps in BG were a skill, here they are an actual object. And very often not a cheap one.
  9. Would be nice, as long as it is not Skyrim-like romance. - Heey, check out this pretty necklaces I have, wanna be my wife? - Okay! [black elf wife acquired] xD BG2 romances were actually very good. Different levels of complexity, chances to screw up and so on.
  10. This quest is just badly written. I mean, Knights patrolling the lake attack you on sight? wtf?! Who even does that? They don't know you, there is no crime to be around those ruins. They should throw some kind of warning your way, send you back to their stronghold or whatever. Gladly, so far, it is the only quest with troubles.
  11. Yeah, firearms in this game are awesome! If Tolkien lived longer we could see some in Middleearth. https://youtu.be/j__NeCooKJk
  12. My biggest WTF moment was when I realized it can affect units which fly or have no material body to speak of Also spiders should be immune.
  13. Bears and Cats can now be equipped with hats. This is most likely not a joke... but might be a joke.o.0 Anyway, great changes. Hope to see them soon
  14. At the beginning of my journey I hoped there is a way to upgrade how much camping supplies you can carry... oh, well, 2 it is. I suppose it is for the best. In some bigger dungeon I was like YOLO into bigger groups of enemies with no effort but then I had no supplies, some of my teammates were almost dead and I had to really play to my strengths to get through.
  15. They are fine. I just stopped reading them after 20th or smth. Just normal stories about random stuff.
  16. Shadowrun is the worst at this: 80% hit chance -- miss 90% hit chance -- miss 95% hit chance -- miss This happens consecutively. They need a completely new combat system. Reloading frequently can really destroy the enjoyment of the whole game. I finished Dragonfall twice and their combat system is absolutely fine. You are just the next victim of Random Number God. Anyway, bears were a great lesson to not to mess with mother nature like that That first serious engagement led me to believe PoE is gonna be great... and it is. Great times for isometric RPGs - Shadowrun, Pillars, new Torment, maybe BG3?
  17. I am not counting on bug-free releases, not any more. Not possible with the Internet and instant patching. But, pretty please, just roll in with the patch already Some of you did not experience any bugs? Well, good for you! Meanwhile, some folks have their saves loaded literally at random: http://forums.obsidian.net/topic/73857-missing-saves/
  18. BG2's stronghold maybe wasn't the best example but at least it gave you the feel of being a lord. http://baldursgate.wikia.com/wiki/Ruling_the_de%27Arnise_Keep_and_Lands Dunno, maybe my expectations were a bit too high but after reading this... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/obsidian/project-eternity/posts/588388 But I really hoped that one of the main features mentioned in kickstarter campaign will be one of the main part of the gameplay.
  19. Hi all! For like 20 hours I played with little to no problems at all. But then I received two crashes, one right after another, during game's start up. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=03953899571812071570 They didn't happen again. Then I realized that game fails to read all save files. In game I have like 9 only plus quick and autosave. Sometimes number changes. In actual folder I have over 60 (yeah I do save a lot)! It might be just coincidence with those crashes but my bug with saves is very real. Normally I would be one, very sad, person but thankfully autosave and quicksave are registered every time so that allows me to progress with the story and enjoy that great game. Cheers! Hope to see some fixes soon
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