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  1. Take your patronising bs and shove it. If the bigots hadn't shown up in force I would never have touched any social issues, but I guess you think bigotry should pass without remark. Again, you're slashing people who have a right to their opinion. In all reality, you're the true "Politically Correct" Bigot. You're a tool, or a mouth piece for the "Soft core Communist" propaganda machine.
  2. I'm not the one perpetuating bigotry. Nature has intentions now? Did nature intent for humans to use the internet? You'd better go live in a cave or on a deserted island, if nature's intentions mean so much to you. So you never use protection and you don't want your partner to use birth control? Lovely. You are trying to force me to shut up! Fascist! But seriously, does your ignorance know no bounds? You're a massive BIGOT. You're a disgusting fiend that's spewing hate. It's dripping from your being, and we all see it. It's what you feed off of, and it's what's occurring now. You have no respect for my views and you slander me based on who I truely am. **** you, I've got no more use for conversation with the likes of you. I don't hate homosexuals, or blacks or browns or anyone based on COLOR, CREED, RACE, RELIGION. I love people based on their actions and their realities. And yes, I will look down on people based on their disgusting, destructive behavior. But I'm a lover, I'm a sinner, I'm a fighter. But I'll be God Damned is some bitch off the internets is gonna call me a "bigot". I'm the first son of a bitch you want in your corner. I love everyone, and you can kiss my ass. Gays are welcome! I don't care.
  3. It is not unnatural in any sense of the word. A lot of people care. People who call homosexuals unnatural and actively try to abridge the rights of homosexuals. Are you going to acknowledge this? Communism? What? Yeah, communism. You're trying to force me or shame me because of my personal views. It's soft liberal, progressive type of communism, but yeah, not cool. You should probably just shut up. Just Sayin' ; ) you're gettin on my nerves. I find the bull**** coming out of your mouth offensive. My feelings are hurt!
  4. I was waiting for you to engage in such useless pedantry.What you fail to comprehend is that this isn't just some academic discussion or a few people being "hypersensitive". Real people are being harmed by bigotry, so when I see someone perpetuate such bigotry I will call them out on it. Your insistence that doing so is somehow wrong unless I can prove with absolute certainty that they actually engage in bigotry is utter bs. As I have already stated, my prior for Sriker being genuine can be found somewhere in the region of the asthenosphere. If Striker convinced me otherwise I would apologize, but I'm not holding my breath. a lot of people on the social justice side do this with fetishes they do not tolerate. Like pedophilia. Something you can not do anything about it as well. Its your sexual orientation and it should not be a crime unless people get hurt by it. Thats the biggest example If I see someone do that I'll call them a bigot too, so that's not much of a counterexample. Do you think my reaction was unreasonable? If so, why?According to my experience it is a very strong predictor of bigotry when someone refers to people as unnatural. Do you have any meaningful answers to this? How convenient.Do you deny that calling homosexuals, or intimacy between homosexuals, unnatural is rhetoric used by people who are actively engaged in abridging the rights of homosexuals? Wow. You're part of the problem. I didn't hurt anyone, all I said is two men having sex is not what nature intended, seeing as how that does not reproduce. I guess we all need a little biology refresher. A man's **** is inserted in a woman's vagina (which feels great by the way) and then he will ejaculate **** filled with sperm to fertilize her eggs up in the ovaries. This will then begin the process of growning a fetus to reproduce the spieces. One man, and one woman are required. And it's awesome and beautiful. Two men... Doing whatever, will not result in reproduction, and I find it very unnattactive and unpleasant. Wich is my right. But as stated above, I could care less. I don't tell people what to do with their junk.
  5. How is it not a free speech issue when you have a left-wing extremist group creating such a hostile climate that everyone is compelled to cater to their every whim. How's that for a balance of forces in society? PC is a mob rule. You and I should be friends
  6. Calling something that's unnatural, unnatural.... I don't get it. I honestly don't care, I don't have a problem with gays. They can do whatever they want, it's not anyone's place to stop that. But you can't create a separate reality and then just tell people they're wrong if they say this or that and label them as a "bigot". So I'm going to go with fanatical liberal propaganda on your part, immediately calling me a bigot. Some people (heh, well most) find it disgusting. But there are a lot of things in this world that can be viewed the same way. It's how you handle it in the real world. And well... It's not my place to tell or force anyone to think or act a certain way unless they're going to cause harm to me, my family, or my countrymen. And gays are none of that. So gay it all up! Who cares. Just because y'all are "offended" or your "feelings" are hurt doesn't mean you get to shut people down and label them as something they aren't. That's communism. Just sayin.
  7. I'm trying to understand the bigotry. If the male main character was sexually, actively having intercorse with women (natural) and he somehow mistakenly had intercorse with a man, then killed himself because of how disgusting it was to him... What's the problem? It's not a natural activity.
  8. Oh ok, this is funny. So the political correctness that's poisoning, at least, my country is making sure to work its way into PoE and Obsidian. I can't say that I'm suprised, seeing as how it's like a disease, but it is a shame
  9. Oh, some of this is slighty spoilerz.... I haven't been to these places yet
  10. This. The guard or hold ground toggle "stance" would be extremely beneficial.
  11. cleaning up the language is your personal preference that I'm not interested in seeing changed. Keep that kind of controlling ideology to yourself.
  12. This is just objectively WRONG. If someone had decided to do an "Ironman" playthrough, there are a multitude of bugs (mostly area transition and/or quest related) which stop ALL PROGRESS and require reverting to an earlier save. Ironman is part of the game and these are therefore game breaking. And that is if you have the strictest definition of game breaking. I personally consider any bug which stops you from playing the game in an enjoyable manner (the reason why you play in the first place is for enjoyment) as game breaking. Examples of these include the stat-stacking bug, save/load times increasing from 30 secs up to a minute or longer even, never-ending plague of insects even on rest etc (this is actually game breaking), and many MANY more. I have managed to revert to an earlier save losing about 5 hours of progress, but people playing iron man or not saving frequently have definitely had their game broken by bugs. TO ANYONE THAT SAYS THEY ARE NOT AFFECTED BY BUGS: I advise you to check your PC, and each of your companions' stats. If you have EVER loaded the game in an area where a companion was recruited (Gilded Vale, Magrans Fork, Caed Nua, etc etc) then your companions likely have higher stats than they should, as this bug affects everyone (take Eder to Gilded Vale and save/load while he has Defender on and you will see), even if its just 5 or 10 points of deflection or 1 or 2 INT. It's hard to notice unless it happens to an extreme, but you will still be affected by it. The OP didn't MENTION this. THANKS for bringing it UP. Maybe you should MENTION this to ONSIDIAN.
  13. Stopped reading when he started complaining because the game isn't modeled specifically for him and his play style. Lame post.
  14. I haven't had any problems with the game. A "game breaking" bug is a bug that makes the game unplayable. Yet you say you're still playing and enjoying it? I don't understand. It sounds like you're bitching just to bitch.
  15. I'm experiencing random freeze issues. There's no lag at all, it's small spurts of freezing while doing everything, like picking up crafting ingredients off the ground or during combat when attacking or using an ability. Can anyone help me smooth this out? I have an ASUS G750 ROG Laptop. It runs Star Citizen for Christ Sake, but I get these little freezes. I experienced them in Divinity Original Sin also, but I played through them. I want this game to run perfect though.... any ideas? Some Specs: Windows 8.1 / 64 bit i7-4740HQ cpu 24GB RAM Nvidia GEFORCE GTX 780m.... Also running Norton 360....
  16. Everyone is used to WoW and vanity crap items and the next cool piece of gear. PoE has better taste, but the Kardashian Watching - Mouth Breathers have trouble understanding this sort of concept.
  17. Diesel, Cigarettes and Waylon Jennings. I'll be driving to New York.
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