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  1. Ever since the introduction of Iron Wheel, I've substituted my medium armors with light armors on the monk with no negative repercussions. If you still feel squishy though, you'll most likely have a cipher in your party with Pain Block. One of the best (and earliest superb) armors is Wayfarers Hide which can be acquired early in TWM1. Sure, Vengiata Rugia is better, but requires you to defeat one of the hardest enemies in the game and looks ridiculous.
  2. I know. I was specifically referring to singletarget dps (in the case of the monk, not the barb) My monk can do that as well. Not AS effectively (80-90% as good by rough estimates), but with way way less risk involved (and no per rest) Of course, maybe I'm just not a good poe rogue player. This is my current rogue (with items and skills, but not buffed in any way) Hearth Orlan - lvl 14 Might: 17 Con: 15 Dex: 22 Per: 25 Int: 5 Res: 13 Dmg: 17-24 and 19-27, 5 armor penetration (fully upgraded unlabured blade, steadfast) with frenzy, attacks with no downtime between attacks. HP: 240 Acc: 121/111 Dmg reduction: 14 (durgan enforced wayfarers hide) 70 deflection, 79 F, 113 R, 60 W. Abilities: Blinding Strike Withering Strike Deathblows Escape Finishing Blow Reckless Assault Shadowing Beyond Two weapon style Vulnerable Attack Bloody Slaughter Outlanders Frenzy Weapon Focus Superior Deflection Maybe I should lower my con a few points in lieu of might, then get more crit instead of escape?
  3. Though i realize that OP is not 100% serious, I don't see any logical arguments as to why wizards cannot be tanky. Sure, they use their minds rather than their bodies in combat (thus, they are less muscular, more prone to physical trauma etc.) but is it really that farfetched to think that if you can create a ball of fire with your mind, that you can also create a forcefield that reduces damage from blows and the elements, illusions that causes enemies to miss most of their attacks etc.? Personally, I don't think so.
  4. IMO, Perception, while not a dump stat, is not nearly as important as the other ones. If you bring a priest, you're getting atleast +20 accuracy every battle thanks to Devotions for the Faithful. Never dump con, as barbs have low deflection but high health gain from con, so dumping this would require either multiple allies with field triage or constantly resting. Never dump Might either, as a barb is ultimately a damage dealer. Plus it improves savage defiance. Int also doesn't HAVE to be maxed, I believe that after a certain point it becomes difficult to create a radius that extends past your nearest enemies. Granted, it works with both frenzy and savage defiance duration, but still, 15-16 would probably do the trick. Food and resting boni should do the rest. The strongest barb I've ever made was neither an interrupt build nor aoe proc build, just a standard 2h max might max con warrior with Abydons Hammer. At level 16 he had almost 600 endurance, and about 65 damage when below 50% hp and flanked by 2 enemies.
  5. Rogues damage is high, I agree, but imho not high enough compared to how squishy it is. So I guess that my argument ultimately is not about the DPS being low, but the reward not justifying the risk. I honestly find that my monk is almost on par with my rogue (atleast 80-90% of my rogues singletarget dps) but is tankier to the factor of ten, and Flaggalants Path is better than any mobility tool the rogue has. I would even argue that when Dichotomous Soul is active - and especially with Ciphers Reaping Knives - he actually does more damage despite my rogue using a fully upgraded Unlabored Blade (despite using an NPC rogue that was tailored to DPS, and always put painblock on her at the beginning of every fight) Heck, even my barb outperforms my rogue as long as he is hitting just 2 enemies at a time. So either i'm an excellent monk/barb player, or a terrible rogue player. Shrugs. Dead rogues can't do damag
  6. Speaking of which, the description on this item is a bit convoluted. What does 25% of damage range mean exactly?
  7. TBH, soulbound weapons aren't that far off on classes that aren't DPS oriented such as paladins, certain fighter builds, casters. There are also two soulbound weapons that can go to mythic (unlabored blade and abydons hammer) that are imho superior to uniques. The scepter can also go to accurate 6, which imho makes it superior on a lot of casters compared to the alternatives. The armor adds 3 to int, which stacks with other boni, and the passives are great. Steadfast can even be viable on a rogue or a barb (plus it's certainly easier to upgrade it than on a paladin). If you get lucky and proc champions boon, that bonus outweighs both lash and durgans (but that's just my opinion). Twin Stings is unique in the sense that it is the only crossbow that can fire twice before reloading (but not having twice the reloadtime), which makes it great on something like a cipher who has big reliance on casting speed. Unlabored blade Abydons Hammer Scepter Armor Steadfast Twin Stings I haven't tried out the shield enough to make an analysis of that. You might notice though that none of the soulbounds above are from WM1. Sure, Stormcaller is great for a hunter, and grey sleeper is good on a barb, but probably not to the extend of missing out on a lash+durgan.
  8. As someone who almost exclusively plays 'high risk high reward' glasscannons that prefer to dodge rather than migitate, the rogue has been very disappointing. I think most of the reasons have been mentioned in your opening post, but really the damage is just too low, abilities are too underwhelming and the good ones are per rest.
  9. It's a bug for sure. I had this with a hired paladin as well. Not sure what caused it.
  10. True, but the staff is so damn slow compared to using fists ... and it does the same type of damage, so it's not even a good alternative to fist when fighting foes that immune to Crush. Sure, but if you max out dex, use a light armor with durgan (i.e wayfarers) and chug pots of deleterious motions you can actually swing pretty damn fast. Does it do less DPS than fists? Yes. But the spellbinds are very nice.
  11. As noted, sabres are amazing. You need to enchant them, however, as resolution and purgatory are fine and exceptional respectively. On the flip side, the new dagger is incredible for a rogue, if you have the patience to level it up.
  12. It's nowhere to be found. This is weird. I have the lever and the solvent, but the cog? does not exist. Must be a bug..
  13. I prefer the paladin, 1h and shield. Supportive tank with high might, int and con. Kind wayfarer with both reinforcing and liberating exhortation. Until lvl 13, mostly just soaking up dmg and supporting the team. At lvl 13 sacred immolation turns you into a powerhouse on your own.
  14. Anyone? Do I need to look for the cog to repair the lift in an entirely different area?
  15. Hey guys I've grown pretty desperate to complete this quest. I'm missing the cog to repair the lift. I've gone through the entire area, as well as Durgans entire battery, but I cannot find it. Could someone point me in it's general direction, thanks.
  16. Yeah, they are tough. The worse possible thing you can do is surround them with melee, as for some reason their force of anguish hits in an AOE and has a massive accuracy.
  17. Speaking of which, where is it found again? I got it on my 1st playthrough, but didn't pay attention.
  18. It´s pretty good on a monk, and a staff is the only 2h weapon I allow myself to use on monks for roleplay reasons.
  19. Although I agree that class passives should be looked at, one should definitely look at silver tides before battle forged. On the flip side, wellspring of life is worse than most non-godlike passives and most certainly not worth the loss of a helm.
  20. Yep, a very satisfying fight. My priest basically won this exclusively. Popped a potion of deleterious alacrity, then he spammed 3 consecutive Storm of Holy Fires and cleared all the trash. After that, picking the dragons apart was easy..
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