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  1. Still kicking it in the south of France. Been here for a week and have had only incredible weather.
  2. Have my last final exam for the summer semester in about 3 hours and then I'm catching a flight to France.
  3. I don't think Jagr is better than Kovalchuk. More points does not equal better player. All I said was he had more points.
  4. So I was just checking out some statistics and Jagr actually had 4 more points than Kovalchuk last season LOL
  5. Also, I think it would be pretty freaking awesome if Marty and Jagr, having been enemies for so long, united for one last run to the Finals together.
  6. Devils are looking to sign Jagr apparently. He's not gonna replace Kovalchuk but he'd give us another powerplay option. I think he's much too slow to play in our system though =[
  7. When he starts performing miracles let me know
  8. what up vanillafaces, I'm going to Europe at the end of the month, so that's exciting. Anyone got any tips for being in France?
  9. I saw Man of Steel tonight and was thoroughly disappointed.
  10. I'm probably one of the few people around here that has really grown up with a cell phone for the majority of my life. I got my first one when I was 11 or 12 and now I'm 21. I can honestly say almost no one in my generation calls anyone. To the point where people will take notice if you're one of the few that do, and people will be like "Why the hell does Joe always call everyone? Why can't he just text us?" I think it's actually kind of an underlying problem for a lot of people who absolutely bomb phone interviews because their phone presence is so weak.
  11. when did i say you never criticized the rangers? why r U so ignorant? fool.
  12. right, instead they sign players to contracts like Brad Richards and then bench them in the playoffs
  13. Zach didn't leave for lack of money, he left because he felt replaced by the organization - which he was, to an extent. The summer of 2010 we spent an incredible amount of time and resources negotiating a long term contract with Kovalchuk. When we got the 17 year deal done, the league denied it and it was back to the drawing board. By the time it was hammered out, the season was nearly starting and contract talks were put on hold. Parise was shown little to no respect and the organization failed to make an effort to show how valuable he was to us. We COULD have signed him to an extension long before the huge bidding war opened up between us and the Wild.
  14. I am usually pretty lenient on players leaving, but what Kovalchuk did is completely inexcusable. The Devils have invested SO much in him that this completely ridiculous. He signed a 15 year contract that wound up costing us a first round draft pick, and his entire negotiation process in 2010 could have been used on locking up Parise long term instead. He's not leaving any money on the table, he's going to make just as much (if not more) playing in the KHL and it's tax free.
  15. So how was everybody else's day? )':
  16. saw this interesting tweet today: https://twitter.com/downgoesbrown/status/352227684132196353 "If my math is right, since '07 the Flyers signed contracts totaling 61 years and $374.5M with six players who won’t play for them this year."
  17. also, which one of you saps wants to overpay for David Clarkson now that he reportedly turned down NJ's offer?
  18. I've read player interviews where he's pretty much treated like an additional coach in the locker-room. I wouldn't be surprised if he returns to coach the Devils at some point (maybe by then, his son will be playing )
  19. Nope, Marty didn't retire. Lou still says Marty is our #1, but he'll probably split the season with Schneider. Then Marty can retire, Schneider can take over full time and the Devils will (hopefully) have another allstar goalie for the next 6 or 7 years at least.
  20. Wound up with a dead cell phone about an hour after I got there, so I didn't get many pictures - but being in the Prudential Center when they announced that the Devils had picked up Schneider was awesome. And we drafted Anthony Brodeur (Marty made the announcement himself). No doubt it was just an act of good faith, as the Devils traded a 7th round pick in the 2015 draft to the Kings for a shot to take him, but it's nice to see that kind of loyalty between management and Brodeur.
  21. Hey guys, I'm headed to the draft tomorrow in Jersey. I'll upload any sweet pictures I can take.
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