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  1. Nice find, but yeah there's already a thread on the TLS Resoration Project. You can find it here
  2. Sorry can't help you, I useally play as a Guardian but your not missing that much, I've never found it extreamly useful. But it is a nice feat to gain.
  3. The same thing happened to me on my 1st game, I just decided to start over.
  4. Critical Strike (As far as I know) increases your chance of a "Critical Hit" which is basically a luckey shot that you get in for extra damage on your oppenent. I play as a Guardian or a Sentinal and I almost always get Critical Strike as one of my first feat. I like it.
  5. That's hard beacuase in KOTOR 1 I spent most of the game in battle armour I picked up all the way back on Taris. I can't stand the Jedi Robes in KOTOR 1. As for KOTOR 2 I'm always in robes. :cool:
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