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  1. Take your patronising bs and shove it. If the bigots hadn't shown up in force I would never have touched any social issues, but I guess you think bigotry should pass without remark. Again, you're slashing people who have a right to their opinion. In all reality, you're the true "Politically Correct" Bigot. You're a tool, or a mouth piece for the "Soft core Communist" propaganda machine.
  2. I'm not the one perpetuating bigotry. Nature has intentions now? Did nature intent for humans to use the internet? You'd better go live in a cave or on a deserted island, if nature's intentions mean so much to you. So you never use protection and you don't want your partner to use birth control? Lovely. You are trying to force me to shut up! Fascist! But seriously, does your ignorance know no bounds? You're a massive BIGOT. You're a disgusting fiend that's spewing hate. It's dripping from your being, and we all see it. It's what you feed off of, and it's what's occurring now.
  3. It is not unnatural in any sense of the word. A lot of people care. People who call homosexuals unnatural and actively try to abridge the rights of homosexuals. Are you going to acknowledge this? Communism? What? Yeah, communism. You're trying to force me or shame me because of my personal views. It's soft liberal, progressive type of communism, but yeah, not cool. You should probably just shut up. Just Sayin' ; ) you're gettin on my nerves. I find the bull**** coming out of your mouth offensive. My feelings are hurt!
  4. I was waiting for you to engage in such useless pedantry.What you fail to comprehend is that this isn't just some academic discussion or a few people being "hypersensitive". Real people are being harmed by bigotry, so when I see someone perpetuate such bigotry I will call them out on it. Your insistence that doing so is somehow wrong unless I can prove with absolute certainty that they actually engage in bigotry is utter bs. As I have already stated, my prior for Sriker being genuine can be found somewhere in the region of the asthenosphere. If Striker convinced me otherwise I would apologize
  5. How is it not a free speech issue when you have a left-wing extremist group creating such a hostile climate that everyone is compelled to cater to their every whim. How's that for a balance of forces in society? PC is a mob rule. You and I should be friends
  6. Calling something that's unnatural, unnatural.... I don't get it. I honestly don't care, I don't have a problem with gays. They can do whatever they want, it's not anyone's place to stop that. But you can't create a separate reality and then just tell people they're wrong if they say this or that and label them as a "bigot". So I'm going to go with fanatical liberal propaganda on your part, immediately calling me a bigot. Some people (heh, well most) find it disgusting. But there are a lot of things in this world that can be viewed the same way. It's how you handle it in the real world. An
  7. I'm trying to understand the bigotry. If the male main character was sexually, actively having intercorse with women (natural) and he somehow mistakenly had intercorse with a man, then killed himself because of how disgusting it was to him... What's the problem? It's not a natural activity.
  8. Oh ok, this is funny. So the political correctness that's poisoning, at least, my country is making sure to work its way into PoE and Obsidian. I can't say that I'm suprised, seeing as how it's like a disease, but it is a shame
  9. Oh, some of this is slighty spoilerz.... I haven't been to these places yet
  10. This. The guard or hold ground toggle "stance" would be extremely beneficial.
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